3 Things for Black Entrepreneurs to Think On With Our People

Being a Black entrepreneur has additional overhead of dealing with nonsense within our community and people around us. You have to remember that overall, we are a struggling and failing people, accept that fact. As much as some cats want to believe we doing alright or good and love to provide their anecdotal examples of one or two people who are doing well, we can show hundreds and thousands of our people at the unemployment office, at a job fair, seeking heating assistance and rioting at the mall to get the latest pair of Jordan’s. So Black entrepreneurs have to accept the Black people around us, the Black people we call our neighbors, friends, associates, affiliates and family are on something else. In this article, we are going to provide 3 things for brothas and sistas to think on in our culture as we pursue entrepreneurship to empower ourselves. We got to learn to identify these characters and patterns of behavior in our community and learn how to deal with it. As You Hustle, Learn to Shut down that Show and Prove Nonsense One of the things as you work on your goals and talk about it to others, you will get some characters saying they need to “see to believe” or you have to show and prove instead of talk about it. Bottom line, get these jokers out of your space and your life as soon as possible because you will dump them anyway for saying that ignorant crap to you in the first place. You can look all in Dream and Hustle comment sections and in the old version and see clowns coming to our blog talking about “show and prove” or “see and believe” and when I do it, these same clowns ain’t around no more! And when I was a teenager and young adult, I had West Side girls coming at me saying I need to have money and prove it before they give me the time of day. Well, I went out and got money and got with North side and South Side girls which is what I really wanted to get with anyway. So what I’m saying is these clowns who say that “show and prove” stuff ain’t going to be around when you succeed. They trying to talk you down while you hustling because they feel you are at your most vulnerable and these characters showing their true colors. With me, it don’t have to be me personally they directing that comment at – if I hear any cat say to another cat to “show and prove” and “I need to see to believe” I got nothing to do with that character no more. There is underlying self-hate and jealously when you hear anybody say “show and prove” something to them. First of all, we should be focusing on our own hustles and when we do, we all understand it takes hard work and trial and no one got time to “show and prove” to some sideline clown not doing anything but talking. I want this crap to stop in the Black community immediately and mostly Black men I run into be about this nonsense. Cats in the Black community get shot all the time trying to test other cats and trying to get them to show and prove what they about. Chicks be walking around with their mean-mugging big head boyfriend who works out at the gym looking hard and later, she got fake tears while he up in ICU trying to breathe or his remains are cheaply embalmed in a corner store funereal home and she looking at one of his boys as the next guy to screw. I’m from the hood, I see this ish several times a year and be like damn, screw all this “show me and prove to me” talk – Black people need to stop that! So Black they act Whack, So Hard they look Homo You ever notice cats be on these radio talk shows and other social networks and be talking so “Black” they are straight cornball? I mean homey, let’s be real – none of us ain’t got a damn thing in common or negative or -10000% relations to anything over 150 years old. And 150 years ago is 1863, don’t be coming talking about some damn ancient Egyptians and Nubians and Hebrew and some Prislam (Prison Islam) ish and try to paint that in current Black issues and conditions. Real talk, they can GTFOH with that.. Even worse, all these pro-Black cats ain’t got a damn clue about modern Africa and African people. Some of them are talking some kinte-cloth Pan-Afrocentric nonsense not realizing in 2013, the African Diaspora moved on without African-Americans who just want to hang in the same situation and whine all the damn time. Africa moving worldwide and setting up hubs while our Black behind still in Detroit waiting to celebrate Kwanzaa next year. How else can I say it – Afrocentric cats are straight whack, man! They still talking about Marcus Garvey when Nigerians setup silk roads economic trades in China years ago. They still talking about Black Wall Street back in the 1900s in Oklahoma somewhere with a smile on their face when our family across the Atlantic are building up their African cities and moving in to the 21st century with clean energy, aquaponic farms and mobile money. They sitting up here in some broke city ran by African-Americans while Africans on a new frontier state of mind over in Africa and building up their modern culture and entrepreneurial spirit and chasing the world. Then some of these male guys are so hard, I have no choice but to question them from my perspective. Cats blogging about being a real man and using the word “chauncey” more than they using the word “chicks” and they think I haven’t notice that? Then cats be listening to this ignorant rap music and saying homo ish like “I f*cks with [some guy name]” and they want to believe I’m on some weak ish? Cats on the Internet hiding behind a gang affiliation – what happened, daddy didn’t teach them to be their own man from cradle to the grave? Sorry, but I raised kids and that makes me a real man. I provide for my family and that makes me a real man. I put in work to contribute to be a better man not for myself but to a sista that is deserving of having someone like me as her partner and her support. I have women problems like any real man out there trying to make these chicks happy so he can get some. And I care about my greater community and my brothas and sistas, that’s real man ish homey. These dudes talking that real man stuff need to show and prove to us some family and social responsibility before talking to anybody in the Black community about real man ish. Some of these dudes running around acting hard, they look like they was raised by a weak woman talking that single mom ish and I’m just going to call they out on it. That’s why these hard dudes want to hang around other dudes so much because they want to cling on that "he treats me like a father I never had" absent daddy crap like a chick want to have an older man or many ignorant dudes her age because her daddy wasn’t around. Then they want to come around and try to tell me these “exception stories” where they was raised by a single mom and didn’t need a dad – then why they subconsciously acting homo and think that is hard? Even funny is their hatred of gays but they hanging around more dudes than any gay person they directing hate towards. Whatever, dudes. Stop Looking for Good Stories and Start Looking for Good Patterns There was an incident here in Atlanta that I remember because of the data and facts. See, some young Black sista won one of those big million dollar lottery game and she bought the ticket at some hood corner store. Do you know for the next several weeks, Black people started showing up at that same hood corner store buying up tickets like they going to win? This is exactly what I’m talking about in the Black community. Scientifically speaking, it is next to impossible to predict good numbers or where good quick pick numbers will show up. That’s just the fact but the truth is, Black people wanted to chase the story of the young Black sista who became an instant millionaire and fell in love with the story. Black people love falling in love with stories and love talking about Dr. Farrah Gray or love talking about some kid who invented some surgical tool for hysterectomy or whatever. Black people love some storytelling like we some slaves in a cabin hearing about the legend of Django while the slavemaster sleeps. That’s all that Black Enterprise crap about and most of our Black media – they love highlighting some Black people and telling their story and you guys take that ish word for word hook, line and sinker. You don’t do no research to see Madame C.J. Walker was pimping Black girls to rich Whites and Jews (I guess the “madame” part escaped you guys) up North and she didn’t get her money clean – these dumbasses actually believe some fat dark-skinned chick just came up with a straightening comb and had national distribution in the middle of Jim Crow, they actually believed that story. Then you actually want to believe former African-American slaves founded Liberia, like the coastal area these ex-slaves found was just a spot of uninhabited land in Africa – how dumb can cats be to believe that? Then these cats want to get mad at me because I do homework while all they do is listen to stories and just believed it. That’s why I said I do not celebrate Black History and focus more on our current situation and preparations for a better future. Most of that stuff we Blacks are hearing is nothing more than anecdotal stuff to make us feel good. But that doesn't change the fact of Black unemployment, more Black middle class are losing their jobs and our communities are deteriorating further into violence and economic depression to outright economic marginalization. Do you really think we got time for “feel good” inspirational stories in the middle of this Black crisis? Instead we need to look for good patterns and solutions as those are a lot better than simple feel good stories. Those feel good stories may get at your emotions but learning patterns and practices creates a feeling of empowerment. And the feeling of being empowered is a hell of a lot better than just feeling good.

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  1. Excellent post. thank you Ed. We need to say and tell the truth. I was totally blown away by your research on M.CJ Walker. I like most definitely missed this, completely, daa Madame. Although I must say that the lifestyle and fortune, just didn’t seem to match the story, of about a cosmetologist for that era of time.

    Thanks for saying it… Our people have everything we need to make good basic, common sense decisions, it’s called survival. One of the 1st should be to remove/eliminate all negativity from any source and especially other Black people, who feel they are genius enough to speak this way. Prove what, to who, for what? The next, now that the distractions (clutter) is cleared, things are clearer and now it’s time to do the work of looking for the positive as you said, finding things that work and can be used in our communities, get creative and go get it! Get to creating, inventing and manufacturing.

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