The Time is Now for Sistas to Move Forward

During Black Business Month and Women’s History Month, we discussed a variety of topic for the sistas to pursue true self-empowerment and the global opportunities around her. In all of our innovation research, travels and business models for the hood and for brothas and sistas, we were amazed at the number of opportunities out there for sistas. So how can the sistas move forward to pursue a life of happiness, fulfillment and empowerment? We believe sistas are going to have to assess the current scenario, create a plan to get better and execute the steps necessary to be a better sista for herself and the sistas around her that need her to respond to the call of joining the global clan of sisterhood worldwide. Establish a Center of Innovation and Excellence We want sistas to first establish a workshop in their home where they can innovate and come up with their next business or social good operation. It is a place they can create ideas and test them and not be afraid to experiment and fail. This is the core thing missing from our people in terms of what to do to be the true excellent people we can be. Just like a musician have a studio to practice, we need an area to practice being great and excellent at what we do. Now besides just a spot in the home, sistas should work together and create an innovation lab or excellence center that they all can drop in and out and do work. Get an office and sistas can pay a club fee to come to and use the space to work on their idea, get feedback from other sistas in meeting rooms who will contribute honest dialog and read donated books and see QR codes posted on walls that are links to clippings of web sites. By creating a center of excellence, the sistas can establish a base to start moving forward in the positive direction and put in the real work so individual sistas can pursue their goals and other sistas can see their own doing it as a sign of encouragement she can do it to. We are not talking about creating something on Spellman as that is an academic world – we are talking about a real innovation center that can be located in a corporate area for corporate sistas to go to and innovate, even on a Saturday evening. Learn to Create Business Models Reading Dream and Hustle should have sistas figure out how to create business models and realize there are a lot of business models for sistas to pursue that are not expensive. In fact, most of the business models out there just require doing research and information workflow that just involve putting existing code or documented processes together. For example, sistas can create a cloud-based IPTV service in Africa that show movies and music videos on demand and also how-to videos for the African sistas. It takes little for a sista in the USA or UK to create a cloud-based IPTV service that will mean so much for a sista in Africa or Latin America to have as an option. A lot of business models are new and disruptive and are not complicated, just creative and for a new market globally to implement in. The reason why I say global so much because if you haven’t realize, most major corporations and entrepreneurs like me use global markets to mature our products before introducing it in the USA. It is a lot easier to launch mogul level operations overseas before bringing it back to the American market. Take Ownership of Your Media We really want sistas to take control of all forms of media and create their own media market for sistas. Create magazines, create online radio streaming, create record labels, create IPTV platforms, create short videos to sell as pay per view and cluster it all together as a real movement of sista-based media. IPTV are not hard and very well-documented on the Internet on how to create and run. The same with radio, video production and other media technology. In addition, take advantage of local advertising and marketing efforts away from these cornball street promoters who put out flyers with skinny sleazy women on it trying to promote a club. Take over that marketing and promotion industry and promote other sista products. And last and most important – start a record label and start signing and crowdfunding these beautiful up and coming African and Brazilian and even Guyana and Angola sistas coming out. Realize the millions of people in those countries who want to buy downloads from divas in those countries. Help Other Sistas of the Diaspora. The emerging sistas I’m running into are honest with me – they respect Black women but afraid to approach the sistas because they think sistas are very unapproachable. To be honest, sistas have done a very piss poor job reaching out and working with her sistas worldwide. I cannot stress enough that the emerging sistas need you American sistas to step up. I’m not asking you – it is your obligation as a sista to help them out. Sistas are coming into London and Europe, sistas are migrating from smaller Latin American rural areas into metropolitan areas and they looking for something to enjoy and sistas here in America have plenty of opportunity to show them how to be everything from being beautiful to be proud of who they are and how they look. Sistas can also provide assistance in terms of crowdfunding a sista with her own store. Me and the 30 Rotten Dissidents travel extensively around the world and we work with a lot of STEM based sistas of color who love their American sista counterpart and I cannot stress enough how much they admire you all. But you sistas need to take your role and step up and extend yourself out and help them like only a woman can do for another woman out of love. Time to Get Moving We want sistas here in America to stop chasing the American Dream and start chasing her dream. We want sistas to start thinking of the big picture and realize it is real. Ok, some of you don’t even have a passport so that supposed to mean there is not a billion women out there who looks up to you in some shape or fashion? Do you expect someone to tell you they do? Who you think going to tell you that? If there is anything I want sistas to learn from all the articles we wrote on this blog is there is a lot of topics sistas can write and discussed that isn’t being covered. You sistas saw us talk about look books, overseas female artists, IPTV, hair weave and false eyelashes, branding Victorian style and you know nobody else it telling you sistas about that. It’s time for you sistas to start talking this stuff among yourselves and it’s plenty to talk about. Dream and Hustle will continue to pursue business models and solutions for the hood and we will always keep our brothas and sistas in mind and be 100% for our people. But sistas need to realize they are going to have to take their own direction and discover they have their own unique opportunities to pursue and have to make those moves.

4 thoughts on “The Time is Now for Sistas to Move Forward

  1. Good post Ed. Yes, the time is now, right now. We cannot afford to keep letting opportunity pass by us. Are there any sistas out there in US or abroad, who are really interested in meeting up via tele, email, regular mail, etc.? Rise like the sun and contact on the backend or thru site administrator.

    1. Sunrise instead of direct communication with maybe a few respondents, I would recommend a sista create a Facebook Group or PInterest site to start attracting like minded sistas worldwide and start the discussion to start creating new business models and working on trade opportunities and discuss the challenges.

      Create a social network forum, create innovation centers and events to meet up and discuss the goals and moving forward and what need to be done and collaborate on how to move forward. Build it and the right people will come around and contribute.

  2. Ed, thank you for your reply. You are exactly right. I appreciate all suggestions and guidance.

  3. Hello:

    I am glad I found this blog post and most importantly this website. This is the vision for the company that I founded “Girlfriends on the Move”. My visiion is to bring women all around the world information and share how they can improve on their self image as well as information that can help them further in their lives. I realize that when I bring this to women in America, well in New York or Brooklyn where I am from, the women are more concerned with red bottoms, the men who they are hanging on to in their lives or worrying about what is happening on Love and Hip Hop. I want to bring something to women globally that will enable them to realize that reality television is not the role model for black or brown women and they can achieve anything that they want in live without going on national television to make fools out of themselves and their families in the process. In short, I am online now searching on the IPTV topic. I am in this by myself so I am happy to have found this page. I will look for other posts within this site that may also help me. Have a blessed day.

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