Time is Running Out Before President Obama Become a Lame Duck

The truth of the matter is, President Obama is not going to do anything for Black America and will flee to Hawaii after his second term is over. African-Americans are going to have to accept the fact that we messed up our people and our future generations of African-Americans and we are going to pay a heavy price for being too celebratory and fans of a politician instead of having a politician work for us. Look, the United States of America do not have money and we got debts. When you got debts and you talking to your kids and family, sometimes you like to give false hope about how yall going to take a nice vacation or buy a new family car and stuff like that. Well, President Obama is doing the same thing and cannot afford most of the proposals he is talking about for his second term. We as African-Americans just have to cut our losses and realize we missed our opportunity during President Obama first term. Unfortunately and I lost a lot of friends for this but I was extremely furious at Black people "celebrating" President Obama while Black young adults were becoming homeless at alarming rates and Black families were going straight from middle class to poverty. Let me say this - I'm in the technology game and I'm good and don't have job problems. The majority of these brothas and sistas supporting President Obama as a fan are working some jobs that can be lost in a nanosecond or outsourced to cheaper wage earners really fast. All that stuff President Obama was talking about with tech hubs and everything else is up my alley, most of you brothas and sistas will never work those jobs and make that money because you brothas and sistas haven't mastered STEM. After watching President Obama give his State of the Union address, I come to realize that African-Americans made a fatal mistake by not demanding President Obama address a Black agenda. No other future President is going to even care about us because we didn't give a damn about our own interest during President Obama first term. Every future US President is going to care about the growing Hispanic population and emerging nations migrating to Americans. So yeah, let's just be honest - Black people in America screwed up big time and we are going down. The few of us who will be surviving and thriving, the truth of the matter is that people like me will be focused more on helping brothas and sistas in emerging countries like Africa and Asia. But this whole African-American descended from slaves - we going down and we cannot blame no one but ourselves for not standing up and demanding from President Obama any policies to create economic development and empowerment in our communities. I still believe there is a way to turn things around for the better but it's going to be a hard fight and people got to be willing to get up and fight. But from what I saw in President Obama speech, I can tell you right now that African-Americans are now a declining fad in the American fabric. 2013, we are on our own and we got to fight crazy this year to salvage the damage we already done to ourselves.

One thought on “Time is Running Out Before President Obama Become a Lame Duck

  1. I believe not only did we as a people missed a chance to mobilize and demand change majority if not all of our black politicians drank from the same kool-aid. I’m not sure if people are aware but pro-gay people were literally chaining themselves on the outside perimeter of the White House demanding their rights. And guess what? They got it. My Latino brothers/sisters marched, screamed and did everything to make sure President Obama took care of their rights.

    What did we do? Very little, no where near enough, and too concerned about what others would think or say. But I’m with you Ed, we still have a chance to turn our plight around. Let’s not talk about the very few number of pardons he issued. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with our president but I know my future rests on my hand not his.

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