Requested By Our Readers: Creating a Global Media Streaming Operation

We received several requests from our readers on how to start an IPTV operation or creating a global dance music radio station. Many of you indicated your interest in not only starting a media company, but starting a media company in places like South Africa to take advantage of their emerging Black music and culture scene. So let’s talk about how we should go about creating our own media networks. Let’s make something clear – media streaming will take over both terrestrial and satellite radio very quickly in terms of paid viewers and will take over advertising due to technology involved with streaming. When it comes to Black media, the current Black media companies are so focused on putting out negative media to a Black audience here in America, they will not last either when they have to compete against streaming media. And places like Africa and Latin America are wide open for opportunities with streaming media. Prepare Your Innovation Lab If you have not done so, please make sure in your crib that you have an innovation center to work on ideas and business models to build up your global empire. This innovation center is for you and you only to work on your hustles and make your dreams and thoughts a real prototype or concept. For streaming media, you probably already have the technology you need which is a wireless router in your crib. In one setup, you can create a streaming server on an old computer using an internal 192.168.* address and you can setup a client on your mobile device or a computer or IPTV connected to that IP address to stream video and audio in your home. I’m not talking some “home network” crap, I’m talking about the same technology you will employ to stream media worldwide for your global media empire – don’t come about here talking about some DLNA ish. In your innovation center, you are going to plot your global domination strategy, gather the tools and learn the techniques of streaming and how to enter markets around the world and grow the empire. So go setup your innovation center and let’s start plotting on how you going to get what’s yours in this world. Plot Your Global Domination Strategy Let’s discuss the business model of a streaming media company. The question is how are you going to get money and revenue from the operation? If you do IPTV, then you will probably have to use the monthly subscription model or a sponsored model. But if you are doing a house music radio station, then you can subsidize parties along with your radio station and use the streaming media as your own promotion for the concerts and parties that attract the millions. Let’s break down each option in detail: Pay-per-View. This is where people will order access to streaming content. The content in question has to be high quality and in demand such as a sporting event or a concert or a movie that has not hit the DVD market yet. One way to make pay-per-view work is to have a point system where a customer pay for 1000 points and can buy access to a video or audio to watch for 80 points for example. Monthly Subscription. This is where you charge a monthly fee and offer unlimited access to the service. You can offer on-demand streaming where a person select what they want to watch or listen to or you can offer a pre-selected playlist of media and they just listen. Most likely, people are going to want the on-demand option if they are making a monthly payment. Loss Lead for Bigger Fish. Instead of charging any fees for your stream, you promote a style of music like Afrobeat/Naija throughout Africa and America and Asia and then you promote concerts, exhibit shows, contests and charge for these events. So it may cost $300K to run the streaming operation worldwide but you are making $17 million in concert sales all around the world promoting Afrobeat/Naija DJs and having a big “rave” party with 200,000 people showing up in Houston, Texas for example from all over the Africa Diaspora. So don’t be linear in how you want to make money. You can have a streaming media that promote South African music artists all day long and you arrange a concert and promote it on your streaming media service and you make all your revenue from those concerts and events. Or you can original programming on an IPTV that is sponsored by local businesses like a barbershop or cupcake shop for a geolocation region – allowing thousands of business around the country “crowd-sponsor” an IPTV show. You can do streaming of a playlist, you can do on-demand like YouTube and play an ad before the video starts, you can sponsor shows and events and showcase local areas – don’t try to follow some linear rules as you go worldwide, plan how you want to do your business model. Keep in mind that it may be best to stream for free in Malaysia and get 20,000 people showing up at a concert you put on there and that’s your money. Don’t limit how you want to make money and strategize on how you want to charge and don’t be afraid to change up if things don’t work. Tools and Techniques for Streaming Now that you understand there are different ways to monetize from the streaming media whether it is streaming video or streaming audio, you have to gather the tools and master techniques to manage streaming. Let’s talk about the elements and techniques. Content Licensing. Without quality videos or audio to stream, you will have nothing but a dumb pipe. The first thing to figure out is how are you going to get media content to distribute on your streaming media channels? Black people better get it in their head to start organically in places like Nigeria, South Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia and build up there and come back to America with money, power and respect to make things happen here. I strongly recommend you go overseas first, build up in those markets. If you not willing to go global with your business empire, then you should not be reading this article or Dream and Hustle, real talk. Cloud Services. Back in the days, you would have to set up your streaming servers and open source servers and stuff like that. But the truth is, you can use cloud streaming services to host your videos and music and everything is setup where you can just provide a playlist and accommodate both streaming and on-demand. The problem with cloud services is they can become expensive if you become popular fast so it is extremely important you beta test in your innovation center and have your hustle 100,000% tight upfront. Content Distribution Networks. This is basically you setting up small hubs of media streaming servers that can work in different markets. People can access your streaming servers and the service if more reliable being in the local region. The problem here is you have to maintain hardware and hosting fees are expensive also and you are on the hook for those machines. I would back off this option as it is not the business nowadays. Again, I want you cats to think out of the box here and again, don’t think it is one option or another. You can create a hybrid where a media streaming server in Singapore can download from the cloud media from your North America servers. Or better yet, you just license your media out to someone overseas where it is required you have to have someone local own the business. So here is what I think – work with content distributors worldwide who can run their own servers. You send them the media encrypted with digital rights management where they can only play streams and offer on-demand. They are nothing but an affiliate, but you have sound drops or logo insertions that make it local to that market. All they are is nothing but a license affiliate of your global media empire and you have a partnership with them to distribute your music and you both work on setting up events and promoting artists in those markets. Market Penetration Strategy So how will you and your media streaming company enter the market in South Africa, Nigeria, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Guyana, Brazil, Columbia and so on? You are going to have to understand hard-core techniques to build up a global empire that we discussed on Dream and Hustle and let’s talk about them. Area Domination. This is a technique where you take one market/subculture and you basically infest that area with all of your marketing efforts. For example, you target very hard the Nigerian community in Chicago or South London with your Naijan streaming dance station and you sponsor events for the Nigerian community and do little events. Then everybody in that local area will spread the word to other parts of the Nigerian Diaspora and then you setup a market elsewhere and they will already know about you and you target the Nigerian community in Houston very hard and Washington DC and keep moving to markets around the world, one local area at a time. Strong Branding. You have a strong logo that is global and a strong brand name that is global. You have to drop your logo in the media once in a while as you loading video or audio to stream and if you doing radio, have some famous people like local Djs doing drops for you as a song come on. What you want to do is make sure you have a strong brand that can go global and do not change up. Have the same name you have in Belgium the same name you have in Dubai. Popular Channels. You are only as the good the channels you target. You want to make sure you can get on stuff like iTunes or other Internet radio directory list. You want to make sure your video streaming can get on set top streaming players and even on Xbox and PlayStation. Have your own streaming app for the mobile and tablets which can play the media and this should not be hard to create or get someone to create for you. Growing the Empire Look, there is a big world out there and the field is extremely wide open for you to enter new markets and get new money with new media solutions. Don’t get caught up all in America because look at our numbers – 35 million?! They got billions worldwide becoming urbanized in the 21st century homey!!!! Many of you African-Americans are at the biggest advantage because you are the one that have access to equipment and services to create these media streaming services real quick, right now. It doesn’t take much to setup and you got plenty of books, web sites and forums and groups to get you up and running. What can easily happen is you setup a global media streaming company and do arrangement with people overseas to run your services and then they buy you out and you license to them and you sit back and get paid. The mainstream media and Black media is not going to talk to you about streaming media to take over the world – come on now, you smarter than that. This is something you have to do and if you want to do it, you got to move on this right now and move fast.

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  1. Hey, I’ve been reading your posts for a couple of days now and first and foremost, you have excellent information. I’m a college student, majoring in general business, and my question is can I do something like this if I’m a college student, and someone who isn’t tech savvy? I’m also interested in your geolocation where you promote local entertainment business. I would love to come up with a website/app (for mobile&tablet) for those who are visiting major US cities and can look up local businesses(restaurants/entertainment), but my question is how can I attract people to download/ visit this app or website? Also, how can I get people to attract businesses to invest in my website?

  2. I talked with my cousin in Liberia the other day he makes movies. Since Ebola hit the movie market in their has boomed because Nigerian distributors have avoided the area due to the outbreak. I couldn’t think of a solution at the time I was talking to him. Im glad I stumbled upon this article again.

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