Transforming Black Ignorance into Black Intelligence, the Black Barbie Internet Myth

I’ve gotten several postings on my Facebook feed about an upcoming Black Barbie doll and when I saw the photo, I instantly knew something was wrong. I instantly knew what kind of doll that was and instantly knew what kind of picture that is because this was something I was going to cover on Dream and Hustle when discussing business models for sistas. When I check the data flow, I originally thought it came from Maria Lloyd who works with Dr. Boyce Watkins but realize she only commenting on it from somewhere, just like Dr. Boyce Watkins and his writing crew like to do all the time – swagger jack from other bloggers. I discovered the original source of this whole mess was Media Take Out. What happened was nothing more than propaganda claiming this was the new Mattel Black Barbie doll and if I was Mattel, I would sue the living crap out of Media Take Out for “dilution of trademark” because Media Take Out clearly made a false claim about this being a Black Barbie and I believe they were aware they made up false information and used Mattel trademarked Barbie which you cannot do. “The Federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995 is a United States federal law which protects famous trademarks from uses that dilute their distinctiveness, even in the absence of any likelihood of confusion or competition.” This is not a “Black Barbie”, this is the Adele Makeda doll that came out over 10 years ago: We found out this doll was created by an African-American entrepreneur 10 years ago and this particular doll may have been designed by Jason Wu (who Michelle Obama picked to wear for both inaugurations) in his early days, making this doll an expensive collector item! You guys should be thankful Dream and Hustle at least do homework and research when we get news or hear about something and don’t post up stuff without doing homework like Maria Lloyd over at Naturally Moi. Maria Lloyd should be embarrassed and better learn to do her damn homework before writing up stories. However, I want you to notice something about the photo above..what do you notice about the doll in the picture? If you haven’t figured it out, the photographer is modeling the doll and this is actually what I’m going to discuss with sistas later on how to create their look books or model books – using dolls like these to stage the sample photos before taking the real photos. See, the ignorant Black folks making comments did not realize this. A lot of professional and skilled photographers and fashion savvy people in the game use these dolls to create model images before putting in real models. This helps understand how to create an impressive and unique portfolio to display. You got these amateur hour chicks running about doing mirror pics but should be using dolls in this fashion to learn how to create a real model portfolio and some people don’t understand this. This is what I talked about a million times on Dream and Hustle and it’s called prototyping a concept to visualize the hustle. Another use of these dolls is for fashion designers to create their line of clothes! They can sew their own doll clothes and mix and match on these models! If it looks good, then they can run to the clothing manufacturer in Central America and start making their own fashion line. Again, sistas need to realize that is what these dolls are used for and young girls looking to be in modeling and fashion should probably have these dolls to practice their skills. So we just turned this doll story from being a tool of ignorance to a tool of empowerment for sistas to understand what these dolls are used for. But here is another secret I want sistas to understand about these dolls – these kinds of dolls are very popular worldwide and sell a lot! Mostly young adult women collect dolls like this worldwide from Europe to Asia and they create dioramas in their rooms like an adult doll house snapshot. A sista if she is smart can make her own doll and sell it worldwide! If she is a model chick, she can brand her own doll and sell it and other girls will most likely buy it and snatch it up! You can buy the parts for these dolls off eBay and Alibaba and these are 1/6 dolls. They usually come in one dull yellow color but can be airbrushed and painted or remolded to a sista curves and shapes. A lot of sistas are sleeping hard on this as other sistas around the world already got their own dolls and making money. That’s how you build your brand up and get famous real fast. Let me explain something I was trying to say for the longest time – stuff like Media Take Out are ran by the Black elitists to promote ignorance to all of you guys out there. They don’t want to empower you all or see you come up and promote ignorant content like this doll stuff to keep yall talking ignorant. Stuff like Dream and Hustle is ran by cats from the hood like the West Side of Chicago. I want to see all of you get your money up and get yours, so know the difference between me and them. We will discuss both of the doll modeling concept for prototyping look books as well as the creation of these dolls as brand extensions of sistas trying to establish themselves as a globally recognized model. But I just want you cats to not spread the ignorance that Media Take Out is about and hope I brought some intelligence to the conversation.

3 thoughts on “Transforming Black Ignorance into Black Intelligence, the Black Barbie Internet Myth

  1. As bad as I want to crack wise about you knowing so much about this Ed, my mouth is shut, my hat is off, and nothing but props for how you put this all together. Talk about turning some other folks silly sour lemons into some sweet and refreshing lemonade!!!

    Accept no substitutes…,

    1. Over here, we can go toe-to-toe with anybody over dolls, economic empowerment, etc. Tell them to come get some!!!

      Actually, when my son was younger, I was teaching him how to make movies and movie scenes with 1/6 male action figures and he was learning how to create his own movies with Premiere. This is how I learned more about these things, plus I seen them all over the place in Tokyo when shopping.

  2. I see the ignorant conversation about this doll shows up again on July 13, 2014. I noticed something about the conversation around this doll.

    What I noticed is this conversation is always initiated by some punk ass dude trying to lecture black women on their own creativity – this doll was designed for black women who are collectors of this type of stuff. What dude have the right to open his damn mouth about what the sistas like and give his ignorant ass opinion?

    Here are some secrets – this doll was designed for the European market, not the American market but don’t tell the dumbass dude talking up this topic the truth – it may burn his eyes out reading the truth.

    And here is the same doll in a different outfit/light:

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