Please Join Our Facebook Page for Additional Content and Resources

When you have a moment, please join the Dream and Hustle Facebook page as I’m planning to start contributing more content and discussions. Although we had a Facebook page for quite some time, it has been nothing more than pushing article feeds and in 2013, we are going to expand the offerings to make the page useful to brothas and sistas worldwide. I’m going to be using the Facebook page for more in-depth content for many of the postings and clipping resources and current news that me and my crew use to discover trends, business models and strategies that we can apply as entrepreneurs. There is a lot of additional stuff that I have to leave out when writing articles and there are so many additional points to bring up and the Facebook group will be the perfect place to keep the story going. So please join the Facebook group and if you have any other people out there, please share the FB page with them and help us grow. Remember that we are in a new year and a new direction in 2013 and I’m free to grow Dream and Hustle like I need to. Look forward to making the Facebook group a nice additional to the Dream and Hustle family. Facebook Group: