What Is Your Message and Advice to the Class of 2013?

Many brothas and sistas are finally getting their high school diploma and higher education degree and quite frankly, now have to face the real world. However, we have to accept the blame that the Class of 2013 been misled all their lives to go get an education and get a job. The education part these brothas and sistas accomplished and let’s congratulate them. But the getting a job part is..uh..err..ok, yeah, we messed up and now it’s time for both me and you to give a real message and real advice to the graduating class of 2013. The Challenges We need to be realistic about the landscape and environment the Class of 2013 is going into. President Obama is turning into a lame duck so the Class of 2013 should not expect anything from President Obama because the rest of us didn’t get much from the President the past six years. I will write another article on how to survive after President Obama leave office because that is when Black people finally realize in their stubborn ignorant mind they been screwed waiting on President Obama to do something. Future former President Obama is moving to Hawaii and will say screw yall Black voters that helped him get elected - bet on it. Another reality is automation and outsourcing. Many people want to think of automation of just robot arms putting doors on cars in an assembly plant, but middle class, cubicle, white collar jobs are automated using artificial intelligence. Voice automated systems and workflow processes do most of the jobs that were slated for entry-level recent college grads. In addition, computer systems can be offered worldwide where we can stream applications overseas to do the same data entry work American workers used to do. If your kid can play Pokémon with someone in Korea going back and forth on their game controller, what makes you think we could not create business applications with this same type of interactive data transfer for a keyboard/mouse using a cheap outsourced worker in the Philippines? Then you got the youth unemployment bomb that is taking form in all shapes around the world causing economic distress in Europe, Latin America and even industrialized nations like Japan. Right now, the yen is going down to the US Dollar level to spur investment into Japan and exporting and other nations will follow suit in devaluing their currency as Korea is about to do the same. That means that for a US company, they have a choice between hiring someone American and having to pay them benefits on top of salary or contract a firm overseas and do the same work. And they going to choose the overseas option almost all the time unless they want to waste shareholder money. The Opportunities While there are challenges, the opportunities for brothas and sistas as the Class of 2013 has never been greater for any generation of Black people period. The information age and new emerging economies around the world is bringing new opportunities that brothas and sistas are in a good position to learn and take advantage. The only issue is African-Americans were conditioned to work for others and have a hard time trying to be entrepreneurial spirit. The Class of 2013 cannot just talk about entrepreneurship, dress up and try to present an image and all that other dumb worthless ish. They have to learn to discover opportunities, calculate risks and execute with the end goal of learning and experience. Now if the Class of 2013 take entrepreneurship seriously, then they have a world of opportunity out there bigger than anything anybody ever had. The Class of 2013 can create social responsible companies, assist in the emergence of new economies and help create new global operations. They can create a global dance music station, create an IPTV network, create new financial service models in developing nations – no one ever had that open kind of opportunity available to them as much as the Class of 2013. But the catch is, they have to go and get if they want it, no one is going to wait on them. What is Your Advice and Message to the Class of 2013? I think I gave my message and it was straightforward – avoid the trappings of “corporate job search” and start focusing on fitting into the global economy and creating low-cost, high impact solutions. Learn to start working with each other to build global ventures and drop the ego-tripping game. In fact, the number one thing I will tell the Class of 2013 is to ignore the older Black generation, understand where they messed up at and don’t be like them. The older Black generation didn't passed down anything worthwhile to the current generation of brothas and sistas except mistakes not to repeat. Instead, the Class of 2013 should be excited to go after the new frontier out there. Plenty of opportunities worldwide that we all have to learn to chase and there are new business models that need to be created. But it is going to take one thing that wasn't taught to our people and that is the having the drive and initiative to go and get it. So I’m hoping the Class of 2013 be the first Black graduating class that do not try to settle for a job and focus on going out in the world and getting what’s theirs. What do you have to say to the Class of 2013 in terms of their future? What do you think they should do now they are out of school and having to face the real world? Not only the college graduates, but what do you say to the high school graduates? Feel free to add your advice below, they do read this blog.

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  1. Interesting take on the state of employment and higher education


    The top 100. http://www.payscale.com/college-education-value-2012

    2012 ROI Rankings: College Education Value Compared
    With all of the expense and time required to attend college, does earning a degree pay off long-term? Yes, depending on which school you choose. PayScale has ranked more than 850 U.S. colleges (for both in and out-of-state tuition when applicable) by their college tuition ROI – what you pay to attend versus what you get back in lifetime earnings.

  2. 1. Get a passport and work overseas. At least travel to a few countries to expand your view.
    2. A corporate job is good to learn and build good experience, but it is better in the long run to work with people who value you in an environment you enjoy.
    3. Goal #1 should be to achieve financial independence. Always live below your means.

  3. Continue your education. Don’t stop learning new things because you receive your diploma. Read books, magazines, newspaper and online articles that inform. Find or develop mastermind groups. Develop relationships with mentors and people who are willing to help you get to the next level. Go against the norm and create your own path.

  4. With this immigration bill, more foreigners are coming to America. No need to outsource anymore. They have been slowly bringing foreigners to America, via, refugees. There are documentaries that show how refugees coming to America are moving and residing into communities that have now been vacated by Americans due to no jobs, the losing of homes, etc. These foreigners come in & reestablish these communities. PBS does documentaries about this.

  5. 1. Be open to every opportunity, even the ones that take you off the beaten path?
    2. Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. There are thing you discover and learn when you are trying to make it on your own. Even if it doesn’t work out, those are skills you can apply to career opportunities that will enhance your value.
    3. Start saving now.

  6. 1. Expand your idea about making money outside of a paycheck.
    2. Look at the internet as a online economy rather than just facebook & checking email.
    3. Get a paypal account.
    4. Start using sites like Fiverr, Elance,Odesk,etc to sell your skills. And hopefully open your eyes to other income producing avenues.

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