How Sistas Should Use Pseudo-Code to Create Successful Global Empires

I know there are efforts out there talking about teaching sistas how to code software but I don’t want sistas learning how to code software technically at this phase. While I do want sistas to learn SQL and how to work with data, learning how to pseudo-code is what going to take a sista very far in this game. For Black Business month and Women’s History month, we are going to discuss how a sista can learn how to pseudo-code and how it will help her get far in the global empire game. Pseudo-code is basically the high level workflow of any process you want to apply to your business or hustle. A workflow is the set of steps you take in a logical order and operate against rules or conditions that may come up and all of that is documented. Every business operation you sistas want to start up should have every process documented and nothing goes on in your business that is surprising. So let’s give an example – let’s say a sista want to start up a competitor to MAC stores and want to attract new clientele. Do she just jump up and go print out flyers and pass them around hoping someone make a connection? Or do she establish a process such as the following? So the above is her well-documented process to attract new clientele using an offer strategy. Now, this sista starting up her own business cannot afford to just print up offers and throw them all over the place, she had to spend her money wisely on what works and cut out what does not work. This is workflow optimization and what pseudo-code accomplish. This is what I want you sistas to notice about the diagram above about pseudo-code and why it is important. Notice the Create Offer phase, Distribute Offer phase and Perform Offer phase are their own phase with additional attributes. See, she can now zone in on each phase and optimize this workflow and learn how to improve her process of attracting new clientele. See, she can send requirements to the graphic designer to include “free consultation” and “schedule appointment” to stand out on the offer design. Now she can provide a picture in context showing a sista in a chair getting makeup applied inside her store. All of this is under the Create Offer and can be outsourced to the graphic designer to optimize. Now for the distribute offer, she can use her employees to pass out these offers to the ladies as they walking by her store on the street in the hood. She can zone in on where her offer are being received the most, maybe the strippers at the club want good makeup and she finding that more effective. What is important is this is a whole phase that is separate from the other two. Maybe Facebook and Instagram is working great and cost less than her employees passing out flyers and she adjust her strategy. Then the last phase is the actual sales process of treating the potential clientele who took advantage of the offer. She will need rules to check if the person came in has come in before for the offer and she can check their name or phone number in her CRM system, that is a business rule she had to apply to prevent the same chicks abusing her special offer meant for new clientele. See, all of this is a set of steps the sista have created using pseudo code which is a high level workflow of the process. Many of you guys think what I wrote is not code but actually the example I have is damn good code – that exactly how we real professional software developers create our hustles and make them flexible to turn hustles into success. What Are the Benefits of Pseudo-Code? From the example above, there are two big advantage of this pseudo code process this sista created. The first benefit is she made it flexible where she can outsource each phase to experts and they can optimize each of those phases for her. This is the same with code I create – I can create one section of code I send out to my 30 Rotten Dissidents around the world to focus on and they are experts in that section of code and bring back to me something better than I could have done myself. The second benefit is her pseudo-code is reusable and she can keep applying it over and over again! She will grow her business as she keep attracting new clientele and when she opens a new store, she apply the same workflow above in that local community to get new customers. What this sista done was created reusable patterns that makes it easier for her to setup new shops over and over again, expanding her empire rapidly. In addition, the code is also very scalable where she can increase the number of employees passing out flyers or the number of ads to display – she is not stuck on just a few people. Also when writing pseudo-code, no one is stuck on one technology over the other such as ASP.NET, Java or whatever. This is the kind of frame of mind sistas should think about before messing with any software code, learn how to create workflows and reusable patterns. Because you can apply that same pattern to attract new clientele above for almost any business, can’t you? How to Capture Processes to Generate Pseudo-Code Here is a case study for African-American women during Women History Month and Black History month – what do you think led to the demise of soul food kitchens ran by women in the hood? These soul food kitchen were the dining spots ran by an elder lady cook who can make food that served the local community for the past 40-50 years. Why do you think they are now all closing down rapidly? The reason why is like most other businesses in the Black community is many of our businesses did not have documented reusable patterns and processes they can distribute to others. Sistas are going to have to learn how to start documenting processes and patterns and not only that, sistas better learn to start sharing these processes and patterns with other sistas to help sistas come up. The most effective way to capture a process is basically look at video of existing people doing it. Learn to take notes and also, realize everything is not going to come at you with a “this is how you do it” content. Some stuff may be done overseas, in a foreign language, in an old Black movie and you have to learn to recognize hustle and process when you see it and capture it. Pinterest is also a great resource to collect pictures and other graphics that show everything in progress. The next step is to record what you do on camera and narrative the hustle. Some things cannot be narrated but need to be written down as a process. This is very important – a lot of sistas and dudes like to talk too damn much about sidebar stuff when meeting about starting a business and you ain’t got time for any of that. Everybody in that room should be focused on the process that works then ask questions or throw salt or doubts at each of the phase of the process later but from the beginning everybody in the room need to see the process recorded and go through success or hit a brick wall. Let me stress again because this is why I don’t hustle with a lot of cornball brothas out there – you need to have a team that will see the whole process captured from start to finish and keep their mouth shut. You got Black people out there that like to complain, talk to damn much and criticize and probably don’t even want to see success because they scared of the unknown – being successful. If you cannot get a team, then learn how to break down each task into a phase and document the process yourself. This is what me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents do so we don’t get in each other way and not allow our egos to distract from the money-getting process. Get a camera or video and document from start to finish how to do a process. Watch the video, take your notes and watch other people videos and take notes and learn how to categorize each phase of the step. For example, a chick who want to create a mail order gourmet cupcake service will have to get down the process of creating cupcakes and see how other sistas or TV shows on how they make it happen. Record yourself making cupcakes, be critical of what you see in the video and do it again until the process is defined and tight. Understanding Stubs Stubs are placeholders where you know what you want done but don’t know how to do it yet. But you put it in a stub because you understand what you want to put in and get out of it. For example, you want to create a celebrity watching web site that gives your take on entertainment news but want to know what the current buzz is. So you need a process to grab headlines from other Internet sites and extract headlines. Of course you don’t know how to do this but you can stub out the process in this fashion: GetWebSitesList – get a list of the web sites you want to grab headlines from GetHeadLinesfromWebSites – pull the latest headlines and stories FilterHeadlines – provide headlines relevant to your celebrity blog, such as only Black celebrities Now you can bring your process to someone working in India or even to me as a stub and we can understand your logic and write real code from this. This is what stubs do for your hustle, you provide a placeholder in your logic and define what you want out of that process and let us experts come in and do that work. Coming to cats and saying “do this, do that” and just talking and ish, you will never get what you want. Learn to write stubs in your hustle on parts you don’t know how to do but know what you want to get out of that process step. Pseudo-Code Should Be Your Stealth Weapon for Success Overall, I hope sistas learn to start learning how to capture processes and document them to create workflows. That has been the biggest problem in the Black community, all of this so-called secretive ish and cats don’t want to share. That’s why our people is going down fast because we want to pretend we got secrets and special sauces while other cultures are open source and sharing and collaborating and getting better and bypassing us. Sistas need to stop acting selfishly towards each other and start learning to share and collaborate towards success for each other. And the best language to speak for collaboration towards success is pseudo-code for workflows that are well documented. Learn to capture information like you see us here at Dream and Hustle post on our Facebook page from time to time – that is data we capture. In your hustle, start defining and documenting processes and then write down the steps to complete from start to finish. Either you or you and other sistas get together and record/document those steps from beginning to end and take notes and get better. Then you work on improving the process. Do not be afraid of what you don’t know and learn how to stub out processes. For example, if you want to create a model agency, then create a stub called GetModels and use it as a placeholder. Then when you ready, ask someone about GetModels who is a professional at it and then either you fill in that stub with better definition to pass on to someone else to finish or get an expert to create that stub for you. They have web sites that have experts who are willing to do that stuff for a fee on your behalf. Once you sistas learn to pseudo-code, then you will have reusable patterns and practices you can share with your other hustles or share with other sistas. Then everything around you will make sense and you can start making real moves to create the kind of empires sistas are destined to control and run around the world.

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