The Black Girl’s Guide to Getting Rich and Building a Global Empire

During Black Business Month and Women History Month, we are discussing real empowerment strategies for our sistas to go out and get what’s hers in this world. The biggest barrier to sistas doing it for themselves is not knowing the strategies and patterns to getting rich. Schools are not teaching this stuff so in this article, we are going to share our expertise to show sistas exactly how to get rich and provide a case study. Batching and Parallel Processing If you sistas want to get your money up, you will have to think in batches and parallel processing. This section is the most important thing a Black girl will be taught about making boss level money. Batching is splitting up a large amount into smaller amount. Most people think you count a million dollars in a linear fashion from 1 to 1,000,000 – yeah go ahead and try that! If you process anything a million time, it will take a lot of time and tedious resources and the chance of error increase significantly. You try counting 1,000,000 in a linear fashion, I bet you lose at least 10,000 in that whole episode. Instead, you count the money in bundle stacks, each stack has $5,000 worth of $100 bills. That’s how the banks do it, they give you stacks and you count the stack bundles. This is the same in manufacturing – you do not run 1,000 items in a straight assembly line, you move about 50 items through the assembly line, take a break, move the next 50 and that keeps your error count down and the quality high. When you hustle, you need to know this fact when you deal with big numbers. Never try to run big number or process big numbers, learn to break the hustle down in batches. Parallel processing is dividing the work among multiple resources to perform at the same time. Let’s go back to the counting $1,000,000 example – you can batch it in $25,000 increments but it will still take you all day. Now if you got a total of 4 people counting $25,000 at the same time, you doing $100,000 in counting the same time it takes one person to do $25,000. This is how you scale your hustle up and become rich real quick. You don’t have one apartment unit paying you $700/month, you have 15 units paying you $700/month and got another building with 10 units paying you $1000/month and that’s how you get your money on and popping real fast from month to month. So when you plot out your hustle, these are the two factors you sistas have to consider. Ask yourself upfront – can you batch out small maintainable numbers to reach a big number and can you also multiply your income by running parallel processing at the same time? If you can answer yes to these two questions, then you got a foundation to build a global empire hustle upon. Researching Successful Patterns and Practices Dream and Hustle cannot stress enough that sistas need to look worldwide for patterns and practices that they can apply to their hustles. Sistas have been taught to look at and admire these role models who can care two cents about helping another sista come up. Then she is also taught to behave like a good girl in a male-dominated business world if she want to go far. Black girls need to start using the power of the Web to do her own research and see what works and understand why and how she can make it work for her hustle. We are going to give two examples and both of these examples are billion dollar global hustles. Both of these hustles exploded very fast when they hit the market and the goal is to extract a pattern out of them. Coca-Cola. Many people actually think Coca-Cola got big time selling drinks all over the world – see, that’s that linear uneducated thinking I’m telling yall about. No, if you studied the business strategy of Coca-Cola, they own a formula that they keep secret and sell the formula and the bottles to local bottlers who sell the drink on the market. I hope you sistas understand what I just said. All Coca-Cola does is sell the syrup packages and the actual bottles or cans with their branding and the local bottlers create the actual drink. So Coca-Cola is able to batch out the manufacture of their drinks in a parallel processing manner around the world and become the rich global empire they are. Tutti-Fruitti. Here is the thing about frozen yogurt – that stuff is powdered bags that you mix in a machine with liquids and create the frozen yogurt. But just like Coca-Cola, he sells the machine, the powder and the franchise around the world and he can grow his business quick and fast because remember, just like Coca-Cola all they really got is a recipe and maybe some blueprints the local business will spend their own capital to build out. Now, what are the patterns a Black girl can take from these two successful models? The first thing is to realize that having a recipe/formula established that you can distribute is key. Another thing is drink/beverage – everybody in the world got to drink and some drinks are specialty like soda pop or frozen yogurt. So you need to create a recipe that can be packaged and sell to almost everybody in the world and distribute it among independent manufacturers and let them take the risk and they are your customers who buy your intellectual property. That is how a Black girl get rich by understanding and research success patterns already out there. Applying Successful Patterns to Existing Hustles Now, once a Black girl learn to look for batching and parallel processing capabilities in a hustle and extract success patterns, what she has to do next is look at other opportunities out there she can apply success patterns and practices to and put her spin on it and create her own offering to the global market. Now, sistas should realize we are living in a global trade world and let’s think of some things like beverages or liquids that a sista can replicate the same pattern as Coca-Cola and Tutti-Frutti business model. What about skin care and beauty products? Yes, a Black girl can apply the same business model pattern that Coke and Tutti-Frutti does to the skin care and beauty product industry where she create her own formula and sell it to independent manufacturers who create it and sell it to retailers worldwide. If you look at the current Black beauty industry, all of those cats own their own manufacturing process and proud to show you their one manufacturing facility up in Chicago or the Carolinas or Georgia somewhere. But they cannot compete and their market is limited, you as a Black girl better understand why these existing Black beauty products are self-limited. You on the other hand as a sista looking to build global empires and get your money way up realize you do not need a manufacturing plant. All you need is the recipe or a base formula that you add extra ingredients a sista thought up to make it your own skincare recipe with natural ingredients or whatever and you brand it and sell both the formula and the jars and even the machines to create the skincare mixture and get your profits worldwide from that. Now you realize you can hustle in the hood and worldwide and ain’t limited like the Black beauty companies who like to advertise in Ebony/Jet magazine. This is an example of applying a success pattern in another field that is related to create a new business opportunity for yourself and how Black girls should be thinking in the 21st century to do it big. Latch on to the Latest Trend I already explained to your sistas in a previous article that IBM analytics stated Steampunk and Victorian will take off as a global fashion brand in 2013. I explain very clear on Facebook why this is a global brand and you need to join the Dream and Hustle Facebook page to read that additional content because I describe this is how the global consumer in places like Asia still view and value Western brands. With that said, Black girls should always look at elements of current fashion and style and apply it to their hustle. We have seen a pattern of old style vintage bottle jars that look like they were from the late 1800s sold at a General Stores or from medicine wagons that traveled to town to town. If you look at many 1800s newspapers and their advertisement of selling beauty cream and tonic, most of them actually are good enough and out of copyright protection to swagger jack the style and apply it to the design. Don’t be ashamed of stealing from those cats in the late 1800s, they hated us Black people anyway so screw them and steal, swagger jack and replace their women on a pedestal with an image of a Victorian sista on a pedestal and rewrite their history! Become a Local Sensation through Area Domination What most entrepreneurs do trying to go global is make the mistake of trying to establish themselves all over at the same time like try to setup a market in New York and Los Angeles at the same time and they stretch themselves thin. Black girls should understand that it is better to start in a large city first and apply area domination – a strategy that is done and mastered by 7-Eleven Holdings out in Japan and we discussed their strategy. This is where you choose a hub city with a big major airport like Chicago, Atlanta, Dulles area, Los Angeles where Black people come and go between cities and establish area domination in that one city and become famous. People all over the world will then hear about Sylvia’s, they will hear about Harold’s Chicken, they will hear about Krispy Kreme, they will hear about Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and so on and can’t wait for that brand to come to their local city. See, a Black girl should learn to pick a city and dominate in that one big city on all sides of towns and let the locals build up the popularity then expand out to other hub cities and over time, expand to a global empire. Putting It All Together to Move Forward In this article, we wanted to show Black girls how to get her money up and become a serious mogul running her own global empire. We discuss the foundation principle of understanding batching and parallel processing, looking at existing case studies, applying success patterns to existing industries, finding a style to package the hustle and local area domination to expand to global markets. As they said in the Tutti-Frutti video above, there is no such thing as luck – there is a pattern or a formula to success. Our goal here is to have Black girls stop limiting herself to low-scale hustles like making charm bracelets to hustle on social networks and instead learn to realize she is in a great position to launch full global scale hustles if she just learn to think big from the beginning. It is more than possible, it is a road and journey that need to be taken and it is time for sistas to go out and make the first step and go get what God intended for her in this world.

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  1. Ed laid it all out…others will do the work like Lisa Price did.

    Beauty brand Carol’s Daughter started out small, very small. The founder Lisa Price began her business by making mixtures in her own kitchen sink. Lisa’s mother, Carol, convinced her to bring some of her handmade concoctions to a church flea market. Price spent about $100 to cover the fees, labels and a $25 lace tablecloth to make her display look a little more “homey,” she said.

    The church flea market and several similar events garnered Price a small following. Then a cadre of customers started visiting Price’s Brooklyn apartment for holiday shopping events and populated the pages of Price’s customer contact list. Price was collecting postal addresses, not email accounts; and she kept her recipes in an ordinary notebook. The brand soon expanded from lotions to hair oils, butters, conditioners and other products. Then Price added a catalogue, a retail store in Brooklyn and then online sales. In 2002, the company was featured on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” From there, sales skyrocketed. The line that Price had once managed in her spare time, from a spare bedroom, reached $2.2 million in sales.

  2. This is great! I’ve been looking for a model or idea on how to move forward with a clothing line. I really didn’t want to do the Instagram boutique thing since it’s being done so much now – or at least not be dependent on it. This has defienetly given me a foundation to build on. Thanks Ed 🙂

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