Two Videos Worth Analyzing – Dr. Claud Anderson and Ghetto Mall Incident

There have been two online videos I watched over the weekend and both of them are really in the same arena. They both are about our Black communities and uplifting them. I wanted to discuss these two videos because we brothas and sistas need to discuss real issues and provide real insight on the Black community and economic empowerment on the real level. No one but Dream and Hustle is willing to bring to you at this level because Dream and Hustle is the only one out there that gives a true care about uplifting the Black community and we perform critical analysis. Dr. Claud Anderson I want to make something very clear about wannabee cats running around Dream and Hustle or circling about Dream and Hustle and make sure everybody understand - I do not read, watch, listen to or subscribe to Dr. Claud Anderson and do not know much about what he say or what he offers. If Dream and Hustle sounds like Dr. Claud Anderson it is because we see the same obvious symptoms in our community and our economic outlook and the only thing that means to you is that Dr. Claud Anderson and we independently validated each other talking points that what we talking about is real - that is what you better realize. Now, as you watch this video which is 2 hours and I'm not expecting you to watch it in one set. I need you to check out something as we did in our analysis. We want you to look at Dr. Claud Anderson solution he proposed. Notice he is saying the same thing we discovered here at Dream and Hustle about creating manufacturing, entertainment and distribution frameworks to our cities. But he said something interesting about technology that I don't believe Dr. Anderson believe today. What I took away from this video is we have too much "talking about the problem" instead of talking about the solution in the Black community. This is why I cannot hang around cornballs who talk about Powernomics or Dr. Anderson or come around me and post "you need to read.." - homey, I don't need to read ish. Think about what homey just told me - I need to, I need to get my behind out there in the real world and make a damn difference for my people, my community and our children future. The truth of the matter is, we need to speak two hours on solutions and how to implement solutions and realize the past and previous history is nothing more than archaic data that has only nostalgia value. What happens yesterday do not matter, how we handle right now and setup for our future tomorrow matters and the only thing worth talking about. Dr. Anderson spend too much time talking about the problem, cats want to sympathize with the problem but when it comes to solutions - where's the beef? We need to talk 80% solutions at this point and that's why you don't see me getting along with these lame ass book readers in the Black community talking about Amos Wilson and Claud Anderson all the time. Sorry, but in this video all I heard was problems and the solution was already implemented during the Great Migration - he providing an old school model that cannot compete with the Chinese fishing industry and leather making industry. Haiti?! Not Nicaragua that has Black community or even Honduras that has a Black community?! Some of yall want to worship this Dr. Claud Anderson dude and his books more than work on real solutions to the Black community problems...keep it real. Ghetto Mall Incident Warning: this video is pretty ghetto and has foul language and a tazing incident but this is the Black community, the real Black community we are looking to save. When you look at this video, I want you to see all the characters in play. Notice the two moms yelling and not thinking the situation through with their kids around. Notice how the kids start acting like their mother but started acting like kids when mommy got the shocker. Notice the security guard and how he is just an employee and not an owner acting like he running things. And last and my most favorite part - notice the baby father being absent and notice when he shows up in the video. Again, watch the baby father and the timing he shows up throughout this whole episode - that's the biggest part you should notice in this whole video. Now, first of all I would never disrespect those sistas in front of their kids, I don't care how hard-headed those kids are. I'm from the hood and those kids are just that, kids. Don't be coming to this blog talking to me our kids are out of control - all of you saying that ain't never been overseas and see how other kids get down in public areas and are worse than our kids so STFU with that self-hating rhetoric. But here is the thing and most important - notice the only interaction in this ghetto mall is the security guard, not some owner or manager trying to diffuse the situation. This is why I say we need to Black-own our own businesses in our Black community and be willing to be out there for our people. This video is the reason why because you see everything wrong here but the biggest negative driver was not the chick, it was the security guard acting like he was bad. Who wants to shop there again except an idiot? See, this is why I wanted to show you this video about the power-tripping security guard drinking a soda in front of potential customers like he own the place and threatening to taze cats. Overall Both of these videos are a contrast - Dr. Claud Anderson on a podium talking to church people with a convincing speech but offer no specific concrete framework that can be implemented quickly but can be talked about a lot to sell Dr. Claud Anderson books - keep it real. But the other video is the real challenges we face when it comes to our community and learn how to do better than that was presented in that video where the sista was getting tased. Please don't comment on how funny you thought the ghetto mall video was - it was not funny. It was a power-tripping security guard who don't own ish and don't respect patrons. And no, I did not look at that video to laugh at or make jokes on - I looked at that video with the mentality that a business is in operation to make money and I don't believe this tazing situation will make that ghetto mall any more profitable. Check out the two videos and analyze and learn to see the tales of two realities when it comes to our Black community empowerment. Our goal at Dream and Hustle and what I believe is we are the true middle and realest ground between these two videos where we know the solutions, work on the solutions but at the same time, know and love our hood people to help them get better or enjoy their lives better.

41 thoughts on “Two Videos Worth Analyzing – Dr. Claud Anderson and Ghetto Mall Incident

  1. I agree that these videos are our true community. The kids in the video are the funniest, “You gay, you gay.” I think she got what she deserve..all that talking and he gave warnings. “Back up, I told you to back up…ZZZZ”. She stopped that BS real quick. That is too funny. Our culture likes BS. No matter how we chop it up. If a person can’t see the problems, then work toward real solutions…something is wrong with you.

  2. Dude was out line for yelling at them kids on the sidewalk though…thats public property..but ol’ girl got her issue when she came in the building then put the paws on him. He lit her ass up and she quit all of that flexing REAL QUICK. As wrong as the security guard was initially them females should’ve handled that whole situation better…said their piece, called the police or moved the hell on since it wasn’t that serious.

  3. The mall video is just all the way sad. You have it right, there’s nothing funny here. And while this isn’t the entire black community, it represents an important and neglected segment of it.

    Everyone in the video is being played. Stuck in a low wage, low outcome situation that is never going to go well while the world passes them by and builds wealth on their backs. It’s not enough to sit on the sidelines and blame, mock and criticize. We have to take effective action. Thanks for all the nuts and bolts business info. Very much needed. I know my company’s benefited from it.

  4. That’s an old Claude Anderson video Ed, but watch Hidden Colors 2. Anderson gives some solutions in that film. I’m in Chicago and he was on WVON with Cliff Kelly a while ago spitting some decent info as well.

    I agree there is too much damn talking and not enough action in the Black community, and especially in the “conscious” community.

  5. Gonna peep the first vid in parts but to the second vid…sheesh the brotha showed up afterward instead of checking the whole situation from jump. But real talk those sort of sistas wuld have called him a b}#ch a$$ n…a for trying to calm it so he played his ghetto position (get tough at the end) this is what we’re dealing with out here and trying to get adoption with tech hustles…I’m learning if you don’t put a big butt on the front most cats won’t even look. For my part I’m gonna give the people what they want and need.


    1. I believe what is truly necessary for the cleanup is the Jin-Roh Wolf Brigade but the problem is he is just one guy with one camera on him and is insufficient. He is being personified and that is a mistake in our community over and over. He need a crew that can have his back.

      However, what is not being said is the type of business he is protecting are a bunch of gutter bloodsuckers that attract the worse of Atlanta to their strip mall. So he is a “mall manager” with crappy business trying to get rid of the roaches but don’t realize he live in the projects…the ironic comedy show of all players involved…

  6. I have read Claude Anderson’s books extensively. There is an amazing amount of information backed by a tremendous amount of research. One of the biggest point Claude makes is of a “Paradigm” shift in thinking. The behavior of the people at this mall is completely un-acceptable. Or “inappropriate” as Dr. Anderson says.

    I really encourage everyone to read “Black Labor White Wealth” and “Powernomics” if you haven’t already. These books will give you a clear understand of The Past, Present and Future of Black America. Just my thoughts….

    1. You are absolutely right. Powernomics is explicitly filled with details and examples of “solutions”….. To sbd the author of this blog chose to criticize the text instead of actually reading it….. Which ironically is another principle Dr. Anderson teaches. We as a people can’t seem to organize.

  7. The sisters are angry, frustrated, depressed and marginalized in a position not fully understood. The only way to express themselves is uncouth behavior.

    1. seyo,

      The security guard was also angry, frustrated, depressed and marginalized in a position not fully understood. The only way to express himself is uncouth behavior and appearing to be a badass to this marginalized population. Everybody in that video was a sad story.

  8. im a black woman that just feels powerless and overwhelmed watching these two videos.. claude gives a picture but just cant rally us..he is right it would take some black people already with money like Oprah and some rappers and celebrities to invest in something like “black wall street” the town little known about in Tulsa OK many years ago…as far as the store video.. its good for learning all about what not to do to yourself and your kids who are the future..whats true and sticks out in my mind is finding black owed businesses and spending with them in some black community would work because we have the knowledge of “black wall street” Google it maybe we can train our kids to be skilled in something they love and teach them to build wealth with it and grow right from the community they live in and one day that will keep getting passed down

    1. cat, I didn’t realize he stated that about it taking celebrities to build up businesses. That is an upcoming article we researched ourselves and found out and will discuss later. Very interesting if he said what we had to dig deep to find out…

    2. The biggest thing we can do is just start where we are. It doesn’t take Oprah….. Start with yourself. Be an owner in your own town, city, neighborhood, etc. there are plenty if simple things all if us can do right where we are….. It’s so funny all these ppl criticize and talk about other ppl “just talking”….. When essentially that’s what you are doing by commenting and failing to act. If you are going to take the time to research at least make it purposeful. Do real research…. That includes understanding the past, present, and future. Not to flip on you but it deeply disturbs me when we still have views like this present….. It’s a deadly virus we must rid.

  9. I firmly believe that Mr Anderson’s approach to the problem is SOLID. This video really does not do much to discredit him and his cause. Being a business owner is a big responsibility- probably moreso than being a home owner. Business has to cater and bend to its customers that come in and out of it. In this case. I take issue with the mothers who clearly are not mothers. I do think that when violence erupted- she got what was coming. Hats off to the store owner.
    He did a service by not calling the cops. Customers like that- who needs their business? really doh.

  10. The 1st video is very well put together. Part of reading about EMPOWERMENT involves knowing the Truth about your history. Claude Anderson does that- while at the same time allowing us to see what has manifested over the last40-50 years. Many people lack the history and the knowledge to see where they were- so they do not have a clue on what to do now.
    Its not a waste to read. It is empowerment. There are only 3 ways for people to empower themselves.
    1) Give them money
    2) Give them freedom/ independence of some sort
    3) Give them knowledge.

    The majority of blacks do not have money- unless its given ti us by someone.
    The majority of blacks do not own any kind of land to be independent on…
    So our first and cheapest way to empower ourselves is to acquire knowledge- READ. Then execute.

    Claude Anderson presents the strategy on how to plan & execute our way out of a permanent underclass.

    The 2nd video is not about a security guard- it is about securing a private establishment. The collective owners in this establishment are securing their independent right to make money. The other 2 areas of empowerment. The guard is protecting an asset. I commend the security guard. He was hired by management to do a job. Management doesn’t deal with those issue- if they did there would be no reason to hire the security guard.

    The fact this blog was posted and fails to see that connection is troubling. On one hand your advocating intelligence- the other hand your advocating chaos. Another reason to READ- is to develop concentration and focus.

    1. Ed, You are a fool. What is your solution to get 44 million black people out of this trick bag.

      1. “Happy on” as an internet alias sounds foolish…

        I don’t understand – if im foolish then why you asking me for a solution? Who calls someone a fool, hide behind an alias and then ask for a solution? Who does that?

  11. Greetings! Thanks for sharing this blog. I love Dr. Claud Anderson because I believe the historical perspective he offers can be helpful in making decisions. Although his content is deeply disturbing, his first book does contain a blueprint for success. If everyone implemented just 30% of the principles from Dr. Anderson’s books and those of Robert Kyosaki (e.g.the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, etc.), we could wipe out poverty in one generation! Our youth and young adults certainly wouldn’t be completely mesmerized by the consumerism, greed and materialism that has a full grip on them now. Regrettably, they’re not WELL READ – and they don’t know what’s being done to them. Reading is fundamental. Remember, if you don’t want Blacks to know something, put it in a book! That’s keeping it real. -kaf

  12. Greetings,

    These two videos present two different issues within are communities and culture. We continue to look for a leader and a savoir when we should individually take the steps to improve ourselves and then the community. Dr Anderson is just in a long detailing a blueprint. Now we as a people should make adjustments aswe move along. Too much talk not enoughaction! The system has destroyed all of our great leaders and will continue to do so. The second video comes down to love and respect. The streets will always be ready to claim us unless we as parents raise our children right. That video is not about the women, its to late for them. Its not about the security guard who gave her enough rope to hang herself. Its about the kids who will continue the crabs in a barrel activites.

    Bro Boaz

  13. Only a fool would not understand Dr Anderson, there is always a foolish person or group that will come out with words of stupidity. As Dr Anderson stated about Willie Lynch and his strategy to keep slaves “blacks” enslaved 3 times as long with mental slavery. And it was to divide them with variations of turmoil and here comes this fool doing exactly what was taught! You are a foolish man and anyone that follows you is doomed to be stuck in quicksand. You must study your enemy and know his ways and trickery. Every 6 blacks gathered together then there shall be 1 white there to make sure it is known of what is being said. Please Black people just because a negro figures out how to blog, it does not mean he/she has anything knowledgeable to say.. Be careful to whom you listen to, just because they may look like you does not mean they have your best interest at hand. Remember Dr Anderson spoke about New Orleans and the Black slave owners who partnered with the White slave owners to keep slavery intact and killed blacks and cut their heads off and place them upon poles that reached from Jefferson Parrish to New Orleans. Remember Dr Anderson has spent a life time preparing for this and this NEGRO comes like a pale horse to discredit his work. You must always proceed forward but you must as well keep the past with you, noy for baggage but for reminders of trickery and dangers await you.. FORWARD TO THE FUTURE.

    1. This stuff you wrote is fringed and not going to solve any problems. At some point you got to mature as a conscious man and realize no ones cares what you think and react only to what you do.

      You posted a lot of blather and rhetoric that won’t solve a damn problem. I wrote less words than that on this blog and help people do better as a result. We are beyond this black nationalist self-published book crap and in the information warfare and data manipulation era…..step up homey….


  15. So many things wrong with the ghetto mall video. I can’t see what the security guy did wrong. There are a few observations I made on my second viewing.
    1. He has a chest mounted camera. I assume it’s because incidents of this nature happen often, so he needs to cover his ass.
    2. Females angry at him for yelling at their kids, kids they allow to disrespect him “You gay”.
    3. Females taunt him to react and when he doesn’t they call him names.
    4. Females invade his personal space.
    5. Females had the opportunity to walk away.
    6. Female enters mall which could be considered trespassing.
    7. Females put their children in harms way.
    8. Females act uncivilized in front of their children.
    9. Father of children present the entire time yet only intervene when action was taken against females.

    If the security guard was a white man would they act the same? If he were a police officer with a firearm would they act different?

    I give that guard credit, I would have tazed them sooner. He was calm and didn’t seem emotional in his actions.

    Dr Anderson’s video has little to do with the Ghetto mall video beside the fact that he’s talking about black people. The ghettos aren’t where one would start if they are looking to empower a group. So those individuals and their children sadly aren’t his target market. Working as a group and focusing on creating wealth are the main points of that video. Breaking the idea of individualism which hurts us greatly. Also as you can see in the ghetto mall video, women with no respect for men, absent father who’s reluctant to take responsibility, both of which are slave mentality.

  16. What was the purpose in showing the ghetto mall incident? It is too sad. What is the message you want those of us who view it to get? African people have seen other African’ act this way. this video now available to the whole planet. How will African’ who are not like these African’ counter this video? Please take it down. It does not help anything.

    1. joe gaw, if you don’t understand the purpose or message and more interested in what the “whole planet” sees, you need to check yourself first…

  17. The security guard was wrong in yelling at those kids outside. Kids will be kids and are allowed to yell outside. The sista’s over reacted by fighting with the security guard. They cussed him out and should have left it alone and walked away.

  18. I haven’t watched the videos but I did read your introduction to them.I am sorry to say that your article reels with ignorance. You are ready to ” I need to get my behind out there in the real world and make a damn difference for my people, my community and our children future. ” but as you say, you are clueless as to the specifics of what needs to be done and how to get it done.

    Let me give you a “real world” example. You woke up this morning and “went out there”. When you got “there” you were alone. No one heard you, no one saw you, no one knew you. So you kept going in the same direction but faster. But since you had no plan or knowledge of the actual needs or cause of the problems you could do nothing to help your people, your community, or your CHILDREN’S future.

    But all is not hopeless, you have passion and caring to get started. You just need to people who have been in this fight for years (Dr. Anderson has worked on REAL WORLD solutions for over 40 years) and KNOW what they are talking about. You could be a great solider but take the time to learn where we’ve been, why, and how to “make a …difference”!

  19. I did try to read your “response” but I am sorry (again) that I could not decode what you are trying to say. You are complaining about something someone says but I can’t tell what your issue is. You date Asian women??? You are into Black empowerment??? Maybe you should take your time and put some concrete thoughts down and maybe eliminating the profanity will help your clarity. I do hope you are real and “still learning” so that maybe you can reach what ever your goals are.

    1. Joy, you are typical lame character with zero value to provide and you may have stumbled upon something you just ain’t ready for but you just feel you have to run your mouth..

      First of all, you came here under some “joy” alias when cats here use their real name – a sign you on some weak crap. Hiding behind some “joy” alias don’t get you points.

      Second, in all the comments you posted, you produce nothing of value. Other cats post their own perspective but you “joy” – you pathetically attempting to talk about me in your worthless commentary – why is that?

      So let’s analyze this – why haven’t you produced anything of value in this discussion, choose to just talk about me and hide behind an alias called “joy”?

      You may want to read the article I referenced to you again – if you have a hard time accepting that you present and carry yourself as a worthless punk trying to draw in someone like me as if I give a fuck about you and your conversation, then please keep re-reading the linked response as i think the message was very clear….

  20. I’m tired of black people criticizing each other. Dr. Claude Anderson first gave the history of the black condition so that we can better understand our current circumstance. I don’t think this author who wrote this really listened to what Dr. Anderson said.

    1. So what if Black people understood the current circumstances? How many decades have Black people been learning the current circumstances?

      I’m tired of cats keep bookreading and dickriding Dr Claud Anderson instead of write an intelligent grown man comment on what the next move should be…

  21. Lol! I too stumbled upon this blog searching material on Dr. Anderson….. Initially I was somewhat intrigued by the Author’s summaries (although I disagreed) but I was happy to read the commentary to see what type of responses were shared. I should have known from the first commentary….. I could say many things but I would rather just say something of value. To whom it may concern: 1) actually read text before critiquing 2) do more, talk less 3) criticize only which you know of ….. Have a great day all!

    1. @RC, you stumbled upon a blog that been around a lot longer than your ego and imagined self-worth would allow to give us credit for. It’s not my problem you just stumbled on a blog that been in existence for nearly 8 years with accomplishments to boot. You the stumbling guy..let’s keep this in fact.

      To come here because you basically dickriding Dr. Anderson and made the assumption I’m just doing nothing and talking only shows you a sideline simp to this game and think this is match. I know for a fact Dr. Anderson is personally frustrated and tired of you whack clowns dickriding him.

      Step your ass off talking about I’m not doing anything – you the one with the damn alias called “RC” and didn’t come here talking about what you done. You just posted nothing but an opinion – I have a blog with 8 years of history of what i done – maybe your silly ass need to read before running your fucking mouth homey….

  22. I’m going to disable the comments in this section due to the high number of worthless black men that is coming to this article from a likely a bullshit resource coming here chatting up lightweight weak crap instead of actually having something constructive and real to contribute. I don’t know who is referencing this blog and where the traffic is coming from but I do know it’s a source full of bunch of worthless black males who spend more time reading books than putting in work. All you sissy ass clowns coming here with an alias name – yeah, yall coming from some BBS group where yall spend all day just talking and commentary.

    You clowns better learn to hustle and put in real work and get real things done instead of talking about your fan love for Dr. Claud Anderson – yall some straight punks and better check yourself and start being a real damn man for your community, your people and your future..

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