Strategies for Brothas and Sistas to Create Application Streaming Services throughout the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America

Right now, China is the main driver of empowering the economic vehicle in Africa while we brothas and sistas here in America are watching reality TV shows and eating processed pork. However, let's get something straight - it is critical that we African-Americans become globally competitive and work with our brothas and sistas worldwide and we should be doing what the Chinese are doing for the African Diaspora. But the first problem is what do we have to export or offer our brothas and sistas in the African Diaspora? The biggest export African-Americans can provide to the African Diaspora family right here and right now is the transfer of our knowledge. No one and absolutely no one in the African Diaspora has the vast educational resources and collective knowledge that we brothas and sistas here in America have. In the 21st century one of our biggest economic products we can manufacture and export worldwide is what we know and we can do this using information distribution technology like cloud services and application streaming. In this article we are going to talk about streaming technologies and the various ways we can implement this technology platform. Then we are going to talk about how we can use this platform to deliver information to our emerging brothas and sistas in the Africa Diaspora to elevate their global economic position and in turn create new supply chains and trade lines to our communities here in America to further the economic empowerment of African-Americans. However it must be understood before we continue that we African-Americans are not doing charity work with our people worldwide but collaborating in a collective fashion. As African-Americans it should be understood by our own people the message by the great James Brown that we are not giving our brothas and sistas anything; we are going to open the door and let them get it themselves. It is in our economic interest as African-Americans and the interest of the entire African Diaspora we empower our family to do for self so we all can take care of ourselves and each other. So when we talk about the solutions we can create as business models for application streaming and cloud services, those are solutions designed with the social responsibility to open the door for our family and help them help themselves. Cloud and Streaming Services A cloud is basically a nice term to describe data hosted on the Internet that can be retrieved and stored outside of your computer. Apple have iCloud that allow you to have your purchased music on their remote servers and if you use the iPhone or iPad, you can download your songs or upload your pictures and sync all of your data. That is the example of a cloud that we will discuss. A streaming service is data stored in a cloud that can be sent in bits to your computer that will process the stream of bits as instructions. The stream of bits can instruct an application to play video or music and that is your music streaming service or your video streaming service. Due to high speed Internet, you can do both downstream and upstream as a very fast rate so in Netflix case when you press the Pause button, that command is sent up to Netflix cloud and marks the position of your movie, you done nothing on your local computer. You have to remember back in the days, most of the processing were done on software floppy disks, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or software downloaded and installed on the computer hard drive. Nowadays, with Office 365 for example and the new Sim City, software can now be streamed to your computer as bits and just like a multiplayer game where you run around, instead of moving a joystick, you are pressing keys and moving a mouse and the Internet is fast enough to capture what you enter and send you back information like you were using an installed application. Benefits of Create Cloud and Application Streaming Services There are several benefits for African-Americans to implement cloud and streaming services solutions for the African Diaspora and for our own growth and empowerment: Scalability. This is the ability to distribute both applications and data on a demand-based fashion. For example, our upcoming point-of-sale software for the hood is designed to quickly ramp up retail operations in our hood. That hood retailer can have just one terminal for check out when it is slow and just starting up and during the holiday season can easily ramp up to 12 terminals for check out. Then if they want to move to the other side of town, we can have the software downloaded to their machines all configured and ready to go in a very short time. Security. We can capture snapshots and backups of data to a cloud farm and restore the data quickly if the service go down. Also we can provide encrypted data streams to avoid hacking. And if the hackers do try to perform a denial of service attack, we can quickly change point-to-point protocols quickly while turning the comprised stream into a honeypot to capture their ass and show them the hard way that the Black community do not like nerdy hackers messing with our money. Get a machete and show these punks who the original hackers are, real talk. Support. Because application streaming and cloud servers are stored at a central location, that means we can provide updates and fixes immediately to all affected machines similar to how PlayStation and Xbox tells you they need to provide an update. So if someone pass a law on cigarette taxes in Virginia, we can update our cloud data with that information and send it to the Virginia merchants immediately and they don’t have to worry about it. Type of Technology for Cloud and Streaming Services Keep in mind the emerging growth nations are not as technology advanced as we are here in America. So with that said and this is actually a good thing for you is that you do not need to be technically advanced or spend a lot of money on technology advanced solutions. XML Web Services. This is the old school but it still works and viable to provide basic data transfer between a client and a server. You can use this to create an application that will need to send data to your servers and display something as a result. Cloud Computing. This is your Amazon E3 or Microsoft Azure that allow you to host a virtual instance of a server on demand with features such as web server or database. I believe they charge by the hour and the strategy is to charge more than what you are charged to make a profit. These servers can host applications that run on the web or database that can process information on demand and scale up to accommodate millions of users in hours. Virtual Machines. Java and Flash and Silverlight are examples of virtual machines that downloaded from the Internet and hosted either on a web site. A lot of point-of-sale applications are delivered in this fashion as it is possible to use USB inputs from Silverlight and Java hosted on web sites. Application Streaming. This is the latest technology that is basically similar to the Internet where information goes back and forth to create a virtual application that is not installed on the computer. App-V by Microsoft is one of the major technologies that create this kind of software. These are the applications that provide a more robust application experience than the virtual machines. Type of Applications We can create for the Diaspora What African-Americans should first understand is the field and the opportunities are wide open when it comes to providing information and data as a service to our brothas and sistas worldwide. There is a lot we have and a lot we know that they need to know or would like to consume. In addition, we can start creating partnerships with our brothas and sistas throughout the Diaspora and use cloud and streaming services as the medium. Education and Courseware. Not only the children need an education but many of the adults need an education in emerging growth countries. For example, we can teach emerging cats on high interest loans, how to create their own raised box garden and compost, emergency preparedness and how to use a mobile money service created by an African-American to remit and receive funds. Line of Business. These are applications and cloud data used to create a local dating web site in Cameroon or help a photographer in Namibia process photos and receive payment for services or allow a South African boutique hotel to manage their rooms. You can create all of this software in America, host it in the UAE or Belgium or Panama and cats can pay to access these basic services as application streaming. Manufacturing and Engineering. This is software that can manage the manufacturing process of handbags, purses, ingredients for shampoo or other items that can be run in a production line process with terminals showing cats the patterns they need to cut or how to assemble a piece together. This allow us Americans to send plans down to Latin America and they can create items from raw material and ship it back to us so we can sell in our stores in the hood or sell worldwide. This is what the 3rd Strategic Institute is in progress over in Southeast Asia setting up as a funded pilot program. Media and Entertainment. Create application streaming for video editing, music recording – yes, you can record high quality audio of an African diva singing and you mixdown tracks and her vocals here in the USA and sell the finished record back over in Africa. Or you can stream video on demand or music on demand in Africa for mobile phones or even better, setup jumbo video displays. You can provide templates for magazines and you can do all of this from cloud and application streaming servers. Moving Forward Why do you guys think I’m bringing this topic of cloud services and application streaming up for the African-American community and Black tech entrepreneurs? The reason why this kind of cloud/streaming service is the fastest track to being a global mogul entrepreneur and help brothas and sistas worldwide at the same damn time. This is the most immediate thing we can export as a product is our knowledge and I hope you guys get this in your head. The second reason why I’m bringing this up because cloud services/application streaming is what going to destroy Black people here in America. Why do anybody need to hire your Black American college grad behind when corporations can provide courseware and application streaming to Latin America or Asia or India to the kids down there to do the work sitting behind a computer? So either you can conquer the technology or the technology will conquer you. Think of information/knowledge that you have that you export or offer as a service. Do not think linear or simple ish, think of stuff like creating manufacturing processing lines where you can provide the data that allow people to submit CAD drawings or the manufacturing process and each line production instruction where cats overseas can just follow those directions and generate different products on demands. Think of providing tools and services for emerging people to quickly emerge faster in their country.

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  1. Very good concept considering that many Blacks throughout the diaspora, as well as other cultures tend to imitate our culture and styles. When I see our people posting youtube videos on how to do hair (our naturals ) and other informative, educational video, I think so much more could be done with it, whereas, these people could be profiting off of it, i.e. consultants, trainers, e-books, etc. If we had some of this info when I was attending Morgan (88-93), so much could have been done. Thanks for the post.

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