My Fellow Black Americans, We Got a Serious Black Youth Problem in Chicago

Let’s just start off saying the obvious – the kids and young adults in Chicago will eventually be killed off or marginalized to the point the rest of their life will be miserable. Somebody is going to kill them and society will marginalize them - 100% guaranteed and how your liberal bleeding heart feel about this reality means nothing. The only thing that matters how we will address this or we simply write off these Chicago kids and Chicago young adults and ask the Lord to have mercy on their souls. I think this video is the last straw – I believe this incident is the tipping point in Chicago due to the amount of video coming out of this flash mob: Now, the following video is pretty disturbing to me with the guy throwing a chair at the back of the moving car that was driven by a woman. Minister Farrakhan warned cats nearly 20 years ago – he stated our people will be portrayed in the media as “monsters” and what will eventually happen is when someone comes in and start killing off the “monsters”, no one will cry and no one will show sympathy. But today, our Black youth are portraying themselves as “monsters” and basically just leading up to some end game for some entity to come in and wipe all of them out. Let me say this again – what is the end game for the Black youth in Chicago? Do you expect them to turn their life around at age 18 and go off to college, get good grades and get a job? Is that what some of yall out there are thinking? Seriously?! Maybe you think praying at your church for these “monsters” will change them and Jesus will come from the clouds and blessed their little souls, is that what some of yall are thinking also?! No, we need to be honest here as Black Americans - the only true end game is kill these “monsters” off, there are really no other options here. I do not understand Chicago anymore and I’m being truthful. Cats are being killed left and right, President Obama came down to speak on gun violence, I guess and they been trying to preach to us about doing something for all the violence in Chicago. They just buried a couple light-skinned girls who got shot up and made national headlines but after all of that, these kids are still on the street running wild and acting a fool?! Throwing a chair in the back of someone car?! The only thing I can think of is the Chicago single moms out there got life insurance policies on their punk ass kids and just waiting for them to get kilt so they can cash out and move down here to Atlanta and hang out with us ATL brothas at the Compound or the W hotel drinking apple martinis and ish – that’s the only thing I can think of why these kids are even allowed outside of their homes! Look, they banning handguns in Chicago but they out of control violent over there – this stuff going on in Chicago is going to make cats keep their guns and no politician is going to agree to banning assault weapons as they feel they need 30 round clips or 100 round drum barrels to deal with these Chicago “monsters” running rampant. In fact, you are going to need a shotgun, which is legal in Chicago and I recommend people in Chicago carry loaded shotguns that can scatter on crowds like this. Learn to cycle that shotgun really fast – it takes practice but you can get good at it. The mayor of Chicago is not doing anything worthwhile, the Chicago police is ineffective, the federal government is not stepping in and President Obama wants to pretend Chicago is a role model for gun control when Chicago is the nightmare example of what happens when you cannot own a gun – cats throwing chairs in the back of your car window like they ain’t going get shot back at. Then you have a future of 5 to 10 years from now, global information data will be able to track and mark all of these Chicago “monsters” and they will never get a good job and will be marginalized and marked in databases to never be hired. I don’t believe cats in other cities have a lot of respect for Chicago people anymore. Back in the days, you can go somewhere and tell people you from Chicago and they respect you. Cats go somewhere now and say they from Chicago, cats will probably stab them in the neck for being a dumb self-hating violent destructive moron. That’s why I start telling people I’m from Oak Park and ish. So we are in a dilemma right now as Black Americans in terms of the Chicago Black youth problem. Look all of these Chicago Black youth kids are dead and don’t even know it yet. We rarely been wrong on this blog about anything and things always turn out like we predicted and let me say it again - these kids are the walking dead and that's real and blunt as I can put the truth of the matter. Even if they don’t get kilt, they ain’t going nowhere and no one will hire their behind either. They don’t love themselves enough to open up their own businesses or even respect anything given to them, which is obvious from the video above. So is there anything we can do as Black Americans to save these Chicago youth or do we just pop some popcorn and wait for the news when they start killing them off systematically?

4 thoughts on “My Fellow Black Americans, We Got a Serious Black Youth Problem in Chicago

  1. I’ve never understood causing mischief if it doesn’t equate to coming up or making money. I still don’t get it. I can understand selling weed or dope or robbing because you’re broke but what was displayed wasn’t even rioting it was straight vandalism. I think if you’re a regular citizen in Chicago you should be able to carry your handgun, the laws on the books now are not reflective of the condition the city is in. There is no way you bust my back window(which is where kids typically sit) while I’m driving and I don’t riddle you paralyzed for the rest of your life.

  2. There is no problem that cannot be fixed. For example, if these youth and their actions represented a nation, they would be destroyed by this nation in no time. At the same time, this nation has the power to transform these youth and their actions in no time at all. Some of them will be in jail, or dead, but the masses of them have lives that can be transformed.

    However, America does not want to solve this problem. Unfortunately the people with the vision, solutions and skills to solve these problems don’t have access to the money/resources. Governmental bodies(mayors, etc), nor mainstream Black leadership have the skills nor the will to truly solve the problem.

  3. The “Chicago single moms” letting these kids out of the house… some of the time they’re just sad, grown ass woman-children themselves–they raised themselves but didn’t have any guidance to show THEM right from wrong, therefore they have no knowledge to pass on. On the other hand, some of these women are just following the course determined for them–working down to the bone for pennies and stressing over survival because that’s all they were shown was available to them. When they are scrounging for the necessities, they can’t focus as much energy on raising their kids right. It’s all a part of the plan.

  4. Its not the government job to raise someone esle kids. Its their parents job. Its better to kill them than to be killed by them. We have the same problem in Houston. They are all on cush.

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