Make Your Choice – WIC Store or UnionPay Store in the Hood?

Many brothas and sistas claiming they about the hood, empowering the community and doing for self. Well, you will learn quickly a lot of these fake cats are about doing for self at the expense of exploiting their own people. I remember listening to some cat running his mouth about opening up a WIC store in the hood as his way of doing for self and the community and sometimes, you need to let people talk to figure out where they coming from. But I realized there may be a bigger opportunity for a store in the hood and that is a UnionPay store. In this article, let’s discuss doing business in the hood with the WIC store model versus the UnionPay store model. I believe what you will discover from this comparison is the difference between Black people who want to exploit our community versus people who want to empower our community with economic development. The goal is to help brothas and sistas gain insight and see who real and who fake about this Black empowerment ish. WIC Store A WIC store is a store that was designed around the US Government WIC and Food Stamp program. There are other slang words like SNAP and stuff like that but overall, these stores are designed for women on welfare to shop using their welfare benefits. So basically, these stores basically look at what is required to be a WIC authorized store in their state, carry the stuff like milk and bread that is required to be a WIC store and open their doors for business. You would think that these WIC stores are good as they are designed to help the single moms in the hood on welfare how to maximize spending their money and provide information on how to feed their child and keep them healthy. Or they would sell fresh fruits and vegetables and have recipes geared towards low-income single moms to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in the hood. That is what you think a WIC store would do if a brotha or sistas setup shop in the hood. Actually, most of the brothas and sistas who setup WIC stores in the hood are basically trying to overcharge poor single moms and take all the money they can out of these single mothers welfare benefits. The dead giveaway is you talk to these cats and they will say the following – the women shouldn't have a problem spending more on a gallon of milk because that WIC stuff is not their money. That’s when you know you dealing with a low-life scumbag who is basically trying to bloodsuck the poor Black community with their WIC store crap. No, these cats are not selling healthy food to single mothers; these exploitative brothas and sistas are selling high markup items from the WIC store to get as much profits as they can. Then they try to remain close to housing projects and other poor urban areas to take advantage of single moms already struggling to make ends meet. They are not doing anybody in the community a favor and pretty much say things like come in, get your stuff, pay with your vouchers and get the heck out. Yeah, that’s how they doing WIC stores in the hood. Recently, the government has been cracking down on WIC stores and it was discovered most of the WIC store owners would pay out 25 cents on a dollar cash and then claim that WIC money was spent on food and try to get cash. So when you hear someone talk about a WIC store, raise one eyebrow higher than the other and just keep in mind their target audience are poor Black women with government vouchers and have no true regard to helping these poor single moms maximize their benefits to properly feed poor Black kids in the Black community. UnionPay Store UnionPay became the largest payment card issuer in the world bigger than both Visa and MasterCard within months of launch. Based in China, UnionPay is now accepted worldwide just like Visa and MasterCard and this allow the new money Chinese to travel and spend worldwide. In addition, China is now the world largest source of tourism and spend hundreds of billions annually and right now, everybody in the damn world is trying to attract these Chinese tourist to their area to spend money – except African-Americans. “A number of well-known Irish businesses are heading to Adare this week for a course on how to maximises the opportunities offered by the rapidly growing Chinese tourist market.” “MEXICO CITY — Mexico hopes the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to this country’s most emblematic Mayan ruins Thursday will spark a mass influx of tourists from China, the world’s largest tourism spender.” ““Every year, tens of millions of tourists from all over the world come and visit America. And the more folks who visit America, the more Americans we get back to work. We need to help businesses all across the country grow and create jobs; compete and win. That’s how we’re going to rebuild an economy where hard work pays off, where responsibility is rewarded, and where anyone can make it if they try,” said President Obama.” According to the US Department of Commerce, Chinese spend an average of $6,000 while they are tourists. And Chinese love going to large cities dominated by African-Americans and unless you are living under a rock, you should noticed this by now. Cats from China be all on the train talking and saying the word that sound like “nega” all the time. I was on the train here in Atlanta and it was this group of cute Chinese girls and all they talking saying “nega, nega, nega” all the time and the Black riders had funny looks on their faces, lol! African-Americans should consider a strategy to attract Chinese money coming into their community as well as every other group out there in the world. A UnionPay store is a store that accept UnionPay as well as the Chinese Yuan. This is a store that caters to the Chinese tourists and visitors to the Black community and provide everything in their language and sell African-American products and services to the Chinese tourists. Instead of creating a bunch of retail stores in the hood to sell gym shoes and cheap clothing to broke cats in the hood, we redesign stores in our hood to be upscale and cater to the Chinese consumer market. We build and manufacturer African-American made goods and sell them in our stores and target the Chinese who bring their $6,000 to spend in our communities. Brothas can sell urban wear like custom t-shirts to the Chinese consumers to wear back when they get home and brag they got it from a Black hood in the USA. Sistas can make handbags and heels designed for Chinese women and they bring that back bragging a sista who is a popular designer made their shoes. And you know what will happen next huh? The next thing that happens is the Chinese market want to buy African-American made goods created in our community, bringing money into our hoods, creating jobs in our hoods. This is an important lesson in economic development we Black people don’t focus on but we got to learn to start importing customers from all over the world to spend money on us so we can export goods and services from our hood. You go anywhere around the world and cats be having signs in English and trying to cater to American tourist – well, American cats are out of style as cats are now putting “We Accept UnionPay” up on their window and have stuff written in Chinese. Now, Make Your Choice! So now that you know the choice between a WIC store and a UnionPay store, which one are you going to roll with? Are you interested in seeing how much money you can milk off poor Black people in our community selling them overpriced milk and bread? Or are you going to open up an UnionPay store that sell customized kicks designed by African-American kids in your hood to Chinese tourist for $200 and they got the money to blow like that? Come on, you still thinking on your choice? See, a cat talking about a WIC store, that’s just a low-life cat trying to see how they can take advantage of others while they are down on their luck and that’s what you call a poverty pimp. When you see a cat in the 21st century and all of the opportunities we brothas and sistas can do in this world, what comes out of that cat mouth is business models based on taking money from poor Black folks, that’s all you need to know about them. Think about it – they want to operate on a daily business having poor single moms buy overpriced milk and bread and using welfare vouchers, yeah that is really classy stuff right there. On the other hand, building a UnionPay store means brothas and sistas is chasing the money and where the money is at and that is with the Chinese inbound tourism industry. We brothas and sistas can build up our commercial zones to sell products and services not only to us but we make sure we can attract cats like the Chinese to come in and spend money on our goods and services infusing cash into our communities to recycle and create jobs and fund social responsibility projects. In addition, you are making the African-American community globally competitive where your kids and my kids become designers and manufacturers and sell to 2 billion plus population base in China instead of dealing with 223 million bigots here in America who act like they don’t like Black people and will never love Black people. We cannot talk about recycling the same dollars among Black people and that is unrealistic – economic development involves import and exports and we need to revise the Black empowerment strategy around that basic economic premise. Instead of crazy business models like WIC stores meant to exploit, let’s look at building UnionPay stores to bring new money to spend into our community so we can reinvest in jobs, schools, recreation and quality of life in our communities.

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  1. Excellent post. I wasn’t aware of Union Pay, but have seen SNAP & WIC types stores here there and it’s looks like anywhere, because they seem to keep popping up. Sad story these corner store types do exploit women and anyone else they can get over on. It’s a mess. It’s sickening to see this play out over & over. So, flipping this mess and creating, building and manufacturing is the breath of fresh air to change. Going after tourist and others is the correct change direction Black communities need to begin implementing seriously.

  2. Both.. The same women shopping at the WIC store would find a way to get to the Unionpay store to buy goods too. Wal-Mart caters to both. I just saw an Asian lady with that card last week and I didn’t know what it was until this article today.

  3. Great article Ed. Since I get paid in yuan, my bank primarily uses the Unionpay system for it’s ATM cards. It used to be I would have alot of trouble using this debit card in the states, but Union Pay has deals with Citibank and a few smaller banks to use their ATMs for free.

    I see unionpay as an interbank ATM standard like the Plus or Cirrus system we have in the states. Also, many banks, including my own, China Merchants Bank, are offering the option to convert your Unionpay ATM card to a full checkcard with both the Unionpay symbol and the Visa or Mastercard symbol. To do this, you have to have a higher balance, at least in my bank. So, having a chinese bank card is not as limiting as it used to be.

    That said, there are alot of big money chinese to whom the Unionpay symbol is familiar, being the overwhelming standard in China. If they see that signage in a US store, I would think that would attract such a customer. More and more of my colleagues over here are getting passports, and are interested in traveling abroad.

  4. hehehehehehehe……Na Ge, or Nei Ge is 那个。 It literally means “that” in chinese. It is the most often used crutch word in China.

    It’s similar in the states to people who use “like”, “knowhutimsayin”, or “um” frequently to fill in space in their speaking.

    It does sound like the n-word though!

  5. I don’t think all WIC stores in the hood are the same. My parents had a WIC store in the HOOD. To be exact it was in East LA my parents use to give the women free gifts for every three coupons they used at the store. And they would offer free rides back home with there groceries. You cannot make extra money on these coupons each and every coupon has a certain value that the WIC program has listed per coupon. It cannot be more or less, or else the bank rejects the coupons. Another thing that this business is VERY profitable.

    1. Luis have your parents hit me up I would love to open a WIC store in my Hood so I can help families get the proper nutrition for their families they NEED.

  6. Luis I agree. It’s stir friendly, more convenient EZ Air faster don’t have to deal with a bunch of people in the store with our children. I like to be in and out. And we need more stores like these in the hood that’s more convenient more understanding and don’t put you on the spot in a big old grocery store like Walmart Target Albertsons Vons Stater Brothers Safeway QFC Fred Meyers. The union pay stores that’s a great idea too no problem they both work for who they work for understand that and also black women are not the only ones that are receiving these WIC vouchers because trust the Chinese people they buy these WIC vouchers with cash money in the store outside the store or wherever they can save them a dollar or two as well.

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