Visual Marketing Patterns and Practices for Brothas and Sistas to Apply to Their SoLoMo Hustle

chickkick While working on the geofenced virtual event solution approach, I found a very awesome visual marketing technique and going to share this with you brothas and sistas. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use visual marketing in your social marketing campaign. Once again, it’s a lot of so-called “social marketing experts” out there running their mouth but I have not seen any of them bring the kind of information we about to bring to the table. For our geofenced virtual event, we know that the virtual attendees will be using mobile devices to access the virtual event. Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets do not have 15” to 27” screens like desktop computers and we cannot cram web page functionality that works on big screens on a little one. So we have to be realistic about the mobile device and the outdoor environment where people are not going to sit around in the open and make an e-commerce order with a mobile phone in one hand while holding their credit card typing in an order at the virtual event either. So with that said, we know that it is not the best practice to have web pages that require a lot of typing text in and personally, I hate programming forms and text elements because that input has to be validate for special characters and other stuff. Besides we seriously doubt anybody at the virtual event is going to read long paragraphs of text. What I decided upon was to focus on using images that are similar to what we see in Facebook postings, Instagram, Twitpic and Pinterest. This is a mockup prototype of the booth page. boothmockup Anatomy of a Visual Marketing Image Here is the thing, Black people like most other people been spreading political, social, emotional “memes” trying to get a laugh, sympathy or shock value so they can feel good. Then you also saw the stunt where they get these little butt model chicks promoting kicks and heels for sale throughout Facebook and I think they shut that hustle down the last I checked. Then Facebook started promoting “sponsored posts” and you see stuff like this Dunkin Donuts ad: ddonuts Here is the issue I have with the ad and this is where a lot of cats go wrong in their social marketing campaign. This technique is outdated because it is known as “impressive advertisement” where the goal is to just to have a picture and a pitch statement. This is what they been doing on Madison Avenue since the 1950s with that Mad Men TV series or whatever. And then people start talking in different directions like you see in the comment section. Now I manage the Black Professional Network group on Facebook and moderate comments there and because we have close to 20,000 group participants who can post their message, a lot of spam come through. But one message threw me off and this is the image that was in the posting by someone from Malaysia. glassesvmarketing Now this right here, this spam is actually the best visual marketing that I’ve seen and this right here is how I’m going to instruct the virtual vendors to promote their products on the virtual event we are establishing. In the image above, notice the URL is in the upper left corner and this is where the human eye start scanning. Then notice on the right upper corner, you see a number which is likely a code that you can refer to when you make your order or search for this specific product. Then you see the price in large red typography. This is how you create a real visual marketing ad and why we writing this article because this is full of awesomeness right here. This is not an impression ad, this is a “take action” ad that helps a person viewing it follow through with real action. The picture shows the price, shows the URL to go to and also show the product code to refer to the item in question. This is the example you want to do to create an effective visual marketing ad, especially for your social, local and mobile (SoLoMo) hustle like the geofenced virtual event we are doing. Note: The "chicks 4 the kicks" image at the top is something I created in less than 4 minutes using Paint Shop Pro on my computer. It is not a real site and something I made up real fast for this blog article. Social Network Distribution Creating the visual marketing image is one thing, but you have to distribute the message. You can distribute it on a number of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitpic and so on. To do effective visual marketing you have to keep some things in mind: Spamming versus Going Viral. Spamming means you are posting it everywhere in large social network groups and hoping to get a rate of response like 5%. Going viral means you have an visual marketing ad that makes people want to share among others and they share also and spread rapid awareness. No One Will Hawk Your Products. If you are offering products then no one will co-sign in hawking on your behalf by sharing with others. What they will share however is a coupon or discount and this is how Godaddy been effective by allowing people to share the discount or sale and not just promote a hosting plan. People Will Share an Event. If there is a free event and depending on that event, people will share that information among others that matter. I have a bunch of people sharing visual marketing ads about the mud marathon events coming to their city with pictures of people with mud on them. Use a Campaign, Not Just One Image. Distribute multiple images on varying time to create a diversity of the message and this is standard practice on any national marketing campaign. They don’t just have one nifty commercial, they have several variations with different people and release each ad prior up to the event. But remember, focus on the elements that make the visual marketing sharable. Avoid Sex and Controversy. Some people believe sex sells and that myth was debunked a long time ago when we started seeing real data. People are basing their sex sells belief on the 1970s invention of video players for the household and the porn industry taking off as a result. Positivity sells and is more viral and this is the image you want to promote, don’t let negative Black media fool you when the OWN channel is dominating the Black media market right now. Focus on positive message in your advertisement. Destination Web Site landingpage When you create your visual marketing ad, how do you process the order? After all, the only thing they see is a product code in the top corner. The way you do it is to create a simple landing page where they can enter the code and you process the code to know what product to display to them. Now, this is a very nice feature because you can do several things here to track your marketing campaign. You can create a code for affiliates and when that code is entered, you can track the product and the affiliate who did the referral. If a sale is made, you use that code to know who to credit the sale to for commission. Two Exclusive Secrets for Brothas and Sistas globalviral Let me give the brothas and sistas two secrets about visual marketing: Use Software Code to Automate the Image Creation. You can use Java, .NET or other languages to automate the creation of the actual image with text overlay. These software can scan an existing e-commerce catalog and parse the image and the price and create a code automatically and create images that can start being shared on the Internet. In fact, you can build this software and share it with others. If you doing an affiliate marketing campaign, you can dynamically generate a set of images with a product code embed for an individual to start sharing. I may have to show how to do this later. Global Solution. Did you realize in the image above showing the Korean fashion product how it is written in Korean? See, you don’t have to create a web site that does translation into other languages as the language is created in the image itself! This is an instant global solution where you can now just focus on uploading visual marketing images and presenting visual marketing images in any part of the world! So in case you didn’t catch a clue, this whole virtual event thing, just like the GeoAirport code can be a global hustle for brothas and sistas if they learn this whole technique I just presented. You can have this up and running targeting an event for the Korean sistas up in Seoul while I'm targeting an event for the sistas in Atlanta at the same damn time..that's how powerful incorporating visual marketing in your SoLoMo hustle can be.

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    1. Oh goodness Shay! I told you bizstrap was a little tough compared to the other templates! One of the metro themes would have been nicer to implement but if you have any questions..I’m using bizstrap for the virtual event page.

  1. My badd not bizstrap, i got the regular page with.a countdown, i wasnt sure if it shud be jist a regular landing page. Yes as a matter of fact i do have a question. The visual marketing image we can create using express design? From that image we upload to our created vendor page. So whn u show us code for animation shud we wait to upload the final image?

    1. Yes, Express Design would have been better to create the image above. Just keep in mind that each text on the screen is a separate layer.

      Create a layer for the main image in the background, create a layer for the URL, create a layer for the product code and create a layer for the price.

      Then you have a reusable template to swap out the price, product code and background image to create new visual marketing images to keep pushing out and distribute over the social networks.

  2. Never heard of expression design. But now I do ! Those korean images are similar to what I see on aliexpress. This looks like something you can do locally. Creating products that have words or images that the local area gravitate to instantly. And buy.

  3. Excellent post Ed, Love this and thanks for the exclusive tips!
    Can you do a sub post on how to generate, ” automate the creation of the actual image with text overlay”? I’m using photoshop and understand the layering, so every layer a line of code?

  4. So I designed a couple of VM images, that was less than 7 mins for them all. I made two for each campaign, one a virtual geo-fencing advertising site and second an auction site that I can run. Now another question for me to understand properly is that your landing page is separate from your website page correct? So for instance, i’m in the geo-fenced area around the LAX and handing out small flyers for travelers to scan the QR code which directs them to my landing page, they decide to take on that offer with the discount code it should direct them to my website page to enter it correct?

    I just want to understand that the website is created separate from the bootstrap landing page correct? If so to my understanding of your image of the destination website shows a homepage just as the GeoAirport began.

    1. The landing page is part of the web site. The goal when someone is on a mobile device is to get them to the checkout ASAP so make sure they only doing 1-2 steps before taking action like a checkout or receive more information.

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