The Black Experience: What Black Sellouts Can Learn From Chris Dorner

Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris...Chris Dorner Style! Hey, LAPD! Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris...Chris Dorner Style! In 100 years, no one will remember who Guy Fawkes is but they will remember Chris Dorner and will wear Chris Dorner masks while standing up to oppression and tyranny. Because you people out there are living today and right now, you are mostly jealous of Chris Dorner action and want to downplay him and I understand your hate. However, some of you cornball brothas and sistas still living day to day putting up with ish you don’t like can just talk all you want about Chris Dorner but we know the truth about Mr. Dorner and history know the truth. At the end of the day one man, just one man named Chris Dorner took his own stand, knew the price was his life and succeeded in not only fighting and exposing a tyrannical police force but also turn the critical mass away from mainstream media propaganda and scripted biased towards LAPD cops instead of the people. So let’s just go there because everybody else in the Black community was trying to analyze demonizing Chris Dorner but here at Dream and Hustle, we noticed one obvious thing not discussed among African-Americans. That thing was Chris Dorner was about as Black as Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In this article, we are going to discuss how Chris Dorner gave Black sellouts living today one of the biggest lessons these groups can learn from during Black History Month. Chris Dorner by all accounts was the true definition of all-American. He has nothing but a record of integrity, serving his country during the time of war and serving the community as a police office in one of the most crime-infested and corrupt police departments. Looks to me he went after the tough challenges in life. Every picture you see of Chris Dorner is nothing but a million dollar smile and a man who is standing tall and proud. And he was very well in shape and muscular that shows his physical discipline. With all that said, come on - only the haters and the inferior has something negative to say about Chris Dorner. But There Is That One Problem..... But there was just one problem with Chris Dorner and we know this because we covered this topic before about another Black mass shooter here on Dream and Hustle years ago. Chris Dorner biggest flaw was he spent his whole life hanging around White people and seeking validation and acceptance from a system of White Privilege. He believes if he was the best he can be and always do the right thing, he would go far. But he realize and it hit him extremely hard how bigoted and cruel the system of White Privilege is towards anybody not White and not privileged. Remember, Chris Dorner is from Cali and Cali cats like to hang around seeking validation and acceptance from White folks in a perverse and absurd manner - sorry but that’s the truth and my observation. You don’t see cats on the East Coast doing that ish but go to Seattle, Portland, Bay Area and Southern California and you will see a whole bunch of Black people trying to seek validation and acceptance from White people. Ask Angela Benton and those NewMe Black Web 2.0 cats if you think I’m lying. Here is the thing that is the problem about sellouts and we can address it during Black History Month. Chris Dorner had plenty of positive options and opportunities in his life being the upstanding guy that he was. He could have easily gone to another state and would got easily hired as a cop. Chris Dorner could have been a gym trainer and got a lot of money and sex like the gym trainers are moving down here to hook up with the Atlanta sistas. Chris Dorner could have easily worked in the government/federal sector in various roles and had a priority listing due to his veteran status. He probably would have loved Maryland and Virginia and all those fine sistas in that area. Chris Dorner has a lot of options for him outside of the LAPD. But the problem is many of you Black parents are trying to raise your Black kids up in White neighborhoods and naïve to the fact that entire White community from the teachers to that child peers are conditioning your Black child to worship White people and the system of White Privilege. You ain’t checking your Black kids interactions with the community and assume the White schools will “raise them right” with your lazy ass parenting skills. And what I’ve noticed since integration is a whole generation of these Black sellouts coming out of that environment actively believing White people need to accept and validate them or they are worthless and have no attachment to their Blackness. I’ve noticed this not only among Black children and adults after they grew up, but this was also very rampant in the non-Chinese Asian immigrant community back in the days when Asians were seeking assimilation. But the Asians got smart and took a queue from Chinese and their Chinatowns and started creating their own small retailing sectors, private schools and churches within the White community to keep their kids Korean-orientated or Vietnam-orientated and so on. Meanwhile, Blacks living in White communities with their good jobs, and their BMWs and their big homes still got their kids caught up in those schools being conditioned to worship a system of White Privilege. Thornton, a 34-year-old African American man, was called into his place of employment for disciplinary purposes. Thornton had been recorded on surveillance video in the Hartford Distributors warehouse stealing beer on a previous occasion. Hartford Distributors is a wholesale distributor of Budweiser beer products and wine. Given the options of being fired or resigning, Thornton signed the resignation papers and was being escorted out of the building. Instead of leaving, he took two Ruger SR9 pistols from his lunchbox and opened fire. At the time Thornton started shooting, there were around 40 employees in the building. In just a few minutes, Thornton murdered eight coworkers, and seriously injured two others. Many employees made calls to 911, with some callers identifying Thornton.[10] Police arrived on the scene just three minutes after the first 911 call.[11] Police entered the building 10 minutes after the first 911 call. Thornton hid in a locked office. As more police entered the building, Thornton called his mother and explained to her what he had done. He told her he planned on turning the gun on himself. As police closed in, Thornton called 911, saying his motive for the massacre was racism he had experienced in the workplace. He told the 911 operator that he wished he had killed more people.[12][13] Soon after hanging up on 911, he killed himself with a shot to the head. Family members of Thornton have stated that he had complained to them that he was being racially discriminated against at his job. Thornton's girlfriend claimed that he had seen a picture of a noose and a racial epithet written on a bathroom wall.[14] Then when we hear about Black people going on a corporate mass shooting rampage and check their background, the Black person background shows nothing but a sellout who believed in seeking validation and acceptance from White Privilege instead of seeking validation and acceptance from God. Almost all of them talk about how White people did them wrong, destroyed their career and all that other entitlement stuff based on being put on by someone else. That is the one thing we realize over the years with these Black corporate mass shooters and Chris Dorner is no different. I used to blog about my real life history of having a mad crush on a sista from high school and I would dream about me and her being in love together for the rest of our lives and doing stuff like spooning while we both washing our clothes at the laundromat. But the problem is I know her parents told her don’t mess with any Black people, especially West Side brothas like me and she spent her time hanging around White people. The White kids were treating her Black behind like ish and she still hanging around them trying to be liked and I’m liking her and that whole ish was all messed up because I would have treated her right. It wasn’t until she was 35 when she finally figured the ish out but she wasted her whole youth chasing White people instead of seeking a relationship with God and realizing her life was a gift by God to go out and enjoy doing her. Better late than never, I guess. I’ve seen how sellouts turn out and it’s rarely good because the truth is, they are living unfulfilled lives and banking their entire life of getting validation from White people. Then when stuff happen like what happened to Chris Dorner, they go nuts but do not go the extent Chris Dorner done but you can bet the pain and suffering is just as intense. Chris Dorner was setup to worship White people and got turned out that’s the lesson for all Black sellouts to learn from this Black History month. The Black community need to acknowledge this is a problem and also a mental problem due to years of conditioning as a child. No Black person should be a sellout and what cats want to argue is this is what I think about them which is nothing but a smoke screen. The truth of the matter is, being a sellout is a crime and damage to one self and it hurts them deep inside when they grow up and see how the world works and how the system of White Privilege treat Blacks, all Blacks at the end of the day. There is absolutely no reason for any Black person to be a sellout and seek validation and acceptance from White people in the 21st century, absolutely no damn reason!!! We first and foremost better understand we don’t need to seek validation and acceptance because we are given validation and acceptance every day from the Almighty God who give us another day to do us and live our lives. No White person or system of White Privilege woke you up from sleep this morning, God does that. And no one showed you they loved you more than Jesus dying for your sins so stop that sellout ish right here and right now! Black people all over the world had been through ish and some real ish to get where they are at today. Our history is full of Black brothas and sistas who done extraordinary things, took death-defying risks in times where it was forbidden and against people religion to see Black people accomplishing anything civilized. We as a people been through too much ish, worked too damn hard and showed too many times we can do it for any brotha or sista out there to still be and act like a ho to the game and seeking validation and acceptance from others. Chris Dorner is gone but he was not a bad guy and was by accounts, an outstanding guy. The truth is he was conditioned to seek validation and acceptance from the system of White Privilege and did not realize he had greater options and opportunities. The biggest regret here is wishing Chris Dorman believed in himself and God more than the LAPD that is still looking out for themselves and trying to discredit Mr. Dorman in the media after death. I think he would have been an outstanding Black cop in any Black community if he had that commitment to ethics and integrity. Every last one of you brothas and sistas out there, if you know some Black person still running around being a sellout, still trying to seek validation and acceptance from White Privilege, then do your part and step to them and help them. Anybody that tells you we Blacks still need suck the titty of White Privilege in order to get by is a punk and a coward, plain and simple. As brothas and sistas, we got opportunities both local and worldwide opportunities to launch billion dollar global ventures and do right by other people who need our help. We don’t need to put up with any bigot and the only reason we putting up with bigots is because cats are delusional and think they got something coming to them from the system of White Privilege, plain and simple. Yeah, Chris Dorner will be a hero of his own caliber and the photos of him being a well-built charismatic solder and police will cement him for hero-worship for the next 2,000 years. But this sellout part will be lost in history but it is a real problem in the Black community. I do want to prevent another Chris Dorner because by all accounts and I know this from my experience with the sellout sista back in high school, most Black sellouts are some great people with nice qualities. But at the same time, they are living an unhappy life seeking outside validation and trying to be put on instead of chasing their inner passion and not believing and having faith in God and appreciating the love of Jesus that they do not need other people to get to where they truly want to be in life. That’s the true tragedy in this whole Chris Dorner episode that was my takeaway this Black History month.

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  1. This was definitely an interesting take on this situation and subject matter. I would also add the need for MANY Black Americans to rely on Government related employment, this doesn’t just apply to sell-outs either. It is a sad sight to see a Black woman or man so dependent on working for the FEDS, State, County or City that they would literally KILL when fired. As you mentioned in your post, Christopher Dorner was a very intelligent man and could have went on about his life just fine working ELSEWHERE or beyond just government related work. It is sad that he just saw himself as military or police and when that was taken away from him he went into a deep depression and went crazy. SMDH

  2. “Remember, Chris Dorner is from Cali and Cali cats like to hang around seeking validation and acceptance from White folks in a perverse and absurd manner – sorry but that’s the truth and my observation. You don’t see cats on the East Coast doing that ish but go to Seattle, Portland, Bay Area and Southern California and you will see a whole bunch of Black people trying to seek validation and acceptance from White people.

    Might that behavior not stem from validation-seeking, but simply from the fact that whites on the west coast are less menacing toward blacks than the Latinos and Asians that are from there. In Chicago, we tend to have a magnet school view of race relations, but the dynamics can vary from state to state and even between the various parts of states like Cali, Texas and Florida. Heck, south side (Chicago) Chinese are generally easy to get along with, but north side Chinese would make me do a double take with all the n-words and chicawgo/white sox fan type of talk they had.

    1. @urbanleftbehind,

      They got organized and militant hate groups and encampments all up and down the west coast so I wouldn’t exactly say the whites on the west coast are less menacing.

      I lived there and I go to the west coast often and deal with them, especially in the tech industry – yeah, they are seriously seeking validation and acceptance from whites and it’s so embarrassing that even I turn red…

  3. Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto, In Full [Content Graphic and Disturbing]

    In this Manifesto Dorner’s doesn’t sound like any sellout to me. According to his EX he just hated himself. After reading parts of his Manifesto and Reading what she said. I concluded the man hated himself and learned too late that he worked his whole life for a career and status.
    Dorner was suffering from paranoia also he had lost trust in a system he believed was not evil, he found out different.
    To say he was seeking white approval to me is wrong. I believe he was seeking approval that he was not a stereotype of Black America. This doesn’t make you a sellout. I have known sellouts who are biased against black people and assume the worse about them. This man would stand up to white officers when they used excessive force. It got him fired also.

    He was fighting a loosing battle and he saw this. His battle with LAPD and RACE. He decided to end his life before he ever took a shot.

    1. “doesn’t sound like any sellout to me. According to his EX he just hated himself. ”

      –you just typed exactly what a sellout is…someone who hate themselves and sold themselves out looking for external validation and acceptance.

      I do not understand how you missed this basic premise..there is no such thing as an “Uncle Tom sellout” but people who do things seeking external validation and acceptance from others. The rambling writings mean nothing..I have zero proof he actually wrote it as much as I have zero proof he shot any cops…

  4. Been all over the site last couple of days and the massive amouts of infomation you have for our independence is touchstone. Click on the sisters link and front page an associate prof. Gets 4.5 million for TEN years of racial discr. They put his face on a gorilla at a company party, with a white dude sodomizing him. Like u said had options(work in our community) but waited on that acceptance. Didnt wanna waste time hollern at u about off course stuff i am jumpn off that model u have for our media empire. Email me anything u can much respect to the work u do

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