May I Help You in May 2013?

During the month of May, we will be taking topic requests from you and other cats like you out there to cover on Dream and Hustle. The reason behind this is me and the 3rd Strategic Institute got it like that and we truly represent for brothas and sistas and real about this. See, those other cats just want to make up topics and try to present them to you cats out there. When has Black Enterprise magazine ever asked you cats for topics? What about Ebony or Essence? We can keep naming names but all of these “Black-orientated media” characters are a joke trying to promote what they think brothas and sistas can consume. But we over here at Dream and Hustle, we are going to ask brothas and sistas what’s really on their mind and what they want to discuss and we going to respond. What types of topics you can recommend? Just post your suggestions but I’m only going to pick the ones that other brothas and sistas can read and get something of value from at the end of the day. We ain’t scared and you should already know that by now. So here are just a sample of articles: Creating a mobile coupon deal business side hustle How to find a real technology job in 2013 Step-By-Step to Hosting a $5/month GoDaddy Web Site Seven Strategies for Hosting a Sex Toy Party The Black Man Guide to Dating Ethiopians and Koreans But the truth is, you can request any topic you want and you know how we get down on Dream and Hustle. You can even ask me how do we take out negative and trifling Black media and we will break it down step-by-step. Or how to establish an innovation center in your living space and personal things like how to overcome mental blocks or procrastination and I can share my experience or expertise. So don’t be afraid, this will be your month and we are going to once again embarrass that Black Enterprise magazine who can’t keep up with Dream and Hustle and how we getting down for brothas and sistas to do for self, their people and the future.

3 thoughts on “May I Help You in May 2013?

  1. Ed, could you write a post about how and your experiences connecting with overseas vendors…not like alibaba but cats that have small shops…also a post on getting info into the wikis. I’ve got a lot of lessons learned that some may find useful…tried putting things in but haven’t figured out how to post pics. I’m trying to do a step by step thing.

  2. Thank you for this one Ed, there are so many questions I would want to ask you. I’ll start with this…will you write on how to keep your sanity while working like crazy to build a business, meaning how to stay focused and on task.

    Also, will you write a post about 7-10 steps on creating a feasibility study & marketing campaign for a businesses.While certain particulars pertain to one business and not necessarily to another, a basic model that can be used for various types, understanding data can be switched out and replaced with other information based upon business type. Thank you

  3. Thanks for this post. I wondered if you had any information or suggestions for creating my own media/radio/TV station to be in the arenas of “BET”, “TVOne”, and others. I just recently started my own public relations agency and I am looking to venture out into different revenue streams to provide a more financially stable atmosphere. I am glad I found this blog as it is very enlightening and forthcoming. If people would open their eyes and ears to receive what you are giving would be the absolute best. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.

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