30 Rotten Dissidents Data Showing Sh*t Getting Real – African-American Spring Revolution Underway

Me and my crew is having an unscheduled meeting this weekend to discuss all of the recent data, events and trends developing pointing to cats coming after the rats in the Black community. Looks like Sam Cooke was right, a change is going to come. In summary, the Boule, long serving Black politicians as well as our fake Black leadership organizations and Black media all of them are going to take some losses in 2013. This is not a prediction, execution is already in progress. I believe that was CNu getting up there talking about what the f*ck the mayor did not do and had a list he couldn’t get off before being bumrushed by security screaming "hey man, get the f*ck off me!" before going to silent. Now even though this is one event, this is one of our data points we collected this is just an event. No, you cannot say what he did defines a revolution or spark a revolution and you brothas and sistas need to think smarter than that. I have tried to tell you African-American brothas and sistas over and over again about revolutions and how they happen. They are not televised and they are not scripted events. You are not going to see something on a mainstream media headline and then you say “oh, we are in a revolution now...wow...” and some you cats got that ignorant frame of thinking about how things go down. The revolution will never be televised. By the time you find out there is a revolution, it’s already too late and to be honest, even me and my crew is late to this. Revolutions are like job layoffs – only a few at the top who are planning know but they are reacting to data and events out there. You need to know how to look at those same data and events the cats at the top are looking at early on instead of just sitting in your work cube waiting on hearing about rumors of a layoff because it’s too late and the smart cats already moved to other gigs. Cats always talk about Black people get laid off the most – well, those are the only dumb mofos still hanging around the job when all the writing is on the wall and everybody else already left. Our data is showing rapid action this spring against almost everything Black status quo going on right now. What is extremely interesting is this is what is known as a quiet revolution – the kind of revolution that is not bloody but aims to marginalize and neutralize and we are seeing a lot of people involved in forwarding this quiet revolution in the Black community. Our data shows the Black media is already aware but is scared shitless right now and not telling you guys anything. Some of our data is also causing us to believe Satan himself may be involved. What we will be meeting over this weekend is not questioning if there is a revolution going on – we already know the answer to that is yes. What me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents will be doing is gathering all of the data and facts we know and all I will say from this point is we know the art of data manipulation to see events like this work in our favor very well. Have a good weekend.

One thought on “30 Rotten Dissidents Data Showing Sh*t Getting Real – African-American Spring Revolution Underway

  1. There is definitely a world wide change and it’s been happening for some time now. We are barely at the beginning of what’s to come, sorry to say, in my humble opinion. I think you are correct in pointing out that opportunities exists in all scenarios. One just has to spot and be prepared to exploit them.

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