Update on Shop Wall Star – Global Collaboration and Test Driven Development

I know it’s been a while but I have not provided an update on the Shop Wall Star operation in a while. Shop Wall Star has been in testing mode while creating the launch campaign and will be going back out to public beta. We were in public beta earlier this year when the PayPal test web did not work and that made us go back to the drawing board and pull PayPal out. So let’s talk real quick about Shop Wall Star and what’s been going on to show you guys me and my team been putting in serious work. Testing Against Personas Made Us Go Back to the Lab As we test personas such as a food truck operation trying to remove the long line problem, an African-American marketing beauty supplies in a Korean neighborhood and a young brotha creating a men store, we began to start learning features that need to be incorporated. For example, I didn’t have a fulfillment logic so when a QR Shopping campaign is doing a mail order, the customer provide a shipping address and if the QR campaign is a pickup, they have a confirmation code to bring for pickup and there are options for server for bars and restaurants and digital to provide an email for digital downloads. These are the things you discover when you start testing against personas and what’s important is when I do marketing, the campaign will center on these type of business as we demonstrate in the real world to sell our services. So that required a lot of rewriting of the code and user interface and database by me and my crew. But the question that we will discuss next is how do me and my team who are outside of the USA work on the code? Using Team Foundation Services to Manage Global Code Development Microsoft has a source control and team software development environment called Team Foundation Services at https://tfs.visualstudio.com/ and is free for up to 5 users to access. This is how the 3rd Strategic Institute and Swagg-Scientific create code and we also hire cats overseas on projects and give them access to our environment to write code on our behalf. All of our upcoming projects are using this service and it easily allow us to write code as if we are all in the same room and keep us on the same page. I recommend you take this service seriously for your code/software development and even if you don’t how to code, you should understand how to use Team Foundation Services so you can contract cats overseas. There are a lot of stuff out there for source control, but nothing beats this service and I know what I’m talking about. So when you get a chance check out the service and maybe I will discuss it in detail. So here is the thing – we have Shop Wall Star in Team Foundation Services and we have class libraries that cats overseas work on while I work on the user interface and create stub codes like CheckInventory() and that happens is my cat in Asia will fill that CheckInventory() with the actual code while I’m sleeping at night and when I wake up, it’s there. That is how you need to learn how to create software solutions where you use this service to create tasks and create code and this is a reader requested topic I will talk about later. Test Driven Development A lot of people like to talk about how they develop software and methodology and I don’t know if they want to get into an intellectual pissing contest with me or whatever. The truth is, my software methodology is to do what works and anything else is an exercise in triviality. But overall, test driven development is the only methodology I dealt with that works, plain and simple. F*ck Agile, F*ck SCRUM, F*ck GANTT or whatever that ish is cats be talking about. As much as I hated test driven development dealing with the Accenture morons, the truth of the matter is, it is the only methodology that provided me with quality code and a solid well-thought out product at the end of the day. Test Driven Development or TDD is where you create the test plan before you start coding and your development gear towards testing the whole test plan. Now, how good you are in knowing what to test is what going to determine the effectiveness of your TDD effort but you can always add new tests and increase the scope of a test and that is why TDD is the best effort out of there. In addition, when you are outsourcing code development, writing a list of stuff you want ain’t good enough and TDD is the only fair and best approach to deal with contractors. You give them a test plan from the beginning that says if a person sends another person $3, then the sender account must show a deduction of $3 in the account activity. Now the developers in India, they understand they have to pass that test, not take orders or directions from you. Now, we are using Microsoft SkyDrive for our test plans and the whole development team goal is to pass the test plan for Shop Wall Star. I can download our test plan from SkyDrive and even read the progress of the testing while I’m on the MARTA bus here in Atlanta – what are you doing while you ride public transportation? Yeah, step your hustle up, homey. Public Beta Coming Soon We have three more sections to thoroughly test and pass before we go back out to public beta. Actually shopwallstar.com is already up and running with the old beta and usable to an extent where you can sign up and test the service. But I’m hoping to upload the new beta very soon and resume public beta testing. So just to let you cats know, we have not been sleeping on Shop Wall Star and working on it worldwide and around the clock to get it up and running.

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  1. In your earlier articles , you told us to use odesk which is now upwork. I’m currently in the beginning phase of working with an contractor from India. Would you still recommend? The are rated based in the jobs and quality of work.

    1. I found Fivver(?) to be an excellent resource. I really hope you have a strong architecture and specific detailed task for them to do. If not, they will screw you over. To be honest, you may find it better to use an American developer.

  2. I was worried about getting screwed. I will try out fivver. I’m so eager to get solution for the urban community but I dont want to be taken advantage of-I’m looking into the laundromat business.

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