The 2nd Most Slept-On Article Brothas and Sistas Ignored in Dream and Hustle History

slept When I write these blogs for brothas and sistas, I put in a lot of research and thought into the topic at hand. Some of the articles I write, I get so hyped up I think brothas and sistas are going to pick up and run with the information I put out there. But more often than not, after the article is published, I would get little to no response and be sitting there puzzled staring at candles wondering what the heck just happened? The 2nd most slept-on article in Dream and Hustle history was our coverage of the Groupon concept store in Hong Kong. There is no way in hell anybody should have appreciated any article on this blog more than the Groupon concept store article I wrote. The business model behind Groupon concept store in Hong Kong is the cheapest, most effective and scalable business model anybody wanting to be a digital lifestyle entrepreneur could have taken up. I’m going to ask at this time for people to go back and re-read the article. The link is: Now, go read the article and don’t come back here until you do. I put in a lot of work and remember staying up late at night and ignoring my girlfriend phone calls writing that article for you guys – this is real talk. I cannot believe for the life of me that you guys would ignore that Groupon concept store article and just did whatever the hell you did for the rest of your day. What did you do after reading the article the first time? Did you go back to that crazy job you working at? Did you go play a video game on your PS3 or Nintendo DS? Did you go to the club and try to ball like a playa, huh? How can you read that Groupon concept store article and then slept like that – what! This business model is just a place for people commuting home from work or during their lunch break go pick up tickets, certificates, coupons, gift items that were a deal! That is why in the video there is a huge line outside and only 10 in at a time! People love to say I’m stopping by to pick up some coupons for dinner out tonight or I’m going to get a spa package for $40 that was regularly priced at $80 and go with their friends to get that deal! This is a reward model like a cupcake shop where you go treat yourself to something nice after a long day or hard week. The deal seeker find a deal online at your “coupon site” and they come to your central location in a high rise building downtown in a high density environment and pick up their tickets or items. The local businesses see value in this store you setup and they pay to list their coupons and offers on your web and send the material to the store for the deal seeker to pick up. All you do is print out papers with coupon barcodes on them or you have printed prepaid cards and other stuff to pass out. You charge for placement and you display advertisement on the jumbo screens. Noticed they had tablets so people can come in and find deals on the web site and make an order right there – that is a shopping model. And here is the most frustrating part – you would not had to pay the inventory and showroom taxes like other retailers and you don’t have to pay high rent because most downtown spaces are now extremely cheap due to the awful market. You could have set this up in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami and I can keep going and going to other countries and so on. Every research me and the 3rd Strategic Institute read showed that 50% to 60% of m-commerce activity by customers is looking for coupons/discounts or wanting to find coupons/discounts. Using digital coupons is the way to go for smaller merchant who cannot afford advertising campaigns because it uses a loss lead tactic and word of mouth about the coupon/deal to drive new customers to their small business. And let me stress again – everything you saw in that store, you could have bought the store fixtures from a used fixture shop, could get cheap old flat panel TVs at pawn shops around your area, and just get laser printers to print off the coupons and hosted the whole coupon web site on a $5/month GoDaddy web site. Really? Come on now, how did yall slept so hard on that article? Read it again!

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  1. I’ll read that again. I guess what turned people aware is how to scale it and make money off of it. What’s funny was just thinking about this same article you wrote yesterday and seeing how that could be placed in a place like TX or Atlanta, even Detroit. Today Groupon has beat its eps estimates so thats also a good look as far as the whole couponing business model is concerned. Let me ask you this. Do you want to do this for hood areas or stick to this with upcoming areas in the city.

  2. Hey Ed,
    I have read the article and am putting together a door to door flyer concept. I am using WordPress to build the site and have my coupns that advertisers can use to offer exclusive discounts that consumers can buy quickly or go in store to redeem them. I have designed my flyer but am looking for a print shop to do the final printing for it. Then I want to hire younger brothas and sistas to deliver them around L.A. areas or go with the post office EDDM service to reach zip codes. SO I heared you brotha lol. It takes time. I have scouted out some vacant shops in the area to put my goods into as well so that advertisers can now rent spaces to promote their items like your Cube shop article you had for sistas. I ‘m ready to launch but would like your opinion when you get time to see if I set it up correctly.

  3. I tried to email you because I do work hard to get these business models going and you can get assurance from the one who has presented them and done them. I have been waiting for hte wiki to come up to help. Like the Geo location businesss model. I been on it and studying and going back and retrying and so on. But I think the sooner you can get the wiki’s up it can help with the final touches we actual readers try to comprehend better. But I so want to blow this out the water like months ago

    1. I decided to shut down the email box for dream and hustle to shift the focus over to social networking (facebook/twitter) for communication. The wikis has about 150 business models and is by no means an easy feat to pull together. My team is working very hard and so am I to get the business model wikis ready for HustleSpace launch.

      What business models you are specifically asking about? List them here..I’m listening…

      1. Ok no worries, I know there is alot. I wanted to go in depth with the geo location business model and the ESB usage for like Penny auctions. You briefly touched on the ESB penny auction model that I came across and wasn’t sure how I apply that to my Godaddy site. But great news! I have finally made a breakthrough with connecting all the geo location on my Godaddy hosting account and website. Now I’m trying to figure out how my site is not appearing with the correct content. So I emailed the GoDaddy team and waiting for info. I did the web config, uploaded the content through Filezilla, but nothing is showing. So please help me to understand do I need to set up any website pages and apply the app-code to them in Godaddy website that Im using?

        Great experience though!

  4. Ed, some of us are already working on projects. Speaking for myself, I find ways I can take the knowledge and apply it to my own ventures.

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