How to Deal With the Upcoming Paycheck, Public Entitlement and Energy Shock

Many people are going to look at their paycheck stub for 2013 and going to be in for a real shocker. Yes, most paychecks are going to be lower. Quite frankly, this will be the first shock of 2013 among many other economic shocks that is going to happen to brothas and sistas. This article is to help brothas and sistas brace themselves for what’s about to go down and prepare themselves for 2013 the right way. In addition to paychecks decreasing, inflation is likely to kick in causing prices to rise. So that means smaller paycheck with items like groceries costing higher. We cannot even predict if the cost of energy will go up but speculators will likely raise the price of a barrel of oil in 2013. That will make fuel cost go up. Then you had the corn/wheat drought last year that we have to look out for. And cats may not see their IRS tax refunds until sometime in March. Layoffs will probably occur and many of you cats have to accept this fact. You want to know what recent news I found really interesting? It was the unemployment rate released by the Department of Labor. Notice the Black media is not discussing this. Let me just show you the graph: As you see, unemployment among Whites is in the 6% which is actually a healthy number and trending downward. But the Black unemployment rate is twice as much and trending upward to higher unemployment. We don’t know if the Black jobs fairy will come back around and give us brothas and sistas jobs again, let’s keep our fingers cross. Because there is no real plan to get brothas and sistas back on the payroll, the only thing out there we can believe in is this magical and mysterious Black jobs fairy. On the political front, you got some entitlement spending that still need to be cut this year and President Obama already said he will give in to some. So austerity will have to happen and President Obama is going to have to get those cuts taken care of in his first year of re-election which is 2013. President Obama already cut Section 8 and heating assistance in his first term. So expect more cuts to get done that many brothas and sistas spend on especially the grant chasing brothas and sistas. So with all of that beautiful news in store for 2013, the question is when you check out your first paycheck of 2013 and get that shock, what are you going to do next? I have been on this blog for years warning brothas and sistas. What I seen over the years is brothas and sistas when confronted with this message want to be cornballs and see if they argue with me as if talking and whining will resolve things we cannot control. We got to think better than that because this stuff around us is real. Let’s be honest – Black media is not telling you brothas and sistas what’s in store because Black media is on some dumb ish right now and trying to drag you down with their downfall. Instead of informing and preparing brothas and sistas, they are putting out negative and ignorant media programming for Blacks trying to distract us. No, don’t fall for that crap in 2013 and wake the hell up because we have to make some hard decisions to keep our head above water. Here is what brothas and sistas need to do to prepare themselves for 2013: Prepare to Absorb the Shock. Your first paycheck of 2013 will be your first shock and you going to need to accept your pay cut. Do not buy anything in advance of your next paycheck and hold out until you see your first paycheck of the year. But try to calculate a number that you think your check will be and let that number be lower than what it is so you don’t feel that shock value. Live Below Your Means, Right Now! You are going to have to do your own internal austerity cuts in your household. Get rid of the smart phone plan first and foremost. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII from MetroPCS with the $30/month plan – my whole phone bill for 2013 will be $800 max, including the $450 purchase of the phone. Then get rid of cable and go Netflix, get rid of $60 video games and rent from Redbox, stop eating $7 high sodium lunches and go steamed vegetables for $2 at the grocery freezer section. Get Rid of Your Expensive Friends and Family! These are the ones that want you go to the mall, go out and eat and go to the ghetto play and all that other crap. Get them the hell out of your life! Focus on finding new friends or force the family to doing cheaper things like going biking or hiking, going bowling, working out at the gym, going to house parties or work on business models together like selling purses or weaves. The new hobbies should be get healthy and make money in 2013. Make More Money. You got to take seriously getting more money and multiple revenue streams from outside your main job. Focus on side-hustling on things you can learn to love and enjoy. For example, I will be running a geo-location treasure hunt in ATL in a few weeks that will make money and give me something to do on my free time. Some of you cats can setup marketing/communication firms using QR codes and other mobile phone technology to replace fliers and make money that way. It’s a lot of ways we brothas and sistas can make money using new technology and we need to take that opportunity seriously. BTW, investment income ties up the money and subject to manipulation by artificial intelligence traders - keep this in mind if you trying to play this angle. So in summary, be prepared for 2013 and make a plan to keep your head above water. You got to live below your means, cut out all of the stuff you really don’t need and do it right now! Then with that extra money, focus on being cheap with your hustles like using $5/month GoDaddy and do some homework like drop-shipping and marketing solutions as the side hustle. I will talk aboust HustleSpace soon but we are hard at work getting it implemented to document all the business models in detail. Me and my people are serious about brothas and sistas getting their money right and getting their money up because we truly care about our people. We are happy when we see you cats are happy but you got to know we are putting in serious work right now and expect you to understand serious work has to be done by brothas and sistas out there to get us right where we belong. Live below your means and cut out the spending, make real plans for the spending money you cutting out your budget to make plans to get more money and execute towards doing for self and your people and the future.

2 thoughts on “How to Deal With the Upcoming Paycheck, Public Entitlement and Energy Shock

  1. Ed,
    You should have heard the people at my day job when they announced that the Social Security taxes from our paycheck would go up from 4% to 6%. They were like, “I thought the tax increase was only on the rich.” I just shook my head.
    That’s why I worked ovetime like crazy all last year, and will be paying my car off by the end of this month. When the gas prices go up, it won’t hurt me like it did in 2008, when I had the car and couldn’t afford the gas!

  2. Wow, thanks for the knowledge, I really enjoyed reading this article because I am trying to find ways to save money myself. This advice will take me very far this year, and I am trying my best not squander my money. It will not be good for my health.

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