How The Aereo Legal Victory Got a Brotha Scheming

If you want to create business opportunity, create a law. Keep in mind that laws are not only created by government but legal precedents by court rulings are also defacto laws. And when courts make rulings, they sometimes create business opportunities. Aereo is a streaming service that uses a legal loophole to stream over the air (OTA) broadcast over the Internet and charge a subscription fee. The service is powered by an array of HDTV antennas the size of a coin on a circuit board and each paid subscriber has their own antenna to consume the broadcast and flip TV channels or whatever. Then an additional service allow the paid subscriber to record shows and replay them when they like. Obviously, the TV networks do not like this because Aereo is basically distributing video feeds without paying the TV networks and making money. So after all of the court battles, it appears Aereo came out on top with the appeals court ruling that a person with their own antenna is using the service for private use and this is a legal operation. Anyway, this ruling got a brotha scheming hard and this is where I get mad because I need more African-Americans with real tech talent who can make things happen. Because this ruling created a real opportunity for us to supplement our upcoming attack vector against negative Black radio! Yeah, you heard right – I was excited when I heard about this ruling because this create an opportunity for us to go directly after negative Black radio stations. This is really the same technology as the TV tuner USB cards they sell at the computer store, just done in a server farm fashion. Creating a small antenna for an HDTV is one thing but it is almost trivial to create an AM/FM antenna and provide a similar service here in Atlanta. That means the possibility to create a similar terrestrial service model to go right after negative radio stations like V-103 and Hot 107.9 here in Atlanta and stream their radio stations and provide features on top of the stream and charge cats money. But we can take it a step further. For example, create a crowdsourcing effort to post real-time complaints to the FCC and we record the incident when V-103 or Hot 107.9 plays one of those negative music back to back – the FCC will listen to those complaints. Detect the rotating playlist and dynamically generate what songs V-103 and Hot 107.9 plays to check and see what music they rotating the most and what artist to see if a payola pattern or any other shady patterns could be lurking underneath and provide analysis to our paid subscribers. Even further, we create our own audience of paid subscribers and sell local advertising in Atlanta because paid subscribers with demographic information subscribing to audio streams of V-103 and Hot 107.9 are worth more to an advertising than broke and unknown listeners of terrestrial urban radio. We can even have interactive features on top like sell iTunes tracks of current playing song and get commission and during commercial breaks, we can mute their commercials and instead, play positive Black music artists from independent music labels as the replacement for V-103 and Hot 107.9 commercials. See, this is why I want you cats learning technology because I really wish I had the bandwidth to put this in effect TOMORROW to help disrupt and marginalize these negative Black radio stations keep playing negative music to the Black community like V-103 and Hot 107.9. It is not as hard as you think and this is a highly scalable solution that can use physical antennas that stream to a cloud server with a unique address for only one person who can access it and use the advanced features. These punk Black radio stations want to use the taxpayer FCC airwaves to promote negative music to the Black community and you want to feel sorry for their ass?! Please, I really wish I can scheme and implement this yesterday and I hope I got some of you cats thinking about doing this setup and getting paid with those negative Black radio stations in your community, thanks to this court ruling.

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  1. I feel exactly what’s being said here Ed. This concept is incredibly disruptive and equally as powerful. I hope this can happen sooner than later. The entire way in which we are approached, marketed to and consume, needs to change across the board. Our communities require the right kind of energy and more positive products, which must offer empowerment instead of disgrace. Raising the frequency by which we all operate from. Therefore, reducing the lust for ALL of the negative programing and products that seems to keep popping up everywhere and replacing that with a desire to create boundaries and standards for acceptable products and approaches to our community.

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