How to Spy and Collect Data on African-Americans Talking on Their Phone All the Damn Time

If you want to know the real digital divide, it is between those that use technology and those that know how to manipulate technology for their own purpose. Right now, and I’m shocked at people acting surprised as people are learning the US Government was eavesdropping on American conversations and scanning their data activity which was being done since the Patriot Act was created under George W Bush. Now that you learned since 2007, President Obama has increase the amount of surveillance on data networks at the cost of capturing information on Americans, people want to act alarmed. Then President Obama said no one is sitting around listening to your conversations – no, they don’t have to listen to your conversations, they have artificial intelligence and voice search engines that do that work on their behalf. Those algorithms will detect a “hit” and the government will get a court order in Washington DC to listen to those conversations – that’s how it goes down. You would think after COINTEL efforts and Federal snitching programs and other kind of stuff to disrupt and infiltrate Black people from coming together that our people would be smart about technology. Well, the truth is we Black folks are about as dumb as a box of rocks and willing to share anything and everything using communication lines: Let’s look at the list of things that the government collect and how we Black people here in America just put all our business out there to collect: Photographs. Digital photos contains embedded meta data and it is also possible for computers to recognize objects in the back, for example Sals Beauty Salon building and your dumb ass took a picture of yourself standing two blocks down from that spot and this was instantly recognized by computers in the photo. Then it gets complicated when people upload photo from Internet-connected cameras like Instagram that also show their geolocation. Remember in the news recently that one photographer dude from Vice who gave up John MacAfee location in Guatemala as he tried to elude the Belize government uploading a photo with geolocation metadata. Email. Black folks and I hope they stopped this practice used to love to send chained emails talking about the original Statue of Liberty was a Black woman or Oprah stormed out on the maker of Girbaud and they CC every Black person they know and their email address. That is probably the biggest and damning collection of a dataset out there because it creates association/data. So the government can tell you associated with a Black kook out there. Chat. These create associations, they don’t need to know what you talking about, they know you are chatting with this person who is under federal investigation or you could be connected to this person under federal investigation. Then they target your behind for some trumped up charges and tell you to be a snitch for the real person they are after. Black women get caught up like this more than you know, f*cking around with these thugs and drug dealers. Video. This can also track a person time/place and helps develop a pattern of where a person hang out at. In addition, videos are better than phone conservations because whatever was said in a video was prepared with thought. Also, the download and consumption of certain content also put cats on the watch list. Many of you dumbass cats don’t realize many of those Black nationalist/conspiracy videos out there on sites like YouTube are fake and ran by snitches and enemy operatives. No real cat talk about that pro-Black hand fist in the air ish like that anymore in 2013, except a gullible guppy like you wanting to believe ish so bad and get caught up by a bigger fish. Stored Data. Here is the thing with African-Americans and especially these cornball fake Black technology entrepreneurs – they use open source software where the data is stored in mysql schema and that entire mysql database can be intercepted by the government and loaded in their open source version and they got customer list, address list and transactions and all that other good stuff. This is why we over here create our own databases, encrypt out own data while these other fake cornballs fronting like they the Black technology experts. VOIP. VOIP is easier to track due to being streaming data – just copy the stream frames and analyze them for words and phrases and flag both IP addresses of the communication. In addition, you can best believe the VOIP architect their system to be compliant with the government so the government will be nice to them instead of pass tough regulations on their industry. See that is the overall thing – these technology firms rather play nice with the government and give you up than be strong against the government and get Senate hearings and laws passed making their business more expensive to run. File transfers. Black folks love to share illegal downloads and other crap among each other. You will be surprised at the number of Black people who are caught up in child porn stings where while investigating data sharing sites, brothas who don’t even like little kids may have a child porn snuck on their computer drives and the government knows this and take their ass in and force them to snitch up on somebody or be branded as someone who had child porn on their computer. I believe this was done to Scott Ritter who was denying Iraq had WMD and someone wanted to discredit him. Video Conferencing. If Black people are doing that Google Hangout ish saying things about President Obama that is not favorable or the how we must raise up against Amerikkka or whatever, all of these fools are setting themselves up as that information goes into a repository with names and context of the conversation. Then the next thing you know, some analyst on CBS or ABC or Fox News is dropping these Black people names saying sources in the government has been tracking this Black fools for years after setting them all up on a bomb plot or overthrow plot, like they do these Arabs. Notification of Target activity. From my understanding, the government tracks when you log into a web site or social network and that is easy to do because you send a message over the Internet to a web address called login.html or whatever and they just track that URL. This is probably used to create activity where you check your bank account if you doing money laundering or when you login after someone uploaded radical documents and ask you to view it and you log in immediately or click on the link. Online Social Network details. Now this is extremely scary. That means every emotional rant you post online can be evaluated by computers to determine your mood or tone. In addition, who likes your comments and who respond to your comments build up associations of who you know and who you talk to and about what. For example, you married and you chatting with some side person who is probably doing something on the side – the government can know all of that and set you up and make you snitch or be an informant. How Do You Collect Data on African-Americans? You would be surprise how damn easy it is to start collecting information on African-Americans and their activity and associations. In fact, what I’m about to tell you are techniques that you probably can use right now so let’s talk about them. First let’s do a Google search on Black population and get this result from the CDC: In 2011, the population of African Americans including those of more than one race was estimated at 43.9 million, making up 13.6% of the total U.S. population. Those who identified only as African American made up 12.8% of the U.S. population-over 39 million people. African Americans lived throughout the country in 2011, with the largest concentrations in the South. About 55% of those reported by the US Census as Black (alone or in combination) lived in the South. Locations with the largest percentage of Blacks per total population in 2011 were the District of Columbia (52%), Mississippi (37%), Louisiana (32%), Georgia (31%), Maryland (30%), South Carolina (28%), and Alabama (27%). Locations with the largest total number of black residents (in 2010) were New York (3.3 million), Florida (3.2 million), Texas (3.2 million), Georgia (3.1 million), California (2.7 million), and North Carolina (2.2 million). Now with the information above, let’s discuss how we going to find and collect data on African-American people: Create a Database – both MySQL and SQL Server can accommodate 43.9 million rows of data or the number of African Americans. The first thing you want think about is create one table with 50 million rows and I have to remind you, create five tables with 10 million or 10 tables with 5 million records to make your search faster and easier. This is the parallel and batching strategy I keep telling you cats how to deal with big numbers. So make the table name blackpeople_1, blackpeople_2 and so on. Create the Database Fields – what information are you going to collect? You are really interesting in identifying active Black people, what they do and who they are connected with. You want to capture those who are engaged in activity and log those people track them. You are not necessary caring about knowing all African-Americans, you are interested in the activity of African-Americans. So you create the blackpeople table, then you create the blackpeople_location table that shows their full address or partial address. Then you have a blackpeople_log table that capture activity of all sorts. Identify and Capture People Using Web Crawlers – this is where Black people messed up because they so busy trying to be seen and famous. See now you can start off putting in a few Black people names who are Black politicians, church leaders or entertainers for example then then you web crawl and capture every Black face and name on social networks for example who are following them. Then you transverse those people and after time, you start getting millions of Black people names. In your database, everytime you get a Black person name, assign them to a new unique blackpeople_id so if they come up again, you have an id number to identify them. Another source is the mug shot databases online, they provide information and give away valuable information. You then apply context like add a “mugshot” attribute to their id so if their name pop up again and they trying to be famous, you got dirt on them. Detect and Track Associations – here is where the magic come in because let’s say you have a chick in your database that like to go to club whatever. Then you find out another chick in your database like to go to club whatever to. You just probably made a connection either these two chicks are associated with each other or have the same habits. This is where the game begin of knowing how people associate with one another and the groupthink. This is what the government does all the time, know who is associated with who. They know if you associated with someone with Black radical thoughts and they put you on the airline watch list to kindly remind you they got you figured out. Detect and Track Activity – this is where the game gets even sicker. If we were to detect and track Black people on the North Side of Philly using smart cameras, and reading car license plates and stuff like that and transverse public records, then we can easily determine who is a gang banger, sexual predator, which one is the drug house and what house is more vulnerable to be a victim of crime because that chick didn’t realize she moved next to a guy who was convicted of rape and later acquitted of another attempted rape charge. Create a Campaign - The campaign is what you want to do against the data. For example, somebody want to target all Black people to come out and vote – this is what Barack Obama collected on Black folks during his campaign, we know this already. Or someone can detect with accuracy, where the drug house can be at and computer algorithms can make assumptions based on traffic, detecting license plates was here at 11:30pm and there at 1:30am and that pattern was done for several weeks. You type in the parameters of what you trying to find as algorithms and queries and when something match like an ex-convict or someone on parole enters the vicinity of a Black commercial zone, all merchants are alerted. How a Brotha or Sista Can Avoid Being Caught Up In the Grid The first thing brothas and sistas have to learn is to get off the grid and have a low digital footprint very fast. The problem is Black people like to talk too damn much over the phone, talk too much on Facebook and YouTube all the time. In addition, Black people are clingy and like to Facebook Like and Twitter follow every damn thing out there. All of that create associations that data crawlers can detect. Let me tell you something before I go – the government and the Obama administration are the last people in the world you need to worry about – worry about private data collectors selling this data to news outlets and organizations as oppositional research when you get big. Here is my suggestion for brothas and sistas and I hope cats pay special attention to what we have to say: Have Limited Social Network Connections. I cannot tell you the number of times people got shot or beat up because someone approach them saying “I heard you was talking ish about me on Facebook” – I mean, how the hell they found out that person was talking ish on Facebook unless one of their Facebook friends snitched them out? Stop trying to have 5,000 friends on Facebook because most of those cats will love to snitch you out or give you up and sell you to someone else. Being Anonymous is a Joke. You cannot be anonymous – having a fake alias name will quickly get you flagged faster than having a real name, anybody who does espionage can tell you that. Learn to hide in plain sight because no one believes the guy behind Dream and Hustle knows anything and can’t accomplish anything and just talk – that’s how you do it in plain sight homey. Use your real name and have nothing exciting for cats to think twice and let them move along. Because the truth is, they care about your activity, not your identity. Call and Speak to People Instead of Data Plans. Avoid texting and emailing people and just call them up and have a conversation. This is good practice anyway as sistas do not like brothas to text them, they want a brotha to ring their phone, if they are not there leave a message and women like that validation and stuff. And we brothas love a sista that does that too. Get a Camera Without Geolocation EXIF. Personally, I find no value in any of the EXIF metadata for digital cameras except to track you. I can pull you pictures off Facebook and load up EXIF information and some of you cats with smart phones don’t realize they also have your latitude/longitude and time/date of when that picture was taken. What I do with all my photos lately is convert them to another format with no EXIF information saved in an image processor. Be Something Other Than What You Are. Use your online activity as a persona of your character. For example, show the social network this nice persona of you like you a corporate cornball and got a million dollar smile and full of achievement and volunteering. But the reality is, you are plotting and hustling and getting your money up. Check Your Chatterbox Friends. Tell your friends to leave you out of the Internet small talk, don’t be emailing you and sending you Facebook links and crap to radicalized Black nonsense that is being actively monitored by the government in the same fashion I spoke above. If they cannot stop, then unfriend them. Keep in mind that those Facebook games are worse because they transmit traffic from Facebook to a third party and that information can be intercepted by the government. Summary 50 million rows of data is trivial in the year 2013, I can pull results back from that dataset in less than a second even on a cheap computer running a database. So that means it is more than possible to collect data on every African-American and track them. The goal when tracking people or a group of people is to focus on the most active people and their activities. So this is where cats who are chasing fame and trying to be seen get quick on the radar on cats who are plotting against us and they get monitored. African-Americans talk too much, plain and simple and love to share data and details and will get you all caught up in networks under surveillance. You see how they doing these Arab cats – anybody talking or associated with a Mosque get their name in a database and probably a visit from the FBI with questions. So you should already know the government was tracking people and especially Americans. Learn to stay away from stuff like radical Black web sites and other nonsense because most of those stuff are what is known in my industry as honeypots, designed to attract bees. You don’t know who is behind that stuff. Just keep in mind that cats out there already collecting data on our people and where we live and what we do but they are not trying to use this data for our best interest. Here is the good thing – when you learn to stay off these social networks, learn to be out and about and enjoying the social scene at spots you will not have all this crazy data online but have a real life to enjoy out there.