They Raise Yer Taxes, Done Took Yer Job and Gonna Get Your Guns..Durka Doo!

With the second term of President Obama coming into play, one thing that can’t we cannot ignore is how the President cleverly took on the Republican and conservative base. Cats talk about America ain’t ready for a Black president – well, it look like America wasn’t ready for someone from the South Side of Chicago getting into that White House either. Because President Barack Obama ain’t scared one bit like these other cats who been talking for years about how we will never have an African-American in the White House. The one thing young brothas and sistas can take away is they should not be scared and President Barack Hussein Obama is showing you he ain’t scared or playing with these bigots. But one thing I learned on the come up in America – you can always outsmart a bigot on any given day. So let’s dedicated this Martin Luther King Jr holiday and inauguration of a Black president serving out a second term to the reaction of big country, mainstream America who probably never saw this ish coming 10 years ago. Yeah, we know you mad because yes we can and yes we did - right on your bigot punk ass, didn’t we? I will be honest, I know President Obama don’t care about my Black behind but damn, President Obama is making sure he is letting you mainstream conservative America know he don’t like your conservative behind real time. And because he going hard on you more than me, I’m going to sit back and straight laugh at you cats. LOL..he done raise yer taxes, took yer job and coming to get your guns! Done Raised Yer Taxes! One thing I learn about being broke – we don’t pay taxes and that’s the number #1 thing I miss about being broke, not paying taxes. But the number #2 thing I miss about being broke is spending bigots money who do pay taxes. Now we getting Obama phones and mortgage assistance reductions, woo-hoo and the banks got bailouts. And your suburb going broke and your cops in your suburban community are so hard up they pulling you over just as often as the Hispanics to raise revenue for their local municipality. But real talk, President Obama pulled an excellent political strategy and one of the best political strategies ever that will go down in the history books. He got the Senate to create a law and force the Congress hand to pass it on getting rid of the tax cuts for the rich. See, it was supposed to be Congress who create the law, the Senate ratify the law and Obama sign it. But President Obama already had the Senate conspire to go into the fiscal cliff, then pass a law and force it upon Congress who if they rejected it, would take the country down. The GOP was screwed, hahahaha! They Took Yer Job! Man, go look around at these sundown town bigot communities and you will see so many closed up factories and cats getting pink slips and just sitting around doing potlucks and ish. Eating lunch meat for dinner while the hood got hustlers and we buying cars, clothes and throwing d*ck on these European hoes in our homemade videos. Man, they took your job..durka doo! Yall bigots had the most ignorant gall in the world – attack the Hispanic population, the only card you had to play to keep your bigot ass in political power. You dumb bigots turned on the Hispanics, started blaming them for all the problems in America and the Hispanic population turned on you GOP bigots so fast even my head started spinning. Now President Obama signed executive orders where ICE will not deport young immigrants and now you are all mad and ish. And guess what, they still took yer job..durka durka doo! My most favorite moment was when Georgia and Alabama passed immigration laws and the immigrants left and crops started spoiling…hahahahaha! I was laughing my behind off as you hear these Republicans started getting desperate talking about get some Black ex-convicts or parolees to pick some cucumbers and ish. Going Take Your Guns! Look, let’s just be honest and real – we Black folks don’t shoot AR-15s, you nutty bigoted conservatives are the one that got $1,200 to spend on a weapon that you will likely never kill anyone with. We don’t use that kind of weapons in the street because we need cheap disposable guns that get broken up and thrown away in the sewer or landfill. The government knows that and President Obama knows that but guess what – they are coming after your AR-15s and trying to ban them when you ain’t even done ish illegal! Now that’s some straight “f*ck you and your 2nd Amendment” right there, son. Not that any laws are going to be passed but the truth is, the message is sent – President Obama can give two sh*ts about what’s near and dear to you bigot conservatives. And going after your guns is the best way to send that message. Brothas and Sistas Need to Realize They Mad You brothas and sistas think these characters are walking around whistling Dixie and ish after all of this? Think about it – a Black man is in the White House with his Black wife and two Black girls. Then their taxes been raised, they ain’t got the made in America jobs anymore and now they coming for their guns. Yeah, you dumbass Black women go ahead and do that “divesting from brothas” ish and see how far that will get your Olivia Pope wannabee ass in this hostile climate. I’m not even going to discuss ObamaCare – a whole bunch of old doctors, White doctors I’ve known for years are getting out the game and moving overseas to Asia and Australia because the money ain’t here and they mad as hell about ObamaCare. All I’m saying is you brothas and sistas still trying to lick booty of bigots trying to get them to like you when you got a Black President of the United States of America running this kind of ish on them, you another dumbass trying to be some sellout in this hostile climate. F*ck all of that – real brothas and sistas better learn to hustle hard and get their money up and get as far away from these mad and angry bigots and do for self. We got our own problems we got to deal with. But one thing that make me curl a smile is I remember seeing a guy look down on my modest pad who was living in a $1.3 million McMansion – the economy collapse on them and their home was worth less than $600K because no one can get a jumbo loan anymore to buy their home and the rich don’t want some damn McMansion. I was driving home late and saw them packing up in the middle of the night in a moving truck. Those cats lost over $600,000 and walked away from that McMansion. I ain’t never loss $600,000 and wouldn’t know how to handle that ish either and that’s why I feel better than what these conservative bigots are going through under President Obama..

4 thoughts on “They Raise Yer Taxes, Done Took Yer Job and Gonna Get Your Guns..Durka Doo!

  1. Hilarious!! lmbo! omg I was saying that during the whole election run an watching the FOX news idiots complain, complain, complain…it’s their fault for this and that. I can’t blame anyone for my success or downfall and don’t even depend on Obama to change that for me. It is humorus to see these “so-called” Americans feel the same entitlement they accuse us of having slowly but surely wisk away from them. Yes we here in BlackAmerica have our own problems and for us this is nothing new, we wern’t in an uproar when our unemployment rate went back to the days of slavery wages. We hustle by any means to survive and have done it through all circumstances and threats posed against us as a nation. This is a great post and funny to see that you and I and some others are on the same level of thinking with these fools and their (excuse my french) Fuckery. We definatley have to GO GET IT!!

  2. I love the way you put this! I honestly have not looked at any of Obama’s moves as being anti-bigot. But I definitely see where it could be interpreted that way. I think more than anything it’s anti-poor. But then again, this country has always been anti-poor. So that’s no surprise.

  3. Ed I’m so tired of being pulled over by the Chicago Police. It is so annoying. They patrol my neighborhood and don’t say ish to them boys on the corner but when they see me…typically loading a bunch of kids in the car they stop. I got pulled over friday cause my right headlight went out. Not blown out but the bulb litterally slipped down out of view. They asked for my license I start fumbling in my purse mad cause I tossed my little wallet in there five minutes ago after getting gas. So he tells me ‘well if you don’t find your license we’re going to the station.’ Like hell we are. I had my child and two other kids in the car. Then the sidekick come and say your side door open. Which I know it’s not because my interior lights would be on. I let him open and close it. Thats right punk a one year old in her car seat! Then he walk away and say bring me your insurance. I walk it to him. He tells me get back in the car. So now they ultra lazy. I sit there fuming because these jerks done finally hit a nerve. About 7 minutes later he brings me back my stuff and says I’m getting a citation for my head light talking about take a picture of it working and mail it in. That doesn’t work in Chicago cause I got a ticket for expired plates and I know they saw my plates were not expired. I sent my registration in and guess what. Still got the ticket! It’s to the point sometimes I don’t want to drive because of them wasting my time thinking they about to come up on something when I’m clean as a whistle. Bottom line I wish they would rot. It just makes me mad when I feel helpless about this mess. I hope somebody takes their jobs.

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