Getting Brothas and Sistas Past the Hype to Evaluate Media Streamcast Business Models

mircast We seeing a lot of pro-Google biased media reporting in America about the Chromecast device that is a small format media streaming dongle that plugs into your video receiver HDMI port. The way I think Chromecast works is a person can plug the Chromecast dongle into their television HDMI port and use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to stream media to the HDMI channel via the wireless network. Now the tech consumers of the world are getting all hyped up and acting like Google just released something revolutionary and disruptive. However, this technology called “streamcasting” has been around for more than a minute outside of the United States and there are similar technology already built in your smart phone as well as on your gaming console and computers called DLNA that been around before President Barack Obama was first elected. In this article, we want brothas and sistas to focus on the streamcast technology and how cats can create new media business models based on this technology. We are about to discuss in a little more depth to help brothas and sistas create their Black-owned global media empires. What Is a Streamcast? diagram1 If you look up “Miracast” in Wikipedia, you will see the following information that describe what a streamcast is: Miracast is a form of screencast, which is essentially a real-time digital video screen capture of computer screen output. But, instead of recording the video screen capture to local storage, it streams the video capture over a network to a remote device which has an attached screen, such as a television. So basically, it is the same concept of the monitor output of your laptop or computer to your television if you are an old-school person. But today with mobile devices that do not have video output ports, how do you output the screen of your mobile to your huge flat panel on the wall? To output media you’re your mobile device, you can use Miracast or DLNA technology to stream the video directly from your mobile device. If you look at the diagram above, it provides a high level concept of streamcast where all of the computer processing is done on the mobile device and the output is streamed to the large screen television. Now, keep in mind that this is not only for videos, this is how you use your mobile phone to stream audio to your car if it is equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. So basically, you would create a mobile app that handles the media processing and stream the video or audio out wireless to a device that allows you to project the video/audio feed on a larger platform like your big-screen television or car audio system. Streamcast Business Opportunities diagram2revised The big opportunity of streamcast technology is bypassing the barriers to the consumer main media center that was once reserved for big media firms. This means you can stream live or on-demand broadcasts to the main living room television set or stream your audio broadcast to the car stereo that used to be reserved for local radio stations. Another good opportunity for streamcast technology is it can allow you brothas and sistas to create global boutique media offerings. For example, you create content for the Nigerians in Singapore and China to watch streamcast of local Nigerian soccer matches and they can watch it on a big screen far away from their homeland. Or a 24/7 hip-hop dance crew channel for kids in the Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia and Japan to watch. You can create an African fashion and lifestyle video channel spanning from West Africa to South Africa. You can create all kind of niche worldwide for markets worldwide to take over the centerpiece TV set with a HDMI input. This means you brothas and sistas can bypass all these traditional barriers to create a media framework to distribute new and independent media content on. While They Talk Up Chromecast, You Can Smell Mainstream Media Fear clues There is a reason why they talking up Chromecast in the super hype manner because remember, this is not new technology and been done outside the USA. Can you look at the clues in the image above to figure out why mainstream media is scared? Square was able to send their small credit card readers for free in the regular postal mail. Square is now doing billions in transactions and competing against other payment processors with their rapid growth. Prepaid mobile broadband can now be seen in big box stores like Wal-Mart where anybody can pick them up and have wireless up and running in their home. Then you have the prepaid card for games and content that is prepaid. Did you figure it out from all of those clues? The small form factor of the HDMI dongle streamcast device allow you to create a media channel that can be sold and packaged as a product in stores. That means I would go to Wal-Mart and see a package of your HDMI dongle in the entertainment section and you offer multiple channels of Black films and music and more Black-orientated content. Then I see prepaid cards nearby that I can buy to access premium channels like the East Coast jazz club channel for $4.95/month using the same HDMI dongle. Yep, the mainstream media is scared to death and I hope you realize the big opportunity you got before you if you want to do big and go big in this world as a media mogul. Streamcast Business Models alibaba There are several ways you can implement a streamcast media model for your hustle. You can be a dumb pipe that setup the framework and charge others to pass data through using prepaid cards. Or you can provide specialty content yourself and sell the dongle as part of a subscription plan. Let’s look at a few ways you can do this hustle. Channel Distributor. This appear to be the Chromecast business model where you establish the mobile app and the hardware dongle and offer content creators a license to distribute their media through your framework. This is the cable/satellite model where you threaten to cut off a channel if they do not agree to new terms of your licensing deal. Specialty Content. This model is where you setup a niche content like high school basketball and stream high school basketball games across the country on demand. You make money from the purchase of the HDMI dongle sold in the stores, a subscription fee as well as advertisement and use that revenue to pay off the high schools for broadcast rights. Now you will have inner city high schools building stadiums, high school coaches making $1 million a year and the high school players not making any of the money and still taking the bus and eating a cold ham sandwich. Business Media Services. Remember when I told you guys about our upcoming HustleSpace magazine marketing strategy is to provide barbershops and hair salons with a printed copy of the magazine with a QR code? Well, what if we sent all of these barbershops and hair salons an HDMI dongle and they can download a mobile app to broadcast the HustleSpace network on some of their TV sets? We actually create a media channel to do local advertising and create videos for HustleSpace articles and brand ourselves that way? No, we don’t have this kind of plan that but this is the kind of mogul level thinking I want you cats to be thinking at. Additional Possibilities with Touch Overlay overlayscreen Because the video is streamcasting from a tablet or mobile device to a TV set using a mobile app, then we can actually do some things with the mobile app. For example, we can take advantage of the touchscreen interface and allow people to touch the video on the tablet and we can show augmented reality in real-time. For example, if someone in a movie picks up a soda to drink, we can record the xy coordinates and if someone touch the soda being played in the video, we can pop up the soda drink as an advertisement. There are additional features like running a local game show where the tablet can show the possible answers for a contestant live on the TV or they can vote in real-time for any TV based talent show competition. This is the new level of interactivity that can be done using the mobile tablet as the controller. I haven’t even began to talk about sports and augmented reality where players have a market on their jersey that can show their stats in real time as they balling on the court. How Brothas and Sistas Should Move Forward The first thing brothas and sistas should do is get out of the consumer mindset and get into the mindset of a media mogul trying to take over the world. Then focus on the framework and try to get an understanding of the technology by creating a simple mobile app that stream video, then add code to stream the video to the network. Learn how the network streaming pick up the video broadcast and document this technology. This can be done in your innovation room in your crib that I hope you cats setup and read the article I wrote on that topic. Then decide if you are going to be a channel distributor or a specialty content provider. Learn to look at markets and realize this is going to be a very crowded markets in a few months so you better be a first mover very fast. After you make your decision, start creating the logo and branding and continuity content and at the same time, source the HDMI dongle from China or Taiwan and have it customized with your logo and packaged in a way it can be sold at Wal-Mart and Best Buy here in the USA as well as stores around the world in Japan and UK and so on. Look, this is a big opportunity and I hope you brothas and sistas reading this article realize while cats are distracted talking about Google Chromecast, this is your opportunity to enter the market with niche content and find a way to deliver media to the Black community because I doubt anybody else will figure out how to do that. Now that I written all of this, it’s your turn to go and get it.

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  1. I get why Funimation took a lot of their cartoons off YouTube. They want subscribers.

    I see why the mainstream media’s scared. That’s not my problem. People don’t have to kiss up to Time Warner anymore. All they have to do now is keep their sites up and running. It’s over when sports channels pull away.

    I need to set up my own Redbox. There’s no excuse for stagnating.

    1. No words can express how u changed my life and thinking read this article about 5 times im on to step two . I’ve learned how to write the app code(13 yr old whiteboy on youtube) – we show are behind on technolog
      I’ve documented all your recent articles on launch pre approach, gain commitment. The most fustrating thing is knowing u goin in alone. Much love DREAM AND HUSTLE

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