The True Reason Black Identity Hustlers Hate Black People Using Mobile Digital Coupons

madatusshopping2 The so-called “Buy Black” mantra we keep seeing popping up over and over again need to be dealt with and we going to deal with it in this article. Every time we hear someone going around talking about they launching some “Buy Black” propaganda, they always run their mouth talking about this is how we create jobs and economic development in the Black community. What we discovered over and over is these Black identity hustlers who are telling us to “Buy Black” always seem to have their own personal profit motive while trying to whip up a sense of race-based nationalism. So instead of doing fact-based research to find out how Black people currently spend their dollars and create economic solutions around shopping behaviors, these race hustlers focus on Black nationalist propaganda campaigns and expect us Black people to shop based on loyalty to our race. Our research has shown that Black Americans use m-commerce technology more than any other group in the USA, including the use of mobile and digital coupons. In retailing, discounting strategies has been the norm since the economy and housing market took a hit in 2007. Digital coupons, online coupon codes, subscription to coupon sites have exploded and many of these digital coupon firms had successful IPOs despite this tough market. Black Americans as consumers extensively use mobile coupons and digital coupons and share this information among each other on social networks. There are several Black American influencers like bloggers and columnists who have a huge following for their couponing and discounting deals. So anybody with common sense would think these so-called Black social/mobile tech entrepreneurs, Black merchants and even the Black identity hustlers would come to the logical conclusion that employing discounting and mobile coupons would drive economic activity to Black-owned business in 2013, right? Well, we are going to tell you the truth in this article why these "Buy Black" characters do not care about mobile coupons and discounting even though it is the main purchase driver in this current economy. Let’s take a quick look at what the Black identity hustlers are doing with their “Buy Black” propaganda: Around the Way App. I believe I covered this generic cornball app some time ago because it is another lamer commodity web site that has to hide behind a “Black identity” in order to try to make itself legitimate. They expect you to whip out your mobile device and find the nearest Black – oh, I’m sorry – just the nearest “African-American” owned business because we ain’t supporting those Caribbean and African Blacks! This embarrassing cornball Around the Way app offers nothing you cannot do with Google Maps Pins API or Bings Maps API and you can find how to do this all over the web or at the bookstore. This Around the Way have no real business model except a listing service that again, anybody can list their business elsewhere for free and probably get better results, including social media like Facebook with followers spreading the word virally. Your Black World Buy Black Campaign. Dr. Boyce Watkins is desperately trying to be the “nouveau generation” of race hustlers to make up for his lackluster career of being a media pundit on the Fox News/CNN/MSNBC panel of guest to talk about topics. I have never seen a crappier crass attempt at being a two-bit race hustler like Dr. Boyce Watkins who think he can do all of that from conference panels and pushing content over the web and without the help of self-serving Black pastors. On the Your Black World web site, the following phrase says it all “We believe in the power of the Black economy and we’re dedicated to strengthening it by offering African-American business owners the opportunity to brand their products and/or services worldwide for as low as $12/day. With more than 2.6 million reads per month, the advertisement rate we’re offering Black business owners is far below the industry standard.” So in the same paragraph, Your Black World promote advertising on their web site under the guise of “Buying Black” and I have nothing further to say here. #IntheBlack. Now this is the biggest comedy show of all the “Buy Black” race loyalty initiatives. This is what they say “#InTheBlack is a revolutionary marketing campaign designed to amplify the value of engaging African Americans through Black targeted media and agencies. The campaign is the inaugural initiative of the Black Media & Marketing Consortium, a powerful collective of Black media, agencies, and trade organizations that have the know-how and the assets to unlock the cultural influence and the mighty commerce of black consumers.” Well if they have the know-how and assets, then why they resorting to race loyalty instead of using science and research? This consortium consist of the Root, the Grio, Black Enterprise, Black Voices, BET and I guess the rest of these Boule characters running around. So what have this whole group accomplished? If you go to their web site and look at current news, you see a link to a story about BET to air reruns of Scandal which is already available on-demand at Netflix. So Why Isn't Mobile Digital Coupons Being Promoted to Drive Black Businesses? You would think after all the Black people buying tickets to see the play Fela! on Groupons that these Black merchants and other “Buy Black” hustlers would understand how much Blacks embrace digital discount sites and mobile couponing. If these Black identity cats are truly interested in growing Black businesses, then they would have no problem focusing on aligning solutions with the current shopping behavior of Black people. That alignment would means creating mobile couponing and discounting strategies to drive Black shoppers to Black business. It is not hard to create a mobile coupon strategy – in fact it is easier and can use better metrics and analysis to help align Black businesses supply with Black shopper demands. Understanding transactions and what drives Black shoppers to Black businesses through digital coupons and discounting help create optimization paths. With that knowledge, we can better create economic sustainable and solid business models in the Black community to create true economic development. But why isn’t mobile coupons and digital discounting being touted in the Black community by all these "Buy Black" hustlers and implemented by these fake Black technology entrepreneurs? That’s a real good question, huh? The reason is simple as it is petty – these fake Black identity clowns want us Black people to stay "victims of racism" to be exploited and they want us to always have that problem. The Black identity hustlers don’t want to see me or any of you get a 20% discount on shoes, - they just want to get mad when you go to a business outside of your community to get that 20% discount on shoes. These race hustlers don’t want to see you Black folks happy or successful at anything, including having you get a good deal from a Black merchant. See, that is their whole hustle where these Black identity race hustlers want you brothas and sistas to be at a constant disadvantage so they can run to mainstream media or whatever and yell about Black grievances to get themselves the spotlight and a platform. You ain’t never heard not one time – never heard any of these Black identity race hustlers talk about the shopping behavior of Black people and how Black business need to take advantage of those behaviors to attract the Black consumer until you started reading Dream and Hustle. If the goal is to drive economic activity, then you understand consumer behavior that drive shopping activity and if mobile coupons and discounting is the current behavior of Black shoppers, then that is the answer you are looking for to spur Black economic growth. Again, and this is the same theme and message overall – the current generation of brothas and sistas need to get rid of these Black identity race hustlers out of the game. These Black identity race hustlers are not here to make us better - they want Black people to stay stagnant and a victim. These race hustlers then have a profit motive of trying to get us Black people give them money out of emotional grievances instead of us using our money to invest collectively on true economic growth of our people, our future and our community. Let’s start focusing on real solutions to help ourselves in our community and the first thing we need to do is drive these fake Black identity race hustlers out of town into the hills and start doing what’s real to make our lives better, fulfilled and positively progressive as brothas and sistas in the 21st century.

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  1. Dude like for real tho!! Those are those snakes in the grass you talk about. I can’t wait til I get my geo location service going to get all my other business models off ground. These fools have NEVER helped solve any true issues in our communities and all they do is talk!! I came across your site because I was tired of talking! Im ready for solutions, we are ready for solutions!! Another problem with black Americans is they always blind and will be lead into destruction over and over again because of this promotion of dominant race! I love my NATION all over the world. I want my whole NATION to be successful. I see these folks all day around here stuntin and perpatrating and not focus on a future they instead want their futures choosen for them while they keep up with the jonses. I’m sick of talking and been solution driven for a while now.

  2. Just recently had a conversation online where someone was promoting one of these and I agree, if you focus on what the customers actually want, it will not matter what your race is. Supporting a poor business or business model hurts just as much as not supporting black owned businesses. Focus on learning the actual skills to translate and build a strong business and you will be more successful than trying to rely on ‘guilt’.

  3. What’s sick about Watkins is that his Phd’s in economics. With his tv and web presence you’d think he’d try do something. He knows the problems better than most.

    I haven’t been able to find anything he said about the JOBS Act. Being an economist I imagine he’d at least have an opinion or a proposal. These guys are playing games.

    1. Vic78 I did not know that about his degree in economics and yes, he truly is a certifiable loser if this is how he turned out after all that edjucation.

      That’s crazy if he got a PhD in economics and totally unacceptable.

      LOOP21 AKA LOUSY 21

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