We Listened and We Responded – Introducing the Dream and Hustle Projects Section

eachoneteachone Based on our reader feedback, we created a new section on Dream and Hustle dedicated to projects. The project section will document and outline all of the actual business models initiatives that we will create in the real world or build a real mockup of. For example, we talked about the GeoAirport code last year but those articles are a year old and way down in the archives somewhere. I also spoke about ShopWallStar and the QR code posters but haven’t kept you guys up to date – it is being tested and reskinned with a bootstrap UI at the moment. What I don’t want to happen is we talk about these business models and then those articles get old. So the Projects section on the top menu will give you guys a one-button access to the things we working on, see the progress and details of step-by-step of getting it done. In addition, you are welcome to add comments and I may add a new feature where you can send me private questions and I can answer them for you – this is a WordPress feature. Right now, I have the upcoming geofenced virtual event that will be happening in September. I will document all of the steps from scratch for example, we have obtain the name SistaSphere.com, obtain the Sista Sphere Experience as a Facebook page and a Twitter account called SistaSphere and this is our first step at creating a brand as the communication platform. We will document as much as we can so brothas and sistas can learn how to build these projects and execute them for their own hustle. In addition, I’m going to share our development process of the 3rd Strategic Group. We go through different phases from brainstorming to operations of our hustles and I will use that same methodology here I use on my Swagg-Scientific projects I’m managing such as DBEXX and ShopWallStar and MochaStar and so on. As we progress on the project, you will see more detail added to the Project pages so that will show you we are in progress and if we have mistakes or setbacks, we will document them for you to learn from our mistakes. Again, this is another blow to the fake Boule Black business media cornballs out there who just like to talk to you cats about the hustle game and business game. Dream and Hustle is going to be about helping brothas and sistas start doing for self and we going to handhold you cats each step of the way if we have to. So yes, we will be putting in the Project section the GeoAirport and other projects like creating an IPTV or digital money project in this section and keep that content updated and I hope you guys participate in the comment section. You guys been asking for this feature and now we implemented the Projects page – let’s go and start making stuff happening while everybody else is on that fronting crap.

5 thoughts on “We Listened and We Responded – Introducing the Dream and Hustle Projects Section

    1. The virtual event will share the same code base as the geoairport project so check out the progress as well.

    1. Tanya, look at the hours of operation, no working class people are able to shopping during these hours and church people are in church on Sunday during those hours:

      “The 79th Street Indoor Mall is open from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturdays 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sundays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.”

      My thoughts are people should focus on serving the local black customers in the community, not black-owned businesses. Chicago black community has a problem with understanding who matters [the customer, not name dropping 1-2 black business owners] when it comes to economic development and then these same Chicago black people wonder why the communities are dilapidated and economically underdeveloped..

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