The Black Man and Black Woman Strategy Guide to Establishing Area Domination in the Hood

No other time in our history brothas and sistas been well-positioned to establish true self-empowerment and pursue life, liberty and happiness. Despite all of the media propaganda of negative news sensationalized and repeated over and over again, we are a lot better off today than any other time in our history. What make us better off are the opportunities – we have better opportunities brothas and sistas can take advantage to change our lives in a positive direction.

Brothas and sistas who are unemployed can create their own business using new and disruptive technology. Cats who just got out of prison can actually engage in manufacturing and broker-based hustles with low cost requirements. The corporate hustlers can now establish side-hustles using personal information technology and tap into global supply chains that can do full automation. And we got a Black President from the South of Chicago in the White House who signed crowdfunding legislation into law that will take effect soon.

The brotha or sista who is smart enough to take the initiative to establish the communication framework in the hood will be in a very nice and dominant position. The biggest void and biggest opportunity right now in the Black community is the creation of a true 21st century connected communication framework that serves the best interest of our community. This article is going to talk about the communication framework and using the strategy of area domination to build up an empire designated for global domination.

The Hood-Based Communication Framework

Let’s look around and see what we got in terms of a communication and marketing framework. We got cats calling themselves street promotions passing out club fliers with models looking materialistic and shallow. We got Cable Access Television with a bunch of fools promoting their own ego and saying stupid stuff. We got AM talk radio with the same losers calling in everyday trying to sound like they have something profound to say. We got FM radio rotating extremely negative music. We got newspapers and magazines promoting some Top 100 elitist list. Vehicle wraps that look more like a clown car than a marketing message. Then we got advertising and marketing that does not reflect or even resemble the typical brotha or sista real world or look generic and outdated.

A 21st century communication framework involves creating the infrastructure to transport digital media services and use state of the art display advertising material. This involves creating networks and hotspots where people can watch movies, listen to music or play interactive games or conduct secured financial transactions. This also involves using digital signage and outdoor television networks similar to Time Squares. And using LED light display at nighttime and printed displays that are bigger than life to promote local brands and services.

Business Models and Tools of the Trade

What we are doing is presenting models we found over the world, particularly in Asian urban cities as the Asian population mimics the makeup and characteristics of African-American high urban communities. Let’s talk about the carrier systems to build the foundation of the communication framework.

IPTV and Digital Signage. This is basically a streaming media setup that can show HDTV quality video to large outdoor jumbo screens or 50” screens within hub areas.

Smart Posters. These are printed and digital displays that allow users to interact with their mobile device to take action such as a transaction or receive an offer to follow through such as a coupon to visit an exhibit based in the hood.

Now these two communication carriers are good enough to build up other forms of businesses on top of them. Now we can have pay-per-view commercials and mini-shows people can watch on demand or have a subscription plan. We can now run advertisement for businesses and allow people to take action such as order from a smart poster with a QR code or make reservations for two at a fancy restaurant in our hood.

The Area Domination Strategy

Dream and Hustle discussed area domination in a previous article about 7-Eleven strategy and it has not received one comment despite the fact this is probably the most powerful article we wrote on this blog this year. Here is the link and please read it and share it among you and yours:

The strategy of area domination is to pick a region that has lot of foot traffic and establish a rapid clustered point of presence in that small area. What will happen is after a while as people walk by all of the points of presence and see the brand everywhere and talk among themselves about the brand, a big explosion of profits and revenue begins to occur.

What African-Americans want to do is employ area domination in their hustles by targeting a small region and concentrate the small area with their branding and once the explosion occurs, move to the next market to create area domination there. This is what can be done with the communication framework, creating a network of carriers in a hood and then move from metropolitan area to area and build out a national to global communication framework.

Claim a Region and Stake Your Ground

The good thing is right now, the hood is wide open for brothas and sistas wiling to setup a communication framework to go in and do it. Everybody is doing nothing but twiddling their dumbs and just thinking about it, real cats can go in and stake their ground and build up the communication framework fast.

One of the best tools is Google Maps and StreetView. I wrote article on how we using Google Maps last year and this is still in practice today for the upcoming HustleSpace magazine. Here is the link to that article because this is important

What you want to do is start looking at large urban populations, especially cities where people have older homes from the pre 1950s and use things like the Laundromat for example. These are the areas brothas and sistas will be taking the bus, walking around in crowds and clusters in high density. Avoid suburban areas were cats are driving back and forth like the Atlanta suburbs. You will find most of the target and most valuable cities in places like the Northeast, Midwest and Northwest and a few large cities in the South area.

This is the most important paragraph of this article so read very carefully – you want to study the Google Maps to look for hubs such as Laundromats, auto repair, hair salons, commercial hubs and bus stops and train stops in that hood where people congregate the most. Look carefully at foot traffic coming to and from those areas into residences or from the mass transit hubs. These are going to be the locations you want to target for your communication framework to reach as many people as possible.

You want at the end of the day to identify a region that has a lot of foot traffic coming in and out and in several locations in a given region. Think about an inner city elementary or middle school where all the kids walk to that area and then look outwards in a circular radius on that map. If you cannot get enough dots on the map where you see high traffic and people walking back and forth, then you have to question if that is the right market for you to start your communication framework.

Implement the Communication Framework Solutions

Once you determine a region to setup your communication framework and documented all of the businesses and hubs in that area, that is when you need to look at all of the possible communication solutions. For example, barbershops and hair salons can have a glass case shoe display of customized kicks and heels with corresponding QR codes next to them. Someone can scan the QR code poster of the shoes on the wall next to the display.

See, what you need to do is be creative with each business you discover in the hood. A luxury lounge is going to need a drink menu that the server can carry around on a tablet for patrons to scan their order. You also have to show the bar that they can increase their pour rate having multiple servers use smart posters throughout their clubs and servers with tablets people can scan with their mobile phone. Knowing the business in the hood is extremely important and that’s why I’m working on getting HustleSpace up because we documented hood-based businesses in our communities.

A tire shop is going to need a poster in the waiting area. A busy commercial strip is probably going to need a large video monitor screen to attract foot traffic to their shopping area. All of these things you need to be able to map your communication framework to the structures and businesses you see in the hood and you need to become an expert on the hood-based business models in existence today and our hubs and traffic patterns. Only we know our hoods and that is the opportunity and void.

Gathering Data for Analysis and Optimization

Once you implement your IPTV, digital signage and smart posters then you have to start collecting data in real-time and start making optimizations and learn more about the hood. What hubs are getting the most traffic? Are the barbershops selling more or are the hair salons selling more? How many people are viewing the IPTV media streams (get that count from the city, they do that foot traffic data).

This is the most second important paragraph in this article – you will be doing what has never been done before in our entire Black history. You will be quantifying Black business at the real level of the hustle. You will know what works and not works in the hood and it will be based on real data, not a bunch of cats talking ish out the side of their neck what Black people like and don’t like. You will become an expert of that region or hood area and people will know they have to go to you if they want to reach that hood and that’s how you dominate that area.

Move to the Next Market

Now, once you successfully implemented area domination in the hood you targeted, then it is time to move on. Make sure you took down notes and lessons and discovered data and keep that your secret as that is how you will compete against others and establish area domination. Then you move from hood to hood, creating a communication framework and increase transactions, recycle money and keep it in the Black community and create jobs and new opportunities for local Black entrepreneurs to start businesses.

This is why I say me and you as brothas and sistas are in the best times of our history as we can now take control of our communities and establish foundational frameworks of economic empowerment.

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