Cats Like to Step to the Mic and Talk Some Ish

I think it’s about time to give cats a briefing so we brothas and sistas can lay down some house rules as we go and get ours. Many of you can relate to what I’m talking about and that is all the ish talking cats like to do when we are trying to put in work to get somewhere. I don’t know the rhyme and reason why some Black people, particularly Black men like to come around and run their damn mouth when real people are putting in work. Let’s discuss this and keep it 100%. I have been on Facebook and other venues in real life where mostly Black men want to have the last word, sound like they are the authority voice and the truth is, they don’t know what they talking about and they just talking. They are passionate like a girly man and get all emotional in their rhetoric as they run their mouth. Then they want to front some image like if you challenge them, they need to defend their manhood and reduce the conversation down to ego versus ego. I have little or next to no patience for this stuff and I want to brief everybody who read me or be around me to understand this. This is the routine – someone posts something or says something about an event, a factual event. Then this Black person come along and says some stupid opinion that has no basis in logic or derived from any facts. Me, I like to point out facts and support my arguments and create my conclusion and let people decide. But then the other person who have no facts, no logic just want to try to counter what I said with some macho ish and get surprised that I step back to them and call them out. Then that Black person running some illogical, emotional, non-factual BS start resorting to their ego and then want to see if they can test me. See, they ran out of BS to spit and now they want to resort to testing me. In real life, they will get shot because that’s how it goes down and I’m sorry – that’s how I grew up and that’s my nature because dudes don’t f*ck with other dudes like that where I’m from. A lot of you cats are the same way and let’s not pretend otherwise. Because the environment I grew up in, you better understand your damn place and realize what you know and don’t know. If you don’t know what you talking about, then shut the f*ck up and just listen to others talk and observe. But if you do know what you talking about, then share information. You get better and improve and understand the hustle when you peep the game as it being done or heard about and you share the game and hustles to others when you do know what you talking about, that’s how I grew up on the West Side of Chicago. But outside of Chicago, dealing with other cats, I noticed Black men like to interject conversations and dialogue with their ego and just want to be the loud authority figure that gets attention like they the Lion King and ish. And that’s where everything goes wrong, especially when cats want to interact with me. I’m not leaving the conversation or the room because I can handle mines and will go there if that’s how cats really wants it to go down. And I usually have my people with me or even if I’m solo, I can handle mines until backup arrives. I had ran into so many dudes who want to argue with me in front of a female, want to pretend they know some pro-Black ish but I know they don’t know what they talking about hearing them say things incorrect. Now, if someone tells me I’m wrong and they show it, I stand down and thank them for the correction – that’s positive. But you got some cats that think it is an insult to their ego to be corrected and that’s where the problem begin and I tend to forget about conflict resolution and fall victim to my primal bloodlust to go to savage war with cats and try to take them there by attacking their ego. Here is what I learn and how to handle these types of cats who want to grab the mic and say something contrary for contrary sake so they can appear to be the HNIC authority figure. The first thing I do is see if I got my gun right and if this can be a Stand Your Ground scenario in the making, that’s real talk. The second thing I do is just let them talk and boast and smile like some chick is loving what they talking about. I really hate to reveal a secret but I can give a rat ass what another male with a penis think on any subject, I’m not gay and not into dudes or what dudes think. The only thing a man should tell another man is how to hustle, deal with hoes and the police/court system. Now if I’m part of the conversation and know something, I will say what I have to say but will do it in a way that is about facts, not about being friendly or appeasing to those around me but just the truth. I love the truth and deal with nothing but truth, no matter how brutal it is for the weak-hearted. But some cats don’t want to hear the truth and start trying to doubt other people statements as if they are an expert to doubt another person, causing conflict. This is where cats start trying to ask me who I am and how do I know these things and if I’m some expert and what I do for a living. They trying to qualify me personally and test me and I get this crap from brothas multiple times a day, more than you can ever imagine outside of this blogging stuff. I try to get them focused back on the subject at hand and they want to stick to trying to test me personally and then that’s when I go back at them and start questioning who the f*ck they think they are. And if they want to go there with me, then we both can go there because I’m sick and tired of these ignorant brothas and some ignorant sistas who ain’t about progress. It’s upsetting because you guys know the kind of economy we Black folks are suffering under and President Barack Obama acting like we don’t matter as Obama ignore Blacks but help out gays and illegal immigrants. We got some serious and real work to do and ain’t got time for games but this moron over here want to challenge everybody because that moron has a personal ego problem when we all trying to have a conversation. I don’t know if I’m even ranting right now on this blog article but just saying these sideways cats trying to make their opinion matter in critical conversations is definitely something I don’t like because I know real work need to be done to make progress. I guess I’m going to have to check myself and hopefully figure out how I can deal with these cats who like to see if they can dominate a conversation instead of bring something of value. The only option I know coming from the hood is to straight shoot or pistol whip them in front of everybody, but I need to check myself on that and that is my personal struggle with cats outside of the West Side of Chicago who want to talk too damn much about nothing.

2 thoughts on “Cats Like to Step to the Mic and Talk Some Ish

  1. My approach to handling those kind of people is much simpler. I just stop talking to them. I mean totally ignore them as if they’re not even there. Trust me it’s a lot more beneficial to you to avoid the hostile situation altogether. But if it comes down to the come down, then I just whip his ass or blast the fool. And believe me when I say, being Black in America; do you really want to find out whether or not that stand Your Ground law will really protect you? It really doesn’t seem to be working in our favor so far. But if it comes down to the come down, then I just whip his ass.

    1. I hear you Carl but keep in mind that I talk about what needs to done to elevate our people and create progress and these types of conversations has no room for egos, emotions or macho manners.

      I get upset because the main thing I feel is we Black people overall are not making progress and the second thing is this dude over here trying to be heard is the reason Black people cannot make progress and then I have to wonder why they sticking around me still trying to say something?

      Not that it is a good thing, but Stand Your Ground has always been on the side when it comes to Black on Black crime. They don’t care we kill each other and I’ve seen and heard too many times where the police refuse to press charges and said the situation was justifiable.

      Look at the dude with the tazer video at that ghetto rat mall – Black folks can’t control themselves and stop running their mouth and escalating things up to that level. But overall, you are on point where some of us just got to learn who not to be around and walk away from.

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