Mr. Dunn Do Not Care About You Being Stunned

One of the things you will discover as a successful go-getter and winner is people around you tend to go silent after they see you ballin and being a boss out there. They don’t expect that out of you and when they see you doing it, they go quiet. Then you sitting there and wondering what the heck wrong with these people? You knew them all your life and now they sitting up there looking at you stupid. Go ahead and buy a new luxury car and drive it on these cats, go ahead and get a fine Asian or Latina or Arab date and bring them to the Black night club with you or go ahead and get seen on TV or elsewhere getting attention and you will see that silence I’m talking about. I first was upset and stop being friends with cats around me but later, I learned that cats are just straight stunned and I was really stunning on them by doing big things. In 2013, I don’t give two sh*ts about anybody out there being stunned or going quiet when me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents start launching and cats notice we are styling on them. I’m a pretty older character and ain’t trying to impress any cats out there and I hope everybody understand this and that is a serious PSA I want to make sure everybody listen closely on. None of yall out there really don’t know a damn thing about Ed Dunn to be stunned or have any kind of opinion who I am and what me and my crew capable of. This right here is real world moves and not anecdotal storytelling f*ckery other brothas and sistas like to do instead of put in real work. We hustle hard and we put in work and get things done because of who we are, not because of other cats opinion or perspectives. And we train hard to be military grade to deal with any fool that want to come distract us from what we doing because they want me and my people to fit in their frame of mind that cats from the West Side of Chicago cannot get down like this. Yeah, cats from the West Side of Chicago do get down like this and we will put cats down that want to get in the way of a hustler. But that isn’t why I’m writing this. I’m trying to make brothas and sistas understand that we are in a serious state of Black America right now and this sh*t ain’t a damn joke. Our people ain’t got jobs, ain’t feeling safe, ain’t happy and our Black leaders ain’t sh*t either. Our Black youth have no faith in the future and our Black adults today are on some stupid fronting crap and fighting over petty points. The only option, the only damn option we got and what I got is to be awesome, outstanding and first grade and top of class to do the work necessary to make a difference. So when you hear about me going to Brazil and find out I got people down there part of the 30 Rotten Dissidents, I don’t need you to be stunned. When I go to Europe and you see my people with me and I’m going through Paris and London like I grew up there, I don’t need you to be stunned. When you see me and my people promoting products and services we personally built and cats supporting us and loving what we doing, I don’t need you to be stunned. I need your ass to get the heck on board and help do what we got to do for our people, our communities and our future. I don’t got time for cornballs like Black Enterprise that want to focus on cornball content, don’t got time for ignorant Cathy Hughes Black radio stations that want to promote Black-on-Black violence, casual sex and objectifying Black women in negative sexualized stereotypes and I damn sure don’t got time for the lightweight cats who support that kind of crap out there. We got to make global moves, got to launch serious technology solutions and we got to start making a difference in people lives all around the world and put African-Americans on the global competitive map. We really ain’t got time for bigots here in America and we are way beyond that. But most important, I don’t have time for cats to get silent or appear stunned, I’m fighting for our people like I’m about to die tomorrow and it’s that real in my world. These Black kids deserve our current generation to do whatever it takes to make their world better and I’m committed to that ish. Let these other cornballs run their mouth like these other hustle bloggers trying to be like us but can’t do it like us over here at Dream and Hustle. I’m giving you guys the PSA - we already put in years of work and research and development and me and my crew is already global and we already set. Don’t sit there and think this is a fun show for you to watch when you see me jet set worldwide or launch products and appear in the media with swagger and make big things happen for people all over. I have been doing this big stuff for years and I’m very experienced at this. But what I want you to understand is everything I’m doing is exactly what is expected of us as African-Americans to make the world better for us all and I’m fully expecting you to not be stunned, but step up to the plate and put in the work necessary to change things around for the betterment of us all.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Dunn Do Not Care About You Being Stunned

  1. “These Black kids deserve our current generation to do whatever it takes to make their world better and I’m committed to that ish.”

    Ed Dunn

    That right there clarified a lot of things for me in this point on a more personal level. I am on the same page brotha keep doing ur thing it’s time sir, its time.

  2. Somebody has to do good and show it can be done. Might as well be you. Might as well be me. Might as well be us. The one who has ears to see and eyes to see will pull you to the side as ask…HOW. The beginning.

  3. Ed,

    As you know, just continue to lead by example. Here is what I keep in mind as I push forward: “Jesus told them, A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family.” Folks eventually catch the vapors – they usually do. Unfortunately its usually after you had your fill of them.

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