Why President Obama, Dr. Dre and 3rd Strategic Institute Ain’t Feeling Black Folks Today

If brothas and sistas was told President Obama agrees with Tavis Smiley and Cornell West more than Al Sharpton, can African-Americans accept that? Can brothas and sistas understand that Dr. Dre trust the University of Southern California to properly handle his $35 million over some tacky HBCU like Dillard? How hard is it for brothas and sistas to comprehend the 3rd Strategic Institute decided to outsource the Black empowerment movement to Southeast Asia as the best solution to save our next generation of young brothas and sistas? The current generation of African-Americans do not understand that we all look like a damn joke to the world and our stock price has fallen very fast. In fact, the young cats overseas or LGBT are shorting African-Americans so they can be the new “Black” that takes over the cities and urban areas like Houston, Atlanta, Detroit and Washington DC once dominated by African-Americans who come from slave lineage. Bottom line, we Black people done some ignorant things at the most critical juncture of our history and we are going to pay for it. This article to help you African-Americans understand fully why President Obama like to talk down to you, why Dr. Dre don’t want to invest in you and why the 3rd Strategic Institute outsourced you Black fools running around here in America today. We don’t like what you about, can’t rely or trust you African-Americans living today and quite frankly your actions speak louder than your words. We are all in this same boat and because only a few of us are at the bottom rowing while the rest of you are just sitting on the deck chilling like this is a Carnival cruise ship, then it’s time from you to hear some words, homey. President Obama Don’t Care How You Came Up or Been Discriminated Against Black people have amnesia President Obama and his family had to work their behinds off and make huge sacrifices to run for the White House in 2008. I find it hilarious that some of you cats who want to argue with me criticizing President Obama was quietly supporting Hillary Clinton at the beginning, especially Al Sharpton. So don’t just mention Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton was doing the same thing when Senator Obama was facing Senator Hillary Clinton who many in the Black community thought should have been the next President of the United States. So don’t think President Obama is naïve and siding with Al Sharpton – you should know better than that. In fact, if you truly knew President Obama, you would know he supports Tavis Smiley and Cornell West position as a student of Jerimiah Wright. When you listen to President Obama, he really want African-Americans to stand up and take what’s theirs and demand it. President Obama had to fight and take the White House, he earned those votes. However the contention is President Obama need to accept the truth African-Americans are some ignorant mules who didn’t have this kind of freedom before and the President have to take better leadership and push forward with the Black agenda, regardless of Black docility. President Obama would love to advance the Black agenda but he is concerned you guys will not do anything. Here is something I will cover for example – President Obama signed the JOBS Act for crowdfunding but it never got enacted. However, did you know Georgia has their own crowdfunding enacted into law? Did you know there is a city in Georgia called Atlanta? They have Black people in Atlanta, Georgia if you didn't know that. Did you know brothas and sistas can use Atlanta to setup corporate entities that can “crowdfund” businesses for brothas and sistas entrepreneurs worldwide? Have you even heard Mayor Kasim Reed tried to attract anybody to Atlanta for this purpose? Do you know how many Silicon Valley VC firms and people moving here to Georgia for that reason alone? See, President Obama does not want to look stupid trying to help out brothas and sistas because none of our people want to help themselves first or put in the work to show that we are trying. We got a lot of road blocks like ignorant Black media making us look stupid instead of progressive portrayal of us. It doesn't help to see the same people blindly supporting President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are the same Black people watching stuff like Scandal and talking about it on Facebook, making us look more embarrassed. But at the same time, President Obama is meeting with young people from other countries he going to sign free trade pacts with and fighting China on trade pact signing. This is why President Obama is going to Africa next month in June/July to advocate Africans to do business with Americans and also finish up the ASEAN trade agreement to setup free trade in the Asian nations. Meanwhile, Black Enterprise magazine is still putting out elitist content talking about Top 100 Negroes or whatever. Right now, it’s too late to get anything from President Obama – it’s over as he is a lame duck. African-Americans need to now focus on doing what we should have done back in 2009. Instead of being a bunch of ignorant fools celebrating we have a first Black family in the White House, we need to write ourselves off as a bunch of screw-ups. Then we need to start helping the next generation come up in this world and be able to compete globally and have trade with the global economy. Dr. Dre Want the Best Use of His Money Before I get started, let me laugh really hard – will.i.am running around all over the world giving all kind of money to White institutions for STEM education and no one said nothing. But Dr. Dre gives $35 million to USC and cats are getting their panties bunched up, I mean what are you Black people saying about will.i.am by not criticizing him but you guys are criticizing Dr. Dre? I mean what’s up with that!? LOL @ will.i.am, the Black community don't claim you! Before anybody say anything about Dr. Dre, let’s put out the facts from Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine program. Also before I get started, Jimmy Iovine put a lot of rappers on the scene that these corporate Negro A&R cornballs were too scared to sign so don’t get amnesia about Jimmy Iovine in this conversation. With a visionary gift from music-industry leaders Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young, the University of Southern California is establishing a new academy to inspire innovative, entrepreneurial thought in business, design, marketing and the arts. Conceived as a collaborative environment that brings multidisciplinary students, instructors and professional mentors together, the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation will be a transformational presence on one of the nation’s most dynamic university campuses. The focus is on invention and conceptual thinking, drawing on the talents and influences of leaders from across industries to empower the next generation of disruptive inventors and professional thought leaders across a multitude of global industries. USC’s strategic location in Los Angeles, widely viewed as the creative and media capital of the world, provides an unrivaled opportunity for students to take advantage of a living laboratory where music, film and visual arts are deeply intertwined. In addition, the university’s proximity to the city’s burgeoning “Silicon Beach” as well as Northern California’s Silicon Valley provides access to a vast array of technological advances from which students can draw inspiration. The academy will enroll its first class of 25 students in fall 2014. Applicants will be accepted based on a rigorous review process encompassing demonstrated academic excellence as well as proven ability for original thought. Students who complete a course of study in the academy will graduate with a degree that recognizes each individual’s ability to truly engage and to succeed in an educational experience that is constantly asking the question, “Why not?” Source: http://iovine-young.usc.edu/ So do anybody still have any questions why Dr. Dre gave $35 million to USC and not Dillard? Because it is obvious Dr. Dre $35 million is the best use of his money and Dr. Dre being in that area, the best use of his investment. No offense but this was a stupid question for the guy at Dillard to ask. Second, what makes any of you HBCUs worthy of any donation the way you guys are operating your schools? Why are HBCUs not preparing Black students to rebuild the urban community and seek to partner with the Africa Diaspora at large? You got some HBCU I don’t remember the name up in Maryland where the dean is telling his students they have to cut their dreads or braids to be part of the MBA program – what kind of dumb ish is that? And you want to ask why Dr. Dre not giving you $35 million? I wouldn’t personally give your HBCU $35!!!!! Dr. Dre is investing in an innovation center to train the best minds to take things to the next level. He is also investing in the Southern California community which he grew up. He is not chasing Black identity which is the problem with our people and the problem with HBCUs. We need to chase global power for Black people and if I had a choice to invest in a bunch of cats infatuated with an ego-based Black identity complex over creating innovation and cultivating talent, it ain’t hard to see why Dr. Dre made his decision. The fact Black people are trying to argue why Dr. Dre did not donate $35 million to a “Black identity” cause shows you the main problem here with our people is that we are stuck on stupid. The guy at Dillard – show me your damn innovation center that you created for your student body! Put up and show up right now! It does not take much to create an innovation center for your students – do you HCBUs even have a space for your HBCU Black students to get together, work together to collaborate and create innovative solutions for our people, our community and the future? If you don’t have such an innovation center Dr. Walter Kimbrough, then you need to shut the f*ck up, real talk. That’s why no one wants to give your HBCU any money in the 21st century. 3rd Strategic Institute Outsourcing Black Empowerment I promised the future generation of young brothas and sistas that I will be the responsible member of the current Black generation that will do my best to lay a foundation for them to build their prosperity upon. I came up out of the public housing projects and the West Side of Chicago and saw how our Black people at large tried to write me off or discount me as I came up hard and got what’s mine. Even to this day, these same Black folks still act like they mad at me for succeeding. I will do everything to keep this promise for the young brothas and sistas and will do so by any means necessary. Trying to get African-Americans to do for the future generation of African-Americans is hard work. The problem is African-Americans are too much concerned with name-dropping, fame-chasing and storytelling. They like to keep talking about the Chicago Urban Prep Academy instead of realizing we should have replicated that model several dozen time by now. But now, these ignorant fools in the African-American still want to talk about Chicago Urban Prep over and over. We get stuck on stupid hyping up only one entity instead of creating a pattern to replicate success models. Look at this propaganda above that I saw distributed through Facebook about Chicago Urban Prep Academy receiving 0% news coverage. Oh wait a minute – 0% news coverage? Do you see how African-Americans like to lie so much about what our people are going through? See, Black people in America want to believe these kids received zero percent news coverage to perpetuate a victim narrative instead of address the real issue here. The real issue here is no one gives a damn if Urban Prep have a 100% college acceptance rate because that is seeking validation. I don't personally give a f*ck if they have a 100% college acceptance rate. Let me know when 100% of these kids open up a Black business in their own community and employ their own people and then I will give a sh*t, honest talk. And you think these kids are America biggest nightmare? LOL! See how ignorant our African-American people are as if kids from emerging nations do not exist? To make a long story short of complaints and whining, I straight up came to the conclusion I cannot rely on brothas and sistas today to help out for the younger generation. I have not seen anything, have you? I mean, we can talk and we can have discussions but real work need to be done right now for our future generation of brothas and sistas – I hope you understand that. And on the other hand, I’m working with resources and my partners in Asia and these cats are producing! Even for some of the stuff I’m working on for the Black community! Then here is the rub – I’m being frank with the cats in Asia telling them what I’m doing for the Black community and they helping me out more! Damn, they give a f*ck about what I’m doing more than Black folks here who act like a bunch of weird punks who want to brag and talk and tell history stories all the time instead of put in that real work. So it is just natural selection that I’m going to ride with those that willing to put in the work and gives a f*ck over those that keep want to act like they are some HNIC, like to name drop and like to tell stories all the time. Hustle Space was a wiki at first and I setup a site at Wikia for anyone to edit. I decided with my crew at the 3rd Strategic Institute to outsource that work to Southeast Asia to write up the content for Black business models in the hood since we cannot get brothas and sistas to help out. Now, I decided to go further and outsource articles that will be written for Black entrepreneurship and empowerment also to Southeast Asia and right now, I’m training a staff that we paid for to write content for Hustle Space. All of the projects for Swagg-Scientific is being done by global resources and I’m outsourcing more work to Asia and away from what I would like which is Black college students. Quite frankly, no one in the Black community want to step up and I strongly believe a lot of brothas and sistas thought I was some jokester and wanted to see me fail or quietly fall off. Cats weren’t supporting me and like I said, action speaks louder than words and you can look at Dream and Hustle articles for over the years and see for yourself that fact. I don’t trust Black people to do what’s right for the future of our Black children and do what is best for them to participate in the global economy they will grow up in. And to be honest, I had to say f*ck the current generation of Black people who are keep acting like fools and decided I will do whatever I have to do for the future of our people. We owe the future generation that obligation and I personally will take the weight to make it happen. I will be damned knowing I grew up on the West Side of Chicago and forgot where I come from and what those kids have to do to get out of that situation like I had. That ain’t going to happen and I’m going to do for my people! So if I have to outsource all the of the information gathering, all of the solutions implemented overseas and then apply knowledge to the brothas and sistas to improve themselves, then so be it. The real scary part is I’m seeing rapid progress with cats in Southeast Asia learning about Black Americans and our challenges and proposing solutions for our hoods and we are going to eclipse the Black organizations and Black media who ain’t done a damn thing worth remembering. In Summary, We Are Disappointed and Cannot Rely on African-Americans to Help African-Americans. I don’t want people asking anymore why President Obama isn't doing anything for Black folks because even though I made jokes, I fully understand. Why haven’t the Black youth risen up against the BS Black leadership like the Arab Spring cats?! I’m supposed to respect you young cats when you got record unemployment and you are not standing up against these NAACP, Urban League and Al Sharpton clowns? I’m supposed to respect you docile Black youths over a kid your age over in the Middle East who is fighting and putting their life on the line to be a free people who can start businesses and do for self? Don’t even question why Dr. Dre didn't give Dillard any money and I wouldn’t give them any money either. Where is the homegrown innovation center? Where are the solutions to help establish Black businesses in the Black community among your HBCU graduates? Where is the town and gown element to force policy changes in the community to foster economic activity and attract talent to the community? Yeah, all of you HBCUs more concerned about students cutting their braids to be part of a MBA program and you wonder why no one gives two sh*ts about HBCUs or want to donate any money? And with the 3rd Strategic Institute, we going to put it all up in Black America face and embarrass the living hell out of them. Black people want to bicker and get into pissing matches all of the time instead of help each other and run this Boule crap and even validate this Boule crap. Why even bother with you divisive cats when I can hire and recruit cats in Asia who will be 100% on mission to get the work done? You better take your Black ass to bed tonight knowing Ed Dunn is prepping up cats in Asia to know more and do more to help brothas and sistas here in America and I cannot wait, cannot wait to put my people from Asia out there to start discussing the issues and work they done over in Asia for Black America while your Black ass is sitting there pretending like you somebody special – I really can’t wait to put that all up in your faces.

2 thoughts on “Why President Obama, Dr. Dre and 3rd Strategic Institute Ain’t Feeling Black Folks Today

  1. Interesting perspective that is in total contrast to what most have said about Dr. Dre’s donation.Had a discussion not long ago where I questioned the true success of HBCU’s in regards to their impact on Black business development and overall improvement of our communities. I think HBCUs have had any number of accomplishments. However, their focus has always been on producing students that can get jobs in the work environment Whites and others have set up for us. As such, they don’t do such a great job in producing students that can come in and truly transform our communities and/or making Blacks competitive in the business arena.

    I wondered why HBCUs for instance, wouldn’t prep Black students to successfully win against Asians that have invaded our communities and dominate any number of our organic business industries. That said, it is certain fundamental issues that HBCUs are failing at – and one of them is courting and partnering with Black entertainers and athletes to produce what USC is striving to produce.

  2. As a new visitor to the site I really admire all your efforts to enhance the minds and lifestyles of African American youth. I personally understand how difficult it is to motivate Black people. Most of my patnas feel like the world isnt built for them and they don’t stand a chance outside the streets. (Ethnocentric)

    I try to lead by example but in all honesty, The things learned at HBCU’s in my opinion prepare you to be the best business canidate, for someone else. I have taken all my case studies and marketing strategies and applied them to start up businesses in Atlanta.

    I design websites and consult. My skills are creative but limited so I am taking classes at a community college to learn SQL PHP and other development software.

    My love has always been the web, I still have so much to learn. My goals are to use it to build my people up man. Bottom line don’t stop dishin it out. Some of us are learning.

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