Keeping Blacks Unemployed to Boost the Stock Market and the Global Economy

During the month of April, we wanted to cover the high level game against brothas and sistas and try to prepare cats to make preparations and countermoves to protect themselves and their family. But as usual and so predictable on Dream and Hustle, only a few people acting like they want to hear this stuff. See, if I spent the month of April talking about Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown and Rihanna and some typical why Black women ain't ish and all Black men are dogs, Dream and Hustle servers would crash from all the activity. I don’t know how to say this but the flood waters are rising on African-Americans and unless someone is a total dumbass, there is no way any Black person in America is not noticing all of the things going down against brothas and sistas. There is total collusion to why Wal-Mart is purposely having empty shelves, Black people getting arrested and jail for not paying their probation fees, why government benefits are being cut and why Black teachers are being laid off and schools in the hood are closing and why unemployment is so high in the Black community. The answer is cats are straight plotting on African-Americans and the issue is we got so many dumb African-Americans out there who want to distract us from the real issues. These ignorant Black folks blindly supporting President Obama and trying to attack people like Tavis Smiley and Cornell West and not listen to valid criticism. These same ignorant Black folks are on Facebook posting up ignorant commentary. But worse is the cats who read Dream and Hustle but don’t want to share among other brothas and sistas the information we putting out. I hoping cats get a clue that right now, our people is not ready to handle the multiple threat vectors directed against Black people and we are losing by the month and not winning. Something got to be done and cats need to stop acting like funky ass clowns right now because we putting our children future at risk with our current ignorance. Man, they are plotting paramilitary games to go after Black folks, running data manipulation games against Black people and drying the spigot of money to Black folks while trying to accommodate gays and immigrants from emerging nations, including your President Obama. President Obama putting Social Security on the table as a bargaining chip with the GOP to be cut – Social Security that is how Black folks retire! But the motivation why they plotting on African-Americans is because we promote ourselves on social networks watching Scandal instead of doing real stuff for our progress. Oh, sorry for the long-winded talk and just let me get to the topic at hand. There is a reason why keeping Black unemployment high is good for America and the global economy. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserves promised as long as unemployment is high, they are not going to raise interest rates. This allow interest rates to be low and allow the rich to borrow money at low interest and invest in overseas ventures and create jobs outside the USA. Because Black unemployment is so high, it skews the US Labor Department unemployment rate to be high. This is why the stock market is going through the roof at the time of this article while Black unemployment is high because countries overseas are also doing quantitative easing like Japan. Right now, the yen is at around 100 yen to 1 US Dollar and I never seen it that low and that is creating a real boom in the US Stock market because we can afford to do business in Japan again. Also Europe and countries like Cyprus and Spain and Portugal and Greece are cheap bargains for the rich with the US low-interest rates. So again, if a Black person watching some dumb ish like Scandal but wondering why our communities are going broke and deteriorating and why Black unemployment is high, the answer is simple – because their Black ass is watching Scandal.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Blacks Unemployed to Boost the Stock Market and the Global Economy

  1. Ed,
    This post particularly hit home for me. I recently received my last unemployment check with an email notice saying that it would be reduced by sequester of 10.7%.
    Things are real out here. I told a family member about Obama’s sequester, and he seemed to be in denial about Obama’s true intentions despite my first-hand experience.

    I start a new temp position on Monday with the goal of getting out of a hole and implementing a side hustle at the same time.

    1. Zephyr,

      thanks for being honest and upfront as many people are going through what you going through and reading – you had the openness to say what is real and going on among our people that we know but won’t speak of.

      Congrad on getting a temp job and yes, creating a side hustle has to be in effect to make sure we as a people are not dependent on someone else “liking us” to put food on our tables – they are running game on us as a people and we got to protect our necks.

  2. Ed I’m glad you’re hammering this point. Because I talk to friends and family daily that are still scared to even discuss the obvious facts about Obama as he relates to us and the fact that Black folks just want to be entertained while our community is crumbling. Oh and it still amazes me how people claim shows like Scandal and all that reality garbage is “just entertainment”.

  3. Interesting… I am really not sure of all the reasons why so many are in denial, disbelief and fear. Our issues are way too serious for all of the entertaining 24/7. It is a time and place for everything. This whole matter of “Keeping Black Unemployed……” this is sick. So why in the h – ll are folks overindulging when another war is waged upon us? Who goes off to be entertained or just surrenders with no fight…. WHO does this? Even an animal knows how to gather twigs and other material needed to make it’s nest, up high away from predators. And who wants to be on the losing team’s side all the time?

  4. Ed, brother I love your articles; they are with true and challenging with natural grit. I have been married for twelve years and have two beautiful kids. My wife and I both work full time. It is tough out here and some black folks are looking at Obama as if he is the “Black Messiah” and are very ignorant to his true agenda. There will be no Social Security for us Black folks or anyone else in the near future. Keep doing what you’re doing brother!!

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