Shop Wall Star: Rise of the Micro-Entrepreneur

Want to give an update on the Shop Wall Star project me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents been working so hard on for the month of February of 2013. We had to push our schedule back for beta release because we discovered something. What happened is when we started testing the end-to-end operation of the Shop Wall Star service, the whole experience blew our minds and surpassed our expectations. Brothas and sistas are really going to like what we done and will appreciate us spending an extra month putting in that extra work and we going to discuss what we discovered. It appears that everything we talked about on Dream and Hustle for the past several years about QR codes, micro-malls, smart posters, drop-shipping, tablets, digital signage, pop-up shops – all of that is now powered by the upcoming Shop Wall Star project and I designed it to accommodate all of that for brothas and sistas. We realized this project should be the first project out of Swagg-Scientific because we discovered in our research Shop Wall Star will empower micro-entrepreneurs which are one or two people operations where the two are usually family members or roommates or good friends or whatever. We already saw the success of Square catered towards the same micro-entrepreneurial crowd but what is more important is our social responsibility to get brothas and sistas to start doing for self. See, the technology part was done and I already went over that a million times - create a shop, add products and then assign products to a poster and generate a unique code for either NFC tags or QR code – that’s not complicated. But I’m not going to lie, it was not easy either to write that code out and I still have to do some polishing up on the code before putting Shop Wall Star out on public beta but that is really very soon. The real work and real enlightening moment is when we focus on building up the customer service and documentation and that’s where the game was changed. We have created a real marketing plan that engages our customers who will be either marketers or businesses through social media and real-world marketing. We will also be educating regular people in real places on how to use their mobile phones to start shopping. We are not going to be sitting behind some computer on our butts thinking the money is just going to come into a PayPal account – that’s how broke cornballs fronting like they making money like to claim. I’m authoring a real instruction manual that people will be able to download and understand how to not only use Shop Wall Star but also know how to set up their shopping wall posters and different ways they can set it up. I will also have video presentations the same way I’ve seen in S. Korea and Japan the way they explain exactly how to do things. We are not playing, we are going to go full throttle contact with brothas and sistas out there and Shop Wall Star will be out there in the real world and business will be done. I’m sitting on a ton of information about Shop Wall Star right now and got some real prototypes right next to me on my computer I badly want to snap a picture of and post on Facebook. But the truth is, I don’t want to put out too much prototype and raw stuff, just the finish product so people can just focus on winning. But I think you brothas and sistas will be pleasantly surprised when you see what we done and I think once you see us get things rolling, you won’t be disappointed. More information will be coming very soon, especially if you live here in Atlanta as you will be the first to see us help put Atlanta on the map for hood-based technology companies. Note: Join the Dream and Hustle Facebook page for upcoming exclusive and detail information on the Shop Wall Star project, we cannot blog every little thing here but we can post it up on our Facebook page.

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