Midnight in an Imperfect World – What Sistas Should Take Away from Scandal TV Series

Out of respect for my sistas out there, I decided to go to a strip club to conduct transactions to economically empower and recycle dollar bills among the sistas. The problem is I went the same night and time the TV show Scandal was on. I go in the club and the whole damn place is empty! Where are the dancers? What is going on!? The bartender was perplex herself and said this is the first time she seen it this empty, ever. I just dropped in but what happened is after Scandal must have gone off, I saw all of the dancers coming in and they all chatting among themselves. I guess my money ain’t good enough so I went on Facebook. Go on Facebook and every sista I know is on Facebook talking about Scandal and line by line of the events that happen. Then I heard the brothas complaining about all the sistas who are commenting about Scandal and was telling these sistas to get a life and that they contribute to these ignorant shows about women on television. I have not watched Scandal because obviously I’m busy with other hustles and spend more time discovering other things worldwide so we brothas and sistas can apply to our hustles. However, I was going to write about a different subject about Kyary PaymuPaymu today regarding a TV show for Japanese girls for sistas to learn from and decided to hold off that article because it is in the way related to this Scandal phenomenon. You have to remember that I am a world class informatics specialist and data manipulator that does almost the same line of work for brothas and sistas the lady in that Scandal series supposed to do with crisis management. When I saw this activity in real-time, I was quickly able to put two and two together and sistas should learn how to instantly extrapolate phenomenon and see if there is a success pattern they can take away and apply to their hustles. What Scandal is doing to sistas has the same data pattern I’ve seen for the success models in the Korean drama film industry and the Nigerian film industry. The plot and storyline of Scandal appear to be the classic theme of love, power and corruption that is always a winning formula for the most successful fiction writing authors. What I would like entrepreneurs targeting sistas to realize is why a show like Scandal is successfully able to draw in sistas - it doesn’t matter what you personally think about the TV series, it does appear to work. Scandal employs a media content style known as neo-noir. This is the Wikipedia entry for neo-noir: Neo-noir (English: New-black; from the Greek neo, new; and the French noir, black) is a style often seen in modern motion pictures and other forms that prominently utilize elements of film noir, but with updated themes, content, style, visual elements or media that were absent in films noir of the 1940s and 1950s. .. Modern themes employed in neo-noir films include identity crises, memory issues and subjectivity, and—most importantly—technological problems and their social ramifications. Because these fundamental elements are as ambiguous in practice as their definitions, film theorists[who?] argue that the term "neo-noir" can be applied to other works of fiction that similarly incorporate such motifs. I don’t like this description because it don’t go into detail but basically, neo-noir is the style of media where you dealing with a main character who is not perfect and what you are looking at is an imperfect person in an imperfect world. The biggest market this has been perfected in was in the 1960s Japanese film noir movement: If you could not tell from the video above, then Quentin Tarantino already admitted he took a lot of themes and plots and film style from the Japanese 60s movies and Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction was a clear example of that style taking from 1960s Japanese film studio Nikkatsu. It is likely DJango Unchained was made in this same fashion as neo-noir and why brothas and sistas enjoy the movie and talking about it. I haven't seen DJango Unchained yet but it is likely Quentin Tarantino modeled it after 60s Japanese flicks, then I know I will actually like the movie before seeing it. Update: I went to see DJango Unchained and yes, this is both Nikkatsu and modern Japanese gore genre wrapped up as a Black slave movie. In fact, if many of you guys didn't realize - the character who was holding the big dogs is the special effects producer and director of not only Quentin Tarantino films but also a lot of Japanese films of this same genre. This neo-noir style movies have been the most successful pattern of movies that create fast growth of media. Nobody want to see cornball portrayals of Brady Bunch and Leave It to Beaver quality people on TV who appear docile and role model perfect. People want to be entertained by the person who acts like that weird person they personally know but don’t understand why they do what they do. That is what neo-noir portrays. Now, you sistas should realize several things now. First of all, the real reason you read and like Dream and Hustle is because in a way, we fit that neo-noir genre because me and 30 Rotten Dissidents are not some perfect character in our quest to do right by our people. Seriously, who the fuck out there does something like create an empowerment organization called 30 Rotten Dissidents? I go to the strip clubs, I don’t do drugs or drink, I chase big booty hoes in Atlanta, I sing with Koreans in Asian Karaoke bars, I’m about getting my personal money up selfishly and at the same time, also about empowering brothas and sistas and doing it effectively. If you look at Dream and Hustle stories I written on the previous version of this blog and will be revised for the upcoming book release, none of those characters were perfect and that book will be basically Black entrepreneurs using a deeper neo-noir style of presentation. Yeah, you are actually reading the blog that is the perfect example of the neo-noir style that once I even make myself go big, I will easily blow away all these other clowns trying to be like me like those Black Web 2.0 cornballs and that other wannabee hustle blog that been copying my format but can’t copy my swag. Now, you should recognize in Black media today, all we really have is cornball shit like Ebony, Black Enterprise, BET, Tyler Perry and whatever else out there portraying this high and mighty image of us Black people like we supposed to admire these clowns. But the neo-noir genre like the Scandal series – that lady does not sound like someone you should be “admiring” if you get what I mean and Black writers simply do not have this kind of talent or create Black media in this fashion. What you entrepreneurs need to take away from this whole Scandal thing is to look at the reality TV shows with the women acting crazy for example – those are not real characters, they are nothing more than the anti-image of the Black woman as being ratchet and this is nothing more than the neo-noir media content. You still have dudes wanting women to be portrayed as some chick on the pedestal when Black women want to be entertained by a woman who are not perfect and that is what neo-noir does. Black women, you should now realize at the end of this article what the phrase neo-noir is, realize this is what Black women are consuming as media customers and learn how to apply this genre in Black media programming to change the current game of these cornball Black media crap that tries to make us look perfect as Black people. That chick in that Scandal series ain’t perfect and that’s why that show is getting the success it is getting from Black women audience all over.

3 thoughts on “Midnight in an Imperfect World – What Sistas Should Take Away from Scandal TV Series

  1. Ed,
    I’m so excited to know that you’re turning this blog into a book. I want an autographed copy. Keep up the good work.

  2. The other thing sisters need to take away from this tv show is the interracial con game that is being played on them and our people as a whole. Every time a new show is promoted with Blacks it is so easy to predict who the love interests will be. Meagan Good new show Deception is another example. The movie industry strategy is to push interracial relationships or more accurately produce shows that purposely don’t allow for Black people to be the love interests of Black people. Scandal is an example of this.

  3. Brother Ed:

    “Scandal” should be added to the list that “Housewives Of Atlanta” (and others) adorn.

    On the one hand the messages and mayhem that are depicted on the show triggers an article of scorn within “The Black Opinion Press” – making the case that the transmission has slipped into reverse……….

    Black lifestyle rags like “Ebony”, “Jet”, “Upscale” fight over themselves to present the “reality actors” on their covers. Despite the fact that many of these shows violate the delicate “ego” of Black America – these lifestyle magazines prefer to ride the wave.

    They understand that the very same Women people who read their magazines also watch these shows and thus there will be no pushback with their 5 page feature.

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