Let’s Be Honest – Black Enterprise Magazine Is Run by Bitchy Black Men

Black Enterprise magazine is claiming to be your #1 resource for Black entrepreneurs, professionals and small business. Actually, Dream and Hustle is the best and your #1 resource for all of that and Hustle Space will double down on that. In addition, there are plenty of other hustle bloggers out there like Dream and Hustle with good information for brothas and sistas to go out and do for self. The only thing Black Enterprise magazine is #1 at in my opinion is “Black bitchness”, not Black business and we need to be 100% about that. Black Enterprise magazine since inception focused on Black elitism instead of Black entrepreneurship for brothas and sistas and missed out on a lot of important historical moments in Black business in the past decades. They spent too much time promoting who’s who type of elitist nonsense and act like you have to be “special” to be covered by Black Enterprise magazine. In the 21st century, African-Americans are at their biggest economic challenge we have seen as free people and brothas and sistas need real information and data to help make it through. But today, Black Enterprise magazine is still ran by grown Black men and still on that bitchy stuff. In the 21st century, Black Enterprise magazine can be defined as a racist publication due to their focus on race-identity instead of providing solutions for African-Americans to progress. Black Enterprise magazine do not provide any real solutions for brothas and sistas to progress, only race-identity content that features only Black faces. I understand the historical context of these Black magazine and media to focus on Black-identity to “counter” the White-identity mainstream media that refuse to cover Blacks, but that was in the 20th century. It is extremely irrelevant to have Black-identity media in the 21st century and that has been a mistake some Black folks are unwilling to admit, due to ego and pride. The younger generation should understand the real focus is to have real empowerment-based solutions and established patterns and frameworks to create positive progress for brothas and sistas. Black Enterprise is extremely racist for publishing lists such as the Top 100 Black whatever and if I was a Black person in the 21st century, I would not want to be on such a racist list if I loved my career and my relationships with colleagues, real talk. But there is the part that made me realize how bitchy Black Enterprise magazine is – they don’t even focus on all the Black people out there and only publish who they “like” or whatever like this is some “chosen few” crap. They try to claim you must be a special Black person to be featured in Black Enterprise magazine and have a wonderful story they can craft to sell to their audience to be inspired when they read it. That is nothing more than pure elitism and sensational storytelling and as far as I’m concern, is just a crock of shit because business, especially Black business don’t work that way. And only bitch dudes pull out some sissy kiddie school crap like "I won't talk about you in my magazine because I don't like you" and that is exactly how Black Enterprise magazine gets down. Look, the good stories about African-American isn’t people like Reginald Lewis – in fact, I find Reginald Lewis very overrated and boring, the same with his book. Now, of course cats who read books going to like Reginald Lewis and try to defend but keep it in perspective these are book readers we talking about, not Black business cats. The best stories on Black business are the past 100 years of shop keepers, the liquor store owners, the small manufacturers in the community, the runners who ship catfish and watermelon up North but none of them were “good enough” to talk about in Black Enterprise magazine. I’m going to tell you in your face as you read this – Reginald Lewis couldn’t tell you a damn thing how to be a real Black entrepreneur but that local shopkeeper in North Carolina or the young brotha with his tow truck company in Detroit or young sista in Baltimore who started a maid service 30 to 60 years ago could help 80% of the entire Black population in America with their stories and advice on doing for self. Those are the local-based entrepreneurial Black elders I’m researching are desperately chasing hoping they are still alive to get their stories because Black Enterprise magazine didn’t feel were good enough to capture that knowledge for our generation to learn and build upon. I have to chase down old Black politicians and old Black church leaders in various communities who knew these Black owners and do the journalistic homework Black Enterprise magazine never done back in the day while claiming Black Enterprise is about Black business. If you look at Black Enterprise today, they are still on that same tired Top 100 race-based list, inspiration stories with someone smiling with all their teeth showing. They are also corporate-sponsored by the same people like Ford/Lincoln and American Express and that has me thinking for a minute. First of all, I don’t see content for brothas and sistas on how to self-empower themselves and create Black economic power – is it because Black Enterprise don’t want to be seen as a Black radical publication and not offend their corporate sponsors? But at the same time, these corporate sponsors support Black Enterprise magazine race-identity doctrine and race-based elitism? African-Americans need real information on how to do for self and empower themselves and their community in the 21st century. We need to develop our communities, go into business for self to support our families and create a better future for our children. We need to address the economic disparity and economic distress issues in our community around the country right here and right now! African-Americans do not have time or bandwidth for grown ass bitchy eccentric metrosexual Black men running Black Enterprise magazine writing about what they think is Black business which is really nothing but a bunch of bitchness. Right now, there are plenty of brothas and sistas like Dream and Hustle out there putting up information to help others do for self and start businesses and doing a better job than Black Enterprise magazine. We are real cats just like you on these streets and work real jobs and hustle to get ours. We got brothas and sistas in Europe and Africa and Latin America embracing their Blackness and joining the African Diaspora family and we are working to establish ourselves in Asia as the new frontier and economic supply line right now. Africa is being reinvested in because in case you haven't got a clue, our children will be going back to a more prosperous and beautiful Africa when they grow up and the current African Diaspora is helping prepare the motherland for that future. Right now, you got the 3rd Strategic Institute which is the most technology advance group out there directly for brothas and sistas in the hood doing real research and findings. I got years of research and information from Dream and Hustle alone to repackage into Hustle Space magazine and go after Black Enterprise and know I will easily knock their silly eccentric looking ass off somewhere with the younger crowd. Ain’t no one checking Black Enterprise magazine but old heads who are conditioned to that BS so all of you cats been briefed that Black Enterprise can claim to be #1 but Dream and Hustle and the other hustle bloggers out there are the best when it comes to Black business and this Black self-empowerment ish.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest – Black Enterprise Magazine Is Run by Bitchy Black Men

  1. I want to know why for the past six months there has not been a hard copy of any of the magazines for 2015 and the end of 2014

    1. Sabrina-

      it won’t be long before BE is gone for good. I outgrew BE once I graduated from college back in 1996(aged 22 at the time) The magazine is very lightweight and is no longer the BE of yester-year. Not saying it was ever a great magazine. BE did the same stories on the same people year after year. I thought they spent too much on low-level business topics like: minority loans and franchises. In addition, it had way to much of corporate blacks.

      BE will never be one of the greats. There isn’t any depth nor world class research in anything they produce.

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