Three Things That’s Going to Make Cats Chase a Brotha Down

During the month of May 2013, I will be covering topics submitted to me by readers of the Dream and Hustle blog and our Facebook page. I really appreciate all of the topic suggestions and I see why Black Enterprise magazine or Essence or Ebony or even BET or TV One never will ask us Black people for topic suggestions because you guys are hard work for them! But Dream and Hustle seems to be the only cats who can throw down for our people and we will create articles and show anybody and everybody that we winning and the best. Now, I know a lot of cats out there that appreciate what I do and the work we put in but I’m going to break the news I’m not innocent in my quest to create empowerment and progressive solutions for brothas and sistas. The thing is about me is I took “by any means necessary” a little too seriously when I was a kid and the ends always justify the means for me. And when it comes to making a better world for brothas and sistas, especially my younger generations, then by any means necessary and the ends should justify the means. So with that said, let me just come out with the top three things that I know is going to have brothas and sistas coming after me and ish. All I’m going to say is I can hold my own and if cats want some, they can come get some. I have a generation of brothas and sistas to empower and I’m going to do it my way, my rules and that is the best way I know how to do it. Number 1: The Black Empowerment Movement Has Been Outsourced I don’t think this is that big of a secret as I long told you cats that the 3rd Strategic Institute is a collection of brothas and sistas worldwide in Asia, Africa and Europe who are helping me address Black issues. We are all working on issues in our regions and we are helping each other out with our talents and research. I’m doing the work for African-Americans who my group has defined as an emerging/growth population and I focus on Southeast Asia as my international commitment. Here is the thing – the Black empowerment movement had to be outsourced because quite frankly, we cannot trust brothas and sistas right here and right now to do anything! Cats want to argue, try each other, doubt each other and want to be the HNIC and none of them are getting anything done. We got too many people emotional and not rational and logical. And when I see a Black person on Facebook wanting to quote Steve Harvey over Dr. Claude Anderson, then it’s time to outsource this ish. I have a research team in Asia right now who is studying Black American issues and our history and I’m guiding them and we discussing these issues. They are good students but at the same time, putting in real work and they love our people and understand the mission. I’m teaching them about urban issues and here is the thing – I’m learning that I as an African-American have a lot to teach others about dealing with life and pressures and accomplishing goals. We African-Americans people accomplished a lot as a people and it’s sad when I see people outside of the USA appreciate us more than we appreciate ourselves. So you know how this is going to turn out – my outsourced team will eventually in a few months become more knowledgeable, talented and ready to tackle on Black American issues better than any big mouth Black activist trying to be famous and on TV. They are already my team to create the content for Hustle Space magazine and will help write the articles on Black businesses and perform geo-intelligence on Black neighborhoods. You have to understand – I cannot get my own people to do this sh*t because the first thing they want to do is try to judge me personally and the West Side of Chicago don’t got time for that goddamn nonsense. So when we roll out our solutions and Hustle Space and real stuff for brothas and sistas, I hope you understand who was there putting in work. This is the only way it had to be done and as much as you brothas and sistas want to imagine, want to dream, want to visualize that Black people need to come together, need to do this or do that the reality is we ain’t going to do a damn thing and I got to make moves and picked the best resources in the world who will put in the work to help empower and elevate our people. Number 2 : Upcoming Book about a Boy in the Hood and His Gay Dog You heard right – I have been writing some books on my spare time and have a tight release schedule that will be rolling out all of them, starting with the Dream and Hustle stories. But one of the stories that will be coming out as a big release will be about a boy on the West Side of Chicago who discovers his dog he was breeding for dogfighting is gay and prefers male dogs. And some people say this is based on a true story. The motivation behind this book is my complete hatred and disgust of homophobia in the Black community. I mean, all these damn problems in the Black community with the Black family, no jobs, crime and violence against each other and food desserts and Black people don’t got sh*t to say about these issues but on the topic of gay marriage, Black people want to run their damn mouth day and night with their opinion! African-Americans always want to talk about what the bible say about gays and forgot their slave master gave their White Jesus worshipping Black ass the King James Version of the bible they are quoting from. Think about it, a person worshipping their slave master religion is trying to convince me that gay people are immoral sinners, how funny is that oxymoronic hypocrisy!!! I’m just saying that Black people are the last people on this damn earth who should have any kind of comment about gays with all the ish we got going on and that is what frustrating to me the most. African-Americans find it easy to talk about opposing laws allowing same sex marriage but none of these Black people will talk about getting their Black politicians to propose laws to help our own people. With that said, I decided to deal with this Black homophobia nonsense and the best way I know how to do it is with a book about a boy and his dog. I can tell you that this story is extremely wild, extremely funny and some people say it will be bigger than Sounder. But the story is not only wild, it will be very touching and emotionally gripping as a boy and the hood learn to appreciate this dog loyalty over the dog sexual preference through events that are narrated in the book. Create a scene where the gay dog rescue someone from a fire – that’s type of content always work as good propaganda, homey. As a result, the goal is to promote tolerance and acceptance of gays among the Black community so we can focus on better things, like trying to save our own Black relationships and our own issues that are going down to hell in a hand basket right now. Number 3: Placed the Sistas on Hold Because She Understand Me Because of the intense level of work I’m doing and staying in the crib and putting in work and long hours late into the night, I had to drop all of the sistas out of my life for the time being. The only one in my life right now is my Asian persuasion and I’m just being honest – she is the only one that seem to understand the heart of a hustler/entrepreneur. I’m not some naïve dude, I been around the block and back and dealt with a lot of life experiences and I talk on what I know. All my life when it came to the hustle, the sistas wanted to be in my way creating diversions and distractions trying to prevent me from getting mine. Some of them do it on purpose but others do not realize they are trying to stop a brotha from their hustle. Who in the f*ck told Black women that they can have a rich man who will also have time to sit on the couch with her and watch some ignorant TV show for an hour? Black people got to put in work to get what we want!!! My Hispanic sistas are the same way so it ain’t just the Black sistas that treat a brotha like this while he trying to come up. But my Asian persuasion, she is 100% there for me and 100% on time and got my back and encourage me to go for mine. She is not in my way but there with me along the way and as a hustler, I appreciate that quality more than anything in the world right now. You cats may have seen me out and about with her in Atlanta and I don’t give a damn either and be smiling all up in these ATL sistas faces with their curly natural hairstyles. She come from a family who were merchants and she used to be in the shop as a child and grew up understanding how entrepreneurs have to work hard and the challenges we face. She also understand that I have to be alone and have to program for 4-6 hours straight too and will just take care of me and let me get to work. Sistas like to talk that way and I had some real sistas, educated chicks saying that crap about loving a hustler but then later, you find out this sista want to watch Scandal on Thursday night while you on your laptop trying to create your strategy plan for your hustle and she calling you a computer nerd. I mean...I really love my sistas and how a sista booty be clapping when I’m hitting it but when it comes to the hustle, when it comes to me putting in real work and needing a chick to be 100% on Team Go and Get It Mr. Ed, I just know who to turn to. I don't care who get mad because I’m being honest because at the end of the day, I know who I’m working for and need someone real there to help me reach that goal of empowering me and my people to do for self, our people and our future.

6 thoughts on “Three Things That’s Going to Make Cats Chase a Brotha Down

  1. Ed,

    In one breathe, you speak of black empowerment, and the next breathe, you’re talking about black empowerment without a union to a sistah [because they’re too much trouble –> my paraphrase, not your words].

    Why not just admit you just found a woman that’s compatible. Simple as that. Sistahs ain’t got nothing to do with it, literally and figuratively.

    The common denominator in all of your “problematic relationships with sistahs” was you.

    That’s almost equivalent to me saying I’m about black people, but I’m with a [white, Asian, Latino,__fill in the blank__ ]man, and I’m putting brothas on hold because another man that’s not black understands me and takes care of me better. Another man that’s not black is real.

    That’s like a black woman saying brothas try to tie you down with multiple babies and leave you alone as a single mother to hinder your hustle; or, black men want you to put your plans and dreams on hold to take care of a home that they don’t pay the bills for, while they walk around with saggin pants, STDs, unemployed, and screwing everything that looks like a woman, men included.

    Ironically, sistahs are always told to hang in there – and keep hope alive when it comes to what could be perceived as a plethora of sorry, negative brothas that appear to hate black women, but the minute some crap pops off with sistahs– brothas are out.

    Typically, when these arguments are raised, most brothas suggest that sistahs should stop choosing thugs and bums, and then they won’t have that problem.

    But what about brothas? Could we not also say that perhaps, if you made better choices in sistahs, like solely chasing cement plumbed behinds, you wouldn’t have the similar problems?

    Ultimately, these are all excuses. Sometimes, a relationship is nothing more than a bad decision, irrespective of the race of ones gender. Sometimes, people hate to admit make bad decisions often multiple times.

    Ultimately, all of the above are the same lame arguments that blacks subconsciously use to rationalize not dating black, despite their love for blacks.

  2. Zephyr,

    I used to believe that line about the common denominator of someone choosing bad relationships is them but now that I’m mature and understand more in this world, that is probably the biggest misnomer about bad relationships our Black people need to dispel very fast and should be a topic to discuss.

    With the high rate of single parent households, divorce rates and abortions among the Black community, we got a serious collective relationship problem where all of us is screwed up because of negative patterns and practices that we have not recognized and never reverse programmed from both colonialism and slavery era.

    Just like the field negro vs plantation negro mentality and the divisiveness and non-unity we Black folks have against each other causing negative results, there is also programmed negativity preventing Black men and Black women from getting together to create love and family. I addressed both of those factors that I cannot control by putting those negative elements aside and focus on the real work I identified that needs to be done.

    You are trying to argue there are a bunch of Coretta Scott King or Betty Shabazz running around – come on now. We don’t even have Martin Luther King, Jr or Malcolm X running around so let’s be fair about the state of our people in 2013 that we as a people are too out of control to do anything in a collective and uniformed fashion to better ourselves – and that includes having good relationships.

    The reality is and from patterns and practices, almost every revolutionary had to be removed from their people and do the work necessary to elevate their people and return home to liberate them from Moses to Marx to Mandela. As I stated in the article, the end justify the means and I make no apologies to no one to do whatever need to be done to empower my people by any means necessary.

    Besides, I think more people would appreciate me with my non-Black chick doing for my people than someone in the White House with a strong Black wife who ain’t doing a damn thing for Black people.

  3. Ed,
    If the common denominator in bad relationships is not “you” or “me,” then who is to blame for repeated bad relationships? Where does the responsibility go?

    I completely agree with you on the collective problems in black relationships, but I do question the slavery argument. I think it’s a little tired now. I come from three generations of married black couples, not saying these relationships were perfect. What I can say is that I have witnessed repeated examples of black men taking care of black women, and black women taking care of black men. I have listened to traditions and stories of deceased black family members who owned their own businesses during the worse of segregation. Or my great-great grandma who bought a house, when black people weren’t even allowed to own real property by law and in the North at that.

    My elders speak of other blacks who are now elders who did similar things for their own black families. If the blacks before us did those great things facing more challenges then what we have now — What is our problem? Seriously?!

    So, now, all I can wonder is what in the hell happened, and what did we, as black people do to allow it to happen so we can avoid passing the same messed up patterns to the next generation. I’m not bothered by interracial relationships but more or less the “black flight” and brothas that say “there is no black culture,” after they escape from other black people who aren’t in their right minds.

    Paul Mooney once joked that white people snatch up everything successful that’s black. From what I’ve witnessed I tend to agree, because it seems once black people “leave” black, they never come back to their people as you suggest.

    Nobody owes anyone anything, and most of the time, I do agree that it’s easier to avoid or leave black people alone rather than to deal with a barrage of black problems. I still get thrown when a non-black person acts more down for the cause of black people, then the black person I’m trying to get with; or the non-black person helps me to get an opportunity that a black person would not, in spite of differences of opinion.

    But, from a business standpoint, this escapism usually causes wealth to transfer everywhere else but back into the black communities from where we come. What remains is a growing desolation and an infinite loop of negative patterned black behavior that continues to worsen due to trained poverty habits.

    At some point, the chickens are going to come home to roost, and I hope when they do, we’re not looking back to wonder if things might have went better, if more blacks stayed in the trenches or on the battle ground rather than acting like snipers from afar.

    1. Zephyr,

      I think your first half is personification and anecdotal. We cannot put the blame on a personal individual and have to accept the science of a “stand alone complex” that is causing Black relationships to fail miserably in our current times. In addition, anecdotal stories about my parents who are still married after 50 years provide no scientific value and just a nice story to hear in face of a serious social engineering campaign where the only solution and focus is to fight back with social engineering techniques.

      Also, I wouldn’t say Black people are escaping or running away – why should they be obligated to tolerate things they don’t like or make them happy? They have a short lifespan and should be enjoying their life to the fullest. I understand why some brothas and sistas do it but I’m not the one to tell them how to live their life either.

      I don’t want to deal with the dysfunction among Black people anymore either – that is like dating an infected zombie while I’m trying to create the vaccine to prevent the spread of zombies.

  4. Ed,
    I think your example supports my point that obviously there is something of value to be said, where both of us can provide anecdotal stories about our parents’ involvement in long-term relationships. Arguably, our parents can provide information about the science of a relationship, since their relationships have already have withstood the test of time, or multiple trials and errors.

    I tend not to give “scientific” evidence any more credence or value than any other form information, because science tends to be nothing more than a set of theories as opposed to facts, yet, people always treat science as if it’s the only truth.

    According to science, Pluto was once a planet, and now, science has made it a star. Not too long ago, some white people used “science” to say black people were not as intelligent as whites based on “genetic deficiencies” that could be “scientifically proven.”

    Hell, lawyers use “science” all the time to say two different things about the same crime scene. Science isn’t always valuable, because science isn’t always reliable or accurate.

    Based on this, you need science plus whatever other information you can get to solve this social engineering problem.

    1. “I tend not to give “scientific” evidence any more credence or value than any other form information,”

      My goal is to treat science as a tool of our own empowerment rather than “that thing” because we as a whole are not some shamen people who get scared and frightened when we see someone with a digital camera snap a picture of our soul….Black people historically respect science and inventions and theories by Black people is proof of that…the spaceship trajectory to the moon was a theory and that theory was done by a Black man…everybody has a right to an opinion, but only science build things and create progression, not opinions.

      The only thing opinions created was war and regression and it’s time for Black people to understand that..

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