Introducing Brothas and Sistas to the Art of Creating Solutions

planningforsuccess For entrepreneurs, the biggest part of the job title is creating solutions. How well an entrepreneur understand the art of creating solutions will determine how far they make it and succeed. If the project is software development, business development, marketing campaign, politics, fundraising or professional and personal growth, knowing the art of creating solutions will separate real cats from the lightweights. In this article, we want to show the brothas and sistas how to create applied solutions to their hustle. One of the things in the African-American community I personally want young cats to observe is how these Black leaders do not focus on creating solutions but just running their mouth. The 3rd Strategic Institute and Dream and Hustle - we focus on solutions and what we always bring to the table and that’s why cats respect me and my crew more than these Black leaders and Black business magazines. Creating a solution is a phase in the development process after you decide what you want to do and right before you begin any real work on your hustle. Solution planning is the most critical part of your hustle and your hustle will either succeed or fail based on how well you define the solution approach. We were not taught solution patterns and practices in the inner city public schools because educators obviously did not want us creating solutions in America or in our personal lives as well as solutions for our community. During the solution development phase of your hustle, the goal is to establish entities and their interaction, set attainable goals, build workflows and generate detailed tasks to complete the workflow to meet goals and succeed. After reading this article, you will clearly understand why we go hard on these Black technology clowns pretending they doing something special because you can instantly tell how well the solution was defined. Sadly, the majority of Black tech cats do not understand how to create detailed and thought-out solutions but still want the fame and glory through fronting. Anyway, let’s discuss how to do solutions so the brothas and sistas can learn to create real stuff and make real stuff happen in this world. Identify the Entities entities An entity is the nouns that could be a person, place or thing. In your hustle as you describe the features and write them down, you have to learn how to identify the entities in your statements and pull them out to create solutions around. The virtual event I’m planning, the entities are the vendor, the attendee, the location and the mobile device. For economic empowerment in the hood, the entities are the entrepreneurs, the commercial zone, the customer, the employees, the thugs, the politicians, the social activists, the police and the media and more. As you see, the bigger the project the more entities have to be clearly defined. Once you write down the entities, for each entity, you have to define attributes of those entities in terms of their interest and what they bring to the hustle. For example, the vendor in the virtual event want attendees to follow though and buy something from them. The vendors are likely micro-enterprises meaning they are probably a one-person or two-person business operation and may be side-hustling while working a full-time job. The more we create attributes, the better we understand all the elements involved in the hustle and create a well-rounded solution. Define the Interactions of the Entities interactions After you define all of the entities in your hustle, the next step is to determine how the entities will interact with one another. Let’s go to the mobile payment business model where you have a payer who send the payment and the receiver who receive the payment. You focus on using action statements around the payer and the receiver to define the interaction. Payer downloads mobile app from app store to mobile phone Payer use account registration process to create a new mobile payment account Payer verify their account through SMS verification Payer add funds to the mobile payment account using bank transfer By using action phrases, what you creating is the instruction manual for end users you can use to describe your hustle. Have a section called Setting Up a Mobile Payment Account and subsections such as downloading the app, register a new account, verify account, adding funds to the account and a paragraph for each section. This is also how you create a great marketing tool as the action phases are used in your presentations on how your hustle work. Define the Goal goals Once entities have been defined and you figured out how the entities interact with other entities in your hustle, the solution becomes more solid in definition. Now you can focus on setting the goals which is what you trying to accomplish in your hustle. In business, the end goal is to make money. The way you make money is to get the customer to enter a financial transaction with your business using exchange of money for goods and services. So your goals in your hustle should be to have goods to exchange for money and find every possible opportunity to make the financial transaction as much as possible among many people as possible. Think about Wal-Mart or McDonald’s for a minute – those business titans is all about making a financial transaction and everything about their business revolves around doing a transaction. You go load up your Wal-Mart shopping cart and you go to a checkout lane and swipe your card or pay with cash. You go to McDonald’s and that person behind the counter taking your order is standing over a cash register ready to take payment. You should not be surprised at how many brothas and sistas claim they are about business but have no solution strategy to make a financial transaction happen. With the virtual event project, the goal is to get virtual attendees to shop and follow through with the virtual vendors. The goal of economic empowerment in the hood is to create an environment for brothas and sistas to have an area they can identify as their homeland that embrace who they are and their culture as Black Americans. So the goals are to create sustainable economy through job creation, business development, parks and recreational development, good housing options and safe and positive social vibe. We can discuss personal life like my dating strategies where my dating goal here in Atlanta is to find a woman with the body of a stripper and the brain of a college grad. To do more than say that and try to meet that goal, I have to define me and what I want, define her and what she want and spots where she dwell at. I do my research and discover it is best to hang around these professional athletes and celebrity circles and the Atlanta Mayor office. So I create better defined goals of showing up at these black tie social events around high society Atlanta eating cheese crackers and drinking wine talking about my sports car and my cufflinks to hopefully befriend that chick. Remember you should not set goals until you understand every entity involved and how those entities interact with each other. You have to get an understanding of all the things involved so you can set realistic expectations for your goals. Define the Workflow workflow To meet your goals, establish a workflow which is defined as a series of steps to take has to be defined. For example, for the virtual event, the virtual attendee has to use various forms of transportation to get to the geofenced area, use their mobile device to access the virtual event and find virtual vendors to do business with. To make what I just described successful, I have to create details of a workflow such as directions to the geofenced area, explain what type of mobile device need to access the geofenced web site and make the web site easy to navigate to the virtual booths setup by the vendors. Create a diagram with the goal at the end and then create ways the goal can be met. Do not be afraid to use the “ends justify the means” approach as well as the safe approach and analyze the best approach from all of your workflows. This allow you to see not only how you can reach your goals in many ways but how other cats can come at you and compete with you and be able to read their game. Create Solution from Workflow Once you have your workflows defined, create the solution approach to your hustle from those workflows. You start creating a plan how to execute the workflows in details. The more detail you provide, the more solid your solution will manifest. The key to creating a successful detail workflow is understanding all of the risks and opportunities and there is more than one path to the end goal. For example in the transaction process, you can encounter a customer with a stolen credit card trying to do business with you – how do you handle that? Those are the risks that need to be defined in your workflow. In the virtual event project we are working on, we identified the risk of mobile device thieves who like to snatch devices out of people hands and run. As a result, the virtual event will publish informational messages about staying safe from risks of mobile device and being distracted in public using a mobile device. As you work on your detailed workflow paths, you will find opportunities this will inspire you more and be more confident in your hustle. I thought about printing up fliers to help promote the event but realize during my research the opportunity of just buying a cheap $100 tablet to show QR codes to redirect users with mobile devices to the virtual event. I will just give the $100 tablet to the hired help who guided virtual attendees to virtual booths at the virtual event location. Let me say it again and why cats get mad when I call them out – once you understand and master the art of creating solutions, you can easily tell if your competition or other cats are creating solid solutions or not. You can easily tell the difference between a half-baked idea versus a well thought-out solution to the hustle. Then you learn something else as an African-American and how these Black leaders have never been serious about creating solutions and just keep running their mouth. Think about how much progress our community would have made if brothas and sistas sat down and went through the real process to creating a solution to issues and problems. Notice the other Black media like Black Enterprise magazine will never touch an article topic like this, telling you brothas and sistas how to create solutions yet these cornballs at Black Enterprise want to pretend they better than Dream and Hustle. Next Steps reviewingsolution After we define the solutions, the next steps to creating the hustle are planning, prototyping, development, testing and release. But to be honest, all of that is easy once you have a well-defined solution. Because you will know all the entities involved and how each entity play their role. You know the goals you want to set and create workflows to meet those goals. Then you create solution approaches to those workflows with risks and opportunities well-defined. That is how brothas and sistas create well-rounded solutions and solid hustles. This is how me and my crew gets down with our solution and why I can explain our hustles in detail and we have thought it out thoroughly. Cats used to come to Dream and Hustle acting like they smarter than us and know something then get mad when we let them know we already covered all based and did our homework. I wished more brothas and sistas get the discipline to learn the art of creating solutions and I hope this article reached someone to start doing their hustle the right way.

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  1. This was on point. You can apply it anywhere. If I were to run for office you’ll be one of the first strategists I’d call on.

  2. This really helped me to define what an entitiy is and what I am supposed to do once I define them. I was so afraid that I would have to much non relevent information, and then how do I categorize it? What is relevent etc…?
    This article helped me to realize that I may be on the right track after all. And that yes I have lots more to writing to do.

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