The Difference Between Being an Entrepreneur and Working a Self-Managed Job

workervsinventor Many brothas and sistas think they are entrepreneurs and like to talk like they are entrepreneurs and hang out at the club like they entrepreneurs but they are simply not entrepreneurs. Cats can feel mad and offended and defensive all they want but at the end of their day, they are not entrepreneurs. The majority of these brothas and sistas claiming to be entrepreneurs are really doing nothing but working self-managed jobs. This article is going to show you the difference between an entrepreneur and someone working a self-managed job. The importance of this article is to help brothas and sistas choose their income hustle wisely in the 21st century and not make mistakes done in the past. In addition, brothas and sistas who are working these self-managed jobs are being zero-summed very quickly by cheaper immigrant and outsourced resources and they getting burnt fast pretending they an entrepreneur when they really competing for the same work against other cats working a self-managed job. So let’s break it down and let’s be honest, if you are a supplier diversity contractor or a multi-level marketing hustler or a mechanic with your own shop or even work on 1099 then you are not an entrepreneur, I don’t care who you run your mouth to and tell that lie. You self-managed job workers better know your damn place and learn how to take care of your business within your real job title because too many cats got caught up pretending to be something they are not. A Self-Managed Job streetsweeper The biggest way you can determine if a person is working a self-managed job is they are using the phrase “I am my own boss” and that is the dead giveaway they are not an entrepreneur, not even in their own mindset. Someone working a self-managed job mostly operate a micro-enterprise that is usually one or two people, mostly family members for tax advantages. They work for set hours like a shopkeeper that is there every day operating the cash register or the guy who operating some parking lot sanitation truck or office cleaning businesses. These type of people are not managed by anybody directly on what to do but they still have the obligation to show up and do the work or they are out of the game, plain and simple. Cats who call themselves multi-level-marketer or network marketer or whatever, they do not own the product they selling and they are nothing more than a pitchperson on commission and that is also self-managed activity. Another thing about self-managed jobs is they usually have to compete for work responding to request for proposals or RFP. Now this conversation is about to get real and I will not name names. There was a company that does supplier diversity and there are a lot of Black-owned firms who can do the work and their entire revenue is based on those supplier diversity contracts. But you want to know who got the contract? A Hispanic woman married to a rich White man who keep their finances separate and she can afford to do margins less than the Black firms as long as she can hire her own people. This is not Chicago I’m talking about but hearing the same setup is done in Chicago. I’m also hearing this is the new money to get minority contracts by non-Black dudes marrying smart Black women to run this setup also. No one is telling you cats the game around here and that is why we need to make sure cats who do self-managed jobs understand what is going on. You cannot be a Black-owned painting service and not realize the Mexican cats can hire their people cheaper and put more painters on the projects and get the job done faster and have more clientele as a result. Same with roofing companies and other types of work that involves having to physically show up and do the work. Even in the corporate/government sector where instead of laying off employees, these corporations and government can just slash the budget on contracts and let go of contractors and firms cancelling projects outright. So, we need to have a true definition of cats in our community who are working self-managed jobs and not call them entrepreneurs because they are not entrepreneurs. The biggest economic hit in the Black community are the cats working self-managed jobs and if they are not identified correctly, we cannot work to solve their current problems correctly. All that “quick hustles” crap some other wannabee hustle bloggers be talking about is not entrepreneurship – those are self-managed jobs. An Entrepreneur georgecarver An entrepreneur dream and hustle their market solution into reality – that is what an entrepreneur is and what an entrepreneur does, plain and simple. They do not sell other people stuff, they make their own stuff and bring their own solution to the marketplace. Even a broker is an entrepreneur as their goal is to create the bridge to close the gap between buyers and sellers. The overall characteristic of an entrepreneurship is they are in the solution business. An entrepreneur goal is to create solutions to solve problems or enhance something already in existence. To solve the decline of the Black economic base, you create solutions to make it easier for Black entrepreneurs to open up businesses in their local community. To provide emerging sistas in Africa with access to fashion, beauty and media a bunch of entrepreneurial American sistas working full-time jobs in Atlanta can group together $100,000USD buy a 40% stake in an existing magazine in Botswana or South Africa operated by a sista down there. That’s entrepreneurial ish and the majority of brothas and sistas do not even have this mindset. If the Black community in America had entrepreneurs, you would see problems in the hood being solved left and right. In Africa, they have Black entrepreneurs, solving everything from using solar power to charge cell phones to managing the logistical distribution of grain and produce to the right village – those are Africans doing that problem solving for their community and they making progress and solving problems that lingered for 100s of years. In Summary The Black community here in America have a lot of cats working self-managed jobs claiming they are entrepreneurs and fronting at the club pretending they something else. We do not have a lot of true Black entrepreneurs because Black entrepreneurs solve problems and you would be seeing a lot of problems solved in the Black community if that was the case. So the next time someone telling you they are a Black entrepreneur then ask them what kind of problem they are solving and that is your answer right there. We got a lot of cats who are nothing more than self-managed workers and because they want to front, their livelihood is being assaulted and they are being quiet about what is happening. We are seeing race-based manipulation games being played with supplier diversity contract and affirmative action and no one fighting or addressing these issues because cats don’t want to admit they are self-managed workers. Brothas and sistas are hearing they have been passed over for contracts and have to lay off their Black employees and shut down their micro-enterprise or cannot find new work to paint houses or work plumber jobs or be an authorized service technician. Then we got a lot of lightweight cats with multi-level marketing schemes, affiliate crap they reselling and these cats want to talk like they successful or they made it and that’s all they doing, talking. You be surprise how fast these cats run after you ask to look through their books. So why these MLM and affiliate reselling cats fronting and talking like they rich to you but don’t want to be audited by you? Because any Venture Capital firm will audit personal credit and business credit as part of their due diligence. If I approach you or anybody approach you with a business deal, you better ask for their credit record and their tax returns and do a background check and they better have a surety bond and if they don’t have that, then you a fool going into business without doing homework. So in 2013, they in Africa building aquaponic farms and learning to recycle shoes out of tires and create better jugs to carry water and from the well while here in America, we got a bunch of fake brothas and sistas with degrees fronting at the club pretending they are an entrepreneur, let's be real about this. They over there in Africa solving problems for their people creating business clusters out of shipping containers while we still over here in America talking about 1800s Black inventors and ish and now acting like MLM is entrepreneurship. Proper classification has to be done to solve our problems in our community and cats need to know their role. Cats who show up to work a gig or a “quick hustle” is not an entrepreneur and are self-managed workers. Cats who solve problems, sign royalty and licensee contracts and create their own products and services and don’t have to show up to work anywhere except promote their solutions or their products and services are entrepreneurs. So let’s stop the fronting and call a self-managed workers what they are and realize if we really had Black entrepreneurs, then Black problems would be getting solved..and they are not.

7 thoughts on “The Difference Between Being an Entrepreneur and Working a Self-Managed Job

  1. Love this post Ed. Again, you have laid it all out on the table and removed all of the myths & false definitions. An entrepreneur or a self managed job… serious food for thought…Great works. Thank you.

  2. Someone named Hissan ( made the following trolling comment:

    “Good blog Ed. But, where is your business? Last time I checked, Liquidity is no longer around. Fooky fell off, and Shopwallstar was never properly launched, but yet you have time to criticize “brothers and sisters” who are actually doing something (even if it’s small)”.

    Dead giveaway this Hissan is not an entrepreneur but want to pretend to be one and maaad after reading this. Noticed he asked about my business and then named off every business he observing from the sideline I made known to him. But do you know how you can automatically detect this character is not an entrepreneur?

    Notice how Hissan use “failure” as a weapon of negativity and this is what goes on in our community too much. Let’s entertain Hissan happy gotcha moment and let’s say I failed like he said. See, real entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure and the real skill of an entrepreneur is to have the talent to learn from failure and try again, even if they have to develop a new model.

    However, self-managed workers cannot fail because they will lose their self-managed job or contract. They are afraid of failure and they talk and project this mentality upon others that they fail, they lost. See, this Hissan validated that we have little Black entrepreneurs and more self-managed workers claiming to be entrepreneurs.

    In the real world, successful entrepreneurs fail and fail often but they fail forward, learn from their mistakes, make adjustments and move forward and they will eventually succeed. That is real business and if Hissan is on the sideline observing my failures, then he should know those failures are what defines me an entrepreneur. But when cats read nothing but uplifting, inspiring success stories on garbage like Black Enterprise, they see failure as a bad thing and confuse working a self-managed job, MLM hustles and supplier diversity contracts as entrepreneurship.

    Don’t let cats come at you making you think you should be shamed because you failed – that’s how you know whoever came to you with that is not an entrepreneur.

  3. Man, it’s pretty hard to call you a failure. You’ve put a lot of game on this site. It’s rare when someone puts one’s mistakes out there. I guess some folks see something I’m not seeing. It’s really sad that a person would be insecure enough to attack the next man instead of using the knowledge to lift himself up. I’ve noticed in my personal life when a person’s self hate makes him attack his potential allies. They’ll set you back just to make themselves feel better.

  4. What’s funny is when people ask what I do at the club. When I tell them that I’m the janitor most just shrug and walk away while other business owners say that they tell people the same thing at their shops, restaurants or offices.

  5. This post reveals the sad truth about our so-called “community”; there is a lack of leadership. Entrepreneurs are leaders and Black ones, unfortunately, are a rarity. You mentioned how we are still talking about nineteenth century inventors in the 21st century, which is an eye-opening realization when you consider our almost total absence from STEM careers. It seems that somewhere between then and now, we lost the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s not likely to come back until there’s a widespread education about this issue and the economic means to implement our ideas. According to the statistics, Black Americans have the money (almost 2 trillion dollars in spending power) but because we lack education and a self-producing community, our capital leeches out to non-Black businesses. Therefore, we have nothing. Thanks for this enlightening post.

  6. This is the first day reading this page, but it’s officially the home page on my phone and main laptop. .. let’s go and let’s grow

  7. Ed, this post seemed to validate me. Thank you for recharging my dreams. I am in self-managed recovery. I thought selling insurance, make-up, lingerie and other products out the trunk of my car made me an entrepreneur. Then, in 2008 I started to realize why I failed at those ventures. I learned what it takes to build a website, a bit about marketing while launching my first service based business. I am reconfiguring my business model and I emembrace failing forward! Thanks for this virtual pick me up!

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