Praise the Lord! We Are Finally Getting African-American Educators in Handcuffs!

It is so refreshing and satisfying to see criminal indictments returned against African-American educators in the Atlanta Public School system including the fanciful and suspect Boule superintendent Beverly Hall. Overall African-American educators have been the biggest damage to the Black community and are self-serving scumbags who put themselves above the Black students even when I was a student back in the 1980s. The Harm to the Black Students When you look at all the African-American scumbags embedded in the Black community doing more damage than any anti-Black hate group and Jim Crow law that ever existed, you would think Black preachers would be on the top of the list. Actually Black preachers are not the worse, it is African-American educators who are the most devastating. Adult Black people should know better about these money-grubbing preachers and faux civil rights activists like Al Sharpton. But our Black kids don’t know better they have a self-serving African-American educator that ain’t helping the kids be the best they can be in this world. And that is our future and generation coming up. The majority of youth violence going on right now especially in cities like Chicago is the direct result of the self-serving African-American educators. Let’s get one thing straight and make sure no one tries to debate this issue without the obvious – it was Black parents and Black kids who were filing complaints that their kids weren’t learning anything at the school and getting high standardized test scores. It was the kids who were upset because they know they were being cheated out of a good education and parents who know their kid is struggling in school. So don’t come here talking about this is some racist ish against the Atlanta educators – it is the Black kids and Black parents who been fighting for this day and I want to show up at the jail and cheer when those educators have to show up. The Harm to the Black Community The Black community suffers as a result of our Black kids getting a poor education due to African-American educators caring more about themselves and a paycheck than the future of our people. These schools are in the Black community and Black economic development will have to be done by people who grew up in these communities and know these communities. And they need a level of education to make things happens, we can’t pray to God, we have to know what we doing and be educated to empower ourselves. The worst part and what frustrates me and makes me truly upset is I cannot hire your kids and I have to go hire someone overseas to work on Black progress because your kids ain’t smart enough! I don’t give a f*ck about your loving parental opinion of how smart you think your kids are. As a professional, I’m telling you our kids don’t know sh*t and definitely can’t grasp what it takes to get the African-American up to speed with the global economy. We got to get the Black community empowered by any means necessary and I don’t got time to chit-chat about cats who ain’t got the talent or knack to make it happen. Talk to your African-American educators at your local school who haven’t taught your kids right. In addition, the out of control Black-on-Black violence is directly correlated to African-American educators. It ain’t lack of jobs and opportunities – it’s lack of education. African-American kids become frustrated not learning and smart enough to know they not learning like they could and they see their educator looking like they don’t care what the kids learn. As of result of these kids picking up signals the African-American educator don’t care about them, they internalize no respect for adults and then they turn on each other and when they get into their teens. Our kids then develop the same tribal mentality of the kids from the Lord of the Flies book. We’ll talk about that “blame the parents” lie and myth crap later on. African-American Educators Suck! African-American educators have been quietly destroying the Black community for the past 40 years and we are now just seeing the fruits of their destruction on display with high Black unemployment and high Black crime and violence in our communities. My encounter with African-American educators in the Black community was they were more about their salary and living some bling lifestyle and looking good to other teachers. If these African-American educators wanted to bling, look good and ish, then maybe they should have been a software programmer or flipping homes instead of being an educator. I remember sitting around African-American educators in various social settings and quietly noticed they talk about every damn thing except the students and preparing our children for the future. They talk about their job, their credit report and stable job to get auto payments on a GMC Yukon and a nice like steady income but they don’t talk about helping our children. I noticed that a lot about African-American educators who work in the Black community. Let’s just be frank here – these African-American educators didn’t give a damn about our Black kids because they believe no one else in society cares about Black children. Instead of going the moral and social responsible high road of finding ways to uplift the Black kids in our Black community, these African-American educators wrote them off just like President Obama wrote off Black people. See, African-American educators knew they had a higher social responsibility and knew most White teachers would not come into the Black community and educate these children. So these scumbag African-American educators would get a “good job” at these Black schools, give them the textbook instructions and don’t care if the Black students gets it and just collect their paycheck. And you want me to give a care about these African-American educators?! Don’t forget – I was an inner city Black student also in case you forgotten. Then they want to talk that “it’s the parents” bullcrap – no it is not about the parents! Those kids see these African-American educators all day long and only spend evenings and weekends with their parents, don’t give me that crap about the parents are messing up their kids’ education. Those kids are mandated to spend 8 hours a day with these African-American educators and I think that is plenty of time to teach growing minds a quality education. Hang Them! I know that sounds harsh but again, most of you reading this do not know the devastating ramification these African-American educators done not only to these Black students but the entire survival of the African-American culture. This is nothing more than unchecked high treason and systematic and reckless destruction of the Black community done by African-American educators. No act of violence, no cop beating our behinds, no politicians calling us “lazy welfare porch monkeys” is more devastating to our people than providing a poor education to our Black children. These African-American educators are calling our kids “dumb” and saying things like “these kids are out of control” and trying to scapegoat the parents when they have these Black kids for 8 hours a day. What makes me madder than anything is these moronic African-American teachers ain’t making the kind of money to be acting like they arrived. To be an educator is an honorable job like the police where you there to serve, not get paid. If these African-American educators want to get paid, they can come join the software/technology industry but then again, these African-American educators don’t know STEM but they educating our kids, right? I will try to be there at the Atlanta jail cheering when these scumbag African-American educators show up because as an African-American, I have been victimized by their self-serving action because their actions destroyed our community, destroyed our hope and our future of our people.

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  1. Some of these people from watching these videos clearly should not be teachers period. Teachers are to be held to a higher standard and our kids have to act better because many of them know better or ought to know better. The whole public school education in this country is so frustrating and disappointing. It never surprises me to see a majority of immigrant kids come here and surpass American kids especially our black kids. Maybe these types of repeated occurrences, outrage, acting out and whatever may be the starting point to radically shift how we teach all of our kids so they can compete globally.

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