The 5 Most Awesome Retail Designs around the World We Brothas and Sistas Can Apply to Our Hoods

This Dream and Hustle cannot stress enough and we will say it over and over again that African-Americans must learn to look at worldwide success patterns and practices to progress our economic growth in our communities. In this article, we are going to discuss what me and my crew ranked at the best 5 retail design patterns we saw done around the world we definitely can bring back to the hood. What make these retail designs so awesome for the hood? Me and my crew have looked at thousands of retail models all over the world and we traveled to check out retail designs and layouts and see what can work for our high-density urban areas. What makes the best 5 we about to discuss so awesome to us is these retail design patterns are compatible with our long term goals of making the hood a viable commercial sector to both create economic activity and copy/paste worldwide for global expansion. But the most important factor in our ranking is these retail designs are not expensive or hard to create but just look classy and upscale. See, what I want cats to take away from this list is we do not need to spend a lot of money to make a store in the hood look good! And most of these store designs can be done in small format stores in our hood that are under 1,500 square feet. All of these stores have patterns we can extract and put in the hood and these are the most awesomeness of the ones we've seen from the thousands we reviewed. This list feature stores coming from one of my favorite blogs, Wow, I’m so excited blogging about this topic that I just have to just get into the discussion. So here is our best 5 retail design patterns from around the world brothas and sistas can apply to the hood: #5 Vakko Nisantasi – Istanbul, Turkey Let me start off saying that for the hood, I really love the modern retail designs out of the Middle East for the hood. The Vakko store is very impressive because how it takes a small space and make it luxurious with wood tones, marble floors and unique luxury seating. What we love about Vakko for the hood is the hospitality factor that we spoke about on this blog, making our people feel good and important when they come to a store in our community. Notice that you see the clothing displayed as exhibits and not racks and shelves of clothing. This allow brothas and sistas to browse collections and if they want to try it on, then we can move them to a new luxurious waiting area to upsell them with personalized customer service away from the main floor. This take advantage of the small square footage and focus more of being seen. Source: #4 Aesop Store – Tokyo, Japan Look at how small that space is to sell skin care products! You guys heard me talk about Aesop store before which is a skin care company out in Australia. Many of you guys see Clinique where they dress up in all white like they are a lab tech or something. Well, when I look at Aesop, it look like lab cats wearing all gray lab outfits like this is a totalitarian scene from 1984 and that anachronistic look makes me go crazy about Aesop store design – I love it because this is bold and simple!!!! One of Aesop signature centerpiece elements is their old looking sinks and I believe that is used to wash off the sample lotion or just a decorative piece but it is bold and very memorable. What I love even more about Aesop is how they use these old fashion brown bottles with labels that look like it is from the early 1900s – this is the stuff I want brothas and sistas to look at in terms of anachronistic design. A cat from the hood can easily buy a powder base from Alibaba where they add water and fragrance to create a unique skin care product line in the hood. Aesop is a great example of how to create a small format skin care shop that is bold and yet so simple that you wonder why haven’t none of us done it. If you have not realized, I’m a big fan of bold minimalism design and Aesop does that well. Source: #3 F.B. Aurum – Aosta, Italy Now, this store design blew me and my crew away and this is definitely hood material right here!!! I absolute love this dungeon setup! But we cannot create a dungeon in the hood but you know what we can do right? We can use plaster to mimic this design in a store setup and paint it to look like a dungeon and that is why this is in our top list! This is the kind of above and beyond creativity we like to see in retail hood stores. This is almost like an exhibit you see at a museum or Disney or Universal Studios. You can make this dungeon and rocks out of plaster and make it look real and people can walk over it and look down. But let me be truthful why I would want this in the hood – this could be a pop-up store as a service retail model. Because a store designed like this in the hood will be known as the “dungeon” and if someone want to have a pop-up shop need to market their store, the community would know the “dungeon” store immediately. See, you owning this pop-up as a service shop designed as a dungeon can now charge a premium and when anybody from Nike to Monster Drink want to open a quick pop-up store in your hood, they will want to do it at the “dungeon” and now your pop-up store model has a reputation that spread about with cats bidding because this is the “it” spot to have a pop-up shop. Think about it – would you put your pop-up shop at some empty commercial space or put your pop-up shop at a spot everybody in the hood know as the dungeon? That’s why we love this setup for the hood because it supports the new pop-up service model for the hood. Source: #2 La Blanca Paloma – Ikeda, Japan This is a bridal rental shop in Japan, so why would this be #2 in the whole wide world for brothas and sistas to look at for the hood? Just take a look for a minute and you will understand. You see the small square footage correct, that’s about 1000 square feet. But you see all the open space too right? But you look on one side and see a glass display and the glass display is why this is #2 in the whole wide world we can apply to the hood. That glass display in this small format store can operate as a micro-mall, a cube shop or have items that can be scanned with QR codes. Or it can display products or clothing that cats can rent in the hood. The open space allows more people to come inside and scan and this is what we love about this design. See, on the other side, we can setup micro-cube shops holding dozens of small business merchant items for sale and on the large glass display, we can display larger items. Don’t focus on the bridal stuff, focus on the layout of the store. This layout and design is what allows us to create various forms of m-commerce driven shops that use mobile phones to scan QR codes in a small format space in the hood. That is why this is the #2 in the whole wide world for brothas and sistas to look at to apply to our hood. Source: #1 Incase Flagship Store – Seoul, Korea Incase shops are all around Asia and we are just point out the store in Seoul and what Incase sells is cases for mobile phones and tablets and also sell cases like suitcases and carrying back. Then you look at the Incase store, you see a basic design and probably wondering why we made this the number #1 store in the whole wide world for brothas and sistas of all of the store designs out there. If you look at the picture above, do you see the projector on the ceiling? That’s why this store by Incase is the number #1 store in the whole wide world for brothas and sistas to apply to our hoods. Using a technology called electrochromic glass (also known as switchable glass), which is also the same technology on the roof of a Maybach, the smart glass technology can turn from clear to translucent in a matter of seconds. So in other words, you can have a clear glass during the day to show inside of your store and at night, the projector comes on and now you have a ceiling to floor video stream displaying turning into a digital signage. This use of electrochromic glass is the most revolutionarily retail design element we ever seen in the whole wide world and is extremely disruptive and innovative at the same time. As you see in the video, we can also make the smart glass into a giant interactive touch screen and Swagg-Scientific already created this technology for our point of sale retailing solution for the hood, so don’t worry – we already got this down for the hood. But here is the thing and I don’t want cats to be too hung up on the electrochromic glass, you can use a pull down projector with rear projector film instead of smart glass to produce the same effect. So let me explain to you why this is #1 in the whole wide world – imagine if we transform all of the stores in our hood to just a glass front with one window having a video stream. How do you think that whole block in the hood will look at night? It will look just like Time Square and we can run our own video streaming files featuring our people and that hood will become a commercial magnet real fast as the place to be. But that’s not all, let me try to create a design for you and show you something: Now you realize why this is #1 right here – we can create a pop-up service model that allows anybody to setup shop and we can quickly set up their pop-up shop in the hood and let them stream their own video feed for digital signage. This is a plug and play hood retailing model of the future! If you owned a simple building in the hood that had this setup, you can put anybody in your store and run the video feed to promote their brand. Notice how at night or between store setup, you can make the window private while you move stuff around. And you are safer in the hood because the glass front allow people to see inside the store at all times preventing cats from silently robbing you like the regular hood stores with limited inside visibility. Man, this is a killer retail feature for the hood and I cannot even talk about this #1 because I will go too crazy from the excitement and potential. I need to stop right now. Source:

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  1. I was looking at the stores above and went to that blog site. There are some good designs for stores. The incase design is interesting. It looks cool to see inside the store, but they run a video/advertising outside for customers. I like the Vacco store with the cozy couch while you browse. I like the simple, but minimalist look of the Aesop. Reminds me of the old school drugstore.

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