My Most Favorite Business Models I’m Excited About in 2013 for Brothas and Sistas

While we had been talking about next generation business models on this blog, I have my personal favorites. Many of you guys probably have your favorite business models also and let’s discuss that in this article. I’m going to talk about from all of my research and exploration worldwide over the years of different business models we can apply, which one are my favorites.

The one thing I learned over the years is brothas and sistas have huge tremendous opportunities but we need to start thinking and believing like we can make these opportunities work for us. Our biggest obstacle in the Black community in regards to seizing opportunities is we don’t believe in ourselves and let others put negativity and doubts in our head. Please just go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow morning and say God gave you another day to pursue your dreams and chase them!

What makes all of the businesses I’m about to describe is they are really inexpensive to implement versus traditional business models and just involve execution and realizing you doing something other cats haven’t pick up on. No business loans are needed and some of them bypass license and regulations that can cost tens of thousands of dollars upfront out of pocket. But most important, these are not BS stuff like multi-level marketing – you will likely get richer off these models than messing around with MLM where you got MLM cats willing hit up their bed ridden aunt at the retirement home to buy those MLM services.

So okay, let’s talk about my favorite business models that I love that cat should look at in 2013 as their entrepreneurial goals:

Tablet-Base Catalog Hustle. This is buying a cheap tablet that cost $100 and good enough show web pages like your $5/month Godaddy web site that feature drop-shipping or affiliate items you can sell to co-workers. They love touchscreen interactions and you put the tablet in a nice cover and let them play with it passing it around at work and they browse hair weaves, purses, heels, cosmetics and other items they can buy and place an order. What I like about this hustle is the growth strategy – a smart hustler can get multiple cheap tablets and create a nationwide sales team that covers multiple regions.

The Parking Lot Trunk Hustle. This is really the same as a food truck hustle but I want you cats to be creative the same way food trucks had to transform the food offerings to gourmet and creative offerings from their truck. You transform the trunk of your car into an amazing mini-retail shop with display cases, lights and all of that. You use the same hustle cats been doing for years – show up at the club parking lot, the work parking lot, show up at events and let people check out your trunk. Now, here’s a secret – you don’t have to sell right there, just have them go to your $5/month Godaddy site and place an order! That way, you collect loyal customers who you add to your Twitter feed or Facebook page just like a food truck and they follow you. Or you can use Square to process payments!

Geo-location Promotions. With the exception of the brotha doing that HubNinja hustle, the rest of yall need a head check for not taking that geo-location hustle serious. I will be honest – if someone told me about that geo-location hustle and what it takes to get up and running, I would have hid in my crib and got that ish up and running ASAP, by any means necessary. Have a list of upcoming events from a German soccer match to a One Direction concert in London to Carnival events in Brazil to the NBA finals and SuperBowl, I would have geo-location strategies setup to sell stuff to the tens of thousands of customers in those area who already there to spend money. Real talk, yall need a head check to even ignore this business model after reading about it.

QR Code Shopping Wall. What make the QR Code Shopping Wall exciting to us is not really cats scanning QR codes – it’s how brothas and sistas can implement this hustle to get paid and help businesses get paid by creating QR code shopping walls in the hood. This business model will create transactions quickly in the hood and that’s why it’s the first business model I will be discussing with you guys that we will release from Swagg-Scientific. This is #1 in my book and I’m super-excited about this model and will explain why in a future article.

The Self-Empowered Urban Model. Black women do not realize how much global leverage they got if they start taking self-publishing and branding to themselves more seriously. I really think sistas need to create their own cute persona that don’t involve self-degradation and poking out their booty for the camera. Look at my girl Kyary PaymuPaymu out in Japan and peep her game and see you sistas can build serious empire and brands like the Olson Twins, like J.Lo, and other sistas who learn to brand their image to millions of women as consumers through products and self-publishing.

The Self-Checkout Market. The self-checkout market is extremely exciting to me because it replaces vending machines with mini self-service stores. And it can create jobs and vendors in the hood to support the operation. Instead of nasty and unhealthy junk food and expensive and always broken machines and cash handling, offer fresh sandwiches, salads like a convenience store and let people pay for this stuff using their mobile phone or prepaid card or account. Wait until yall read the upcoming short story “War and Hustle” from the upcoming book where a sista create a self-checkout enterprise, I bet yall will appreciate this business after reading that, trust me.

All of these business models are not discussed in mainstream media but they are being done worldwide and they work. They are being done in high-density urban areas with the same demographics as the hoods here in America. We brothas and sistas can easily apply these business models to our hoods here in America and apply them with little money and just a lot of creativity and effort. So this is my list of business models that have me excited in 2013, what business models have you excited in 2013?

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