A Hoe Ain’t Nothing But a Sandwich and More Sunday Hot Topics

makingasammie I haven’t talk about many of the current issues is because I’m really excited about the entrepreneurial and technology work we are doing here. I’m really enjoyed TommorrowWorld and that was the bomb and worth the $200+ per person! I was with my girl and glad I got a chick who can pay for her own entrance and of course, I was peeping out the technology at the festival. I didn’t hear anything about negative rappers and the BET Hip-Hop awards because no one cares about rap music - all I heard about was TommorrowWorld and EDM and the DJs making the crowd move to the beat. So with that said, I will be back on the business and working on trying to get the blog to display code. I have a WordPress plugin that can display code and let you copy/paste but I have to figure out how to make it work. Then I got this Bluetooth 3.0 thing I’m working on to see if I can do encrypted mobile payments. The funny part is Microsoft created this dummy NFC test that use wireless to simulate a NFC tap but the dummy NFC test may be the what is replacing NFC if NFC do not standardized real soon. Then I’m working with several radio automation programs. I think the free Radio DJ is good enough for what I want to do and installed it on an old divorce trophy windows xp computer that I had and it works perfectly! Between Mixx which is free and Radio DJ which is free also is good enough to create an interesting radio broadcast firm and I will be covering that as part of the solution for the urban dance music. So as you see, I’m way too excited and deep with the 3rd Strategic Institute on the business and technology stuff to care about Miley Cyrus and Kayne West entertainment news. But anyway, to be fair and balanced on the topics, let me cover several things going on as hot topics that I care to comment on. The first is that whole 300 sandwich chick, the second is the ObamaCare dilmena for sugar daddies like myself, the third is that suicide by cop shooting in North Carolina and last is the options African-American men have if they sick and tired of African-American women. Then maybe when I finish talking, that will make yall want me to stick back to talking about hustling technology and be about the business. Shut Up..I’m Watching the Football Game! Go Make Me a Sandwich! sandwich When I first heard about this story, I believe it was made-up propaganda. A Page Six reporter to the NY Post? Yeah, okay and I believe every word. But now, I have to point out some interesting things after doing my research. Let’s investigate the photo in question. 1. This is the first thing that a Black man notice is her ass. Look at her small waist lane and how her booty just rounds out and those thick thighs. That’s the kind of booty you hitting it and see it bounces back your way and you want to keep up an African drum rhythm but can’t because you enjoying it too much. That’s the kind of booty she got and you wondering how this cornball looking guy got a chick with an ass like that. 2. You should have recognized the guitar and surfboard to explain how he got that ass. See this is what separate most cats from all these other dudes out there. I know he probably play the guitar but women like that but most dudes can't do it - I'm not talking about singing like Anthony Hamilton, I said play an instrument. And second, the surfboard is what a guy does and she appear to like him for what he love to do. You got Black men out there that don’t do a damn thing cool and they posing at the club with a Steve Harvey suit and talking gansta or afrocentric all the damn time and wonder why no quality woman want to be bothered with him. Most Black women do not even want to see that stuff like a guitar or surfboard in the living room, when she living with a guy. She just want a flat-screen TV and those sexualized Black couple art from the hood-based African art dealer. 3. Notice how the sandwich is prepared on a plate and cut diagonally. Notice how she garnished the plate with I think are apple slices and parsley. She probably prepared each layer of the sandwich to be a great presentation. She indicated she host dinner parties so that must mean that she took time to learn how to prepare quality hors d' oeuvres. Meanwhile, I dated sistas who buy the sausage and cheese pack from Wal-Mart, put knives on a paper towel and play Kem and Dwele and Jill Scott on repeat, cheap ass Moscato and think we got a real party going on. Now outside of the pictures, I fully understand sandwiches as a northeast cultural thing. Cats in the northeast love sandwiches which is considered urban fast food. Processed meat between two breads with caramelized vegetables and spread made up of crazy ingredients that are not good for your body long term. The dagwood, the corn beef reuben and they have unique names you see in every NYC style deli joint. The boyfriend probably grew up on these sandwiches and had his favorite sandwich shop. But the controversy began and I realize a Page Six reporter of the NY Post know how to manufacture propaganda and she did a good job. She is basically offending the liberal women movement and Blacks at the same time while working for Rupert Murdoch which he does at his other media properties like Fox News. But this propaganda here was very subtle and slick. What she done was used elements of the surrendered wife and the interracial dating aspect and narrated herself as this hapless chick with this lofty goal of 300 sandwiches before being proposed to. oogle A woman making a sandwich for a man is the biggest symbol of the anti-feminist because it has male dominance written all over it from the 20th century. The picture of the woman with an apron on making her husband a sandwich for his lunch box and give him his lunch box before he leaves to the construction job and oogle women with the other men also eating their stay at home and be obedient wives sandwich. Then you got the weekend football games that result in domestic violence and male dominance where the man tells his woman to make him a sandwich and he can’t use that statement without saying the b-word. See, he can’t say “will you please make me a sandwich?”, he has to be mad hearing her run her mouth while the game is on and say “shut the f*ck up b*tch! Go make me a sandwich!” which is also a northeast culture thing among old fashion men. sheinthekitchen So this manufactured propaganda is kinda clever. See, she is probably promoting this fictional reality-tv narrative that she can repackage into a book or pitch as a TV series. She is a media person, don’t you forget that part and she know how to manufacture controversy working at the NY Post. So on one side, she riles up the interracial crowd and some are calling her boyfriend gay looking. Then on the other hand, there are guys who want a woman like her and women are saying they will not do this for a man to prove something to him. This is why I decided to teach readers of Dream and Hustle on propaganda and the art of data manipulation. That is what this whole story is and to be honest, you cannot help but give this chick credit for this manufactured propaganda to advance her career and profile. You know the guys at the NY Post thought this was brilliant propaganda pitch before they even published the story and probably help her manufacture this BS months ago. The real part is are you good at making up this kind of controversial propaganda? The gay looking boyfriend, the hot ass black woman, the subservient sandwich making in the kitchen – look at the lead photo – a smart intelligent woman in the kitchen cooking for a man, we are talking about the NY Post and Rupert Murdoch and their agenda, get a grip. Should Sugar Daddy and Cougars Foot the Bill for the Affordable Care Act? When you begin to look at ObamaCare, in all honestly, I’m trying to figure out what the hell Black people are celebrating? Are they celebrating the legislation passed and this make President Obama look good? The ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act is a damn joke when it comes to Black people and make things worse, not better when it come to health care and should not have been passed without the free coverage. I haven’t heard not only person say anything about ObamaCare in how it benefits Black people because it does not benefit brothas and sistas. If you got a job with health benefits, then nothing change for you except it may get more expensive for the private offerings because your health care will be taxed at the hospital level and doctor level and that means your monthly premiums will rise and your paycheck will be smaller. If you have a part-time job or a full-time job without benefits, most likely your employer will demand you use the health care exchanges and unlikely will use them because there is no incentive for them to give you health benefits and this is your retail and fast food jobs. Now, if you don’t have a job and depending on where you live, you can get benefits or you are totally screwed. If you live in a state like Georgia you are screwed because Georgie opted out on the exchange and left poor people to continue to not have any benefits. In other states that opted in, they can use their Medicare aid to subsidize the young adults who are poor to have access to health care. This is important for you to understand because this is important for the Black community. In other words, there is no incentive for a poor Black person to live in Georgia and should consider relocating to a state that has opt-in coverage. Most ATL and Macon strippers who we brothas had as a girlfriend while we were married and subsidized their lifestyle, they usually have health concerns working in an environment that has second hand smoke and they are drinking all the damn time and eating unhealthy fried food all the time. They did not have access to healthcare and that was a topic of concern as a sugar daddy. Now with cougars, the same apply to their deadbeat young stud as he don’t have access to adequate healthcare either. So the young and poor will have to pay for their health insurance or they can face a fine. But they won’t face the fine until it is an emergency and it can be waived by the government. So there is two options here for cougars and sugar daddies and need to be brought up in a sit down talk with their younger sexual partner they sponsoring. Do you have them continue to go without coverage and just help them with the waiver or do you pay for their insurance? The best option is to help subsidize the poor young cats who cannot be on their parents health care because they don’t have health care coverage. Have a 12 month agreement. In honestly, I do truly believe and predict ObamaCare will be successfully defunded on the parts about waivers and exemptions and what will happen is the exchanges will stay in place. So there is no benefit here except one and that is to start encouraging the young ones you sugar daddies and cougars are sponsoring to do preventive health and start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Suicide by Cop over a Custody Dispute in Durham damnbro WNCN: News, Weather for Raleigh. Durham, Fayetteville There was a story about a guy named Derek Walker in North Carolina and I saw the interview with the mother Latasha Alston and her typical ignorant Black woman comments on how she view the father as basically a sperm donor while he trying to be there for his son. I’m going to be honest, I don’t care for cats who kill themselves as others struggle to live every day to fulfill their purpose. But anyway, someone linked to this guy named Tommy Sotomayor and if I’m correct, a Panamanian national like Juan Williams who come to America and start judging African-Americans and our culture and pretend he is one of us. So the video basically gets into an emotional rant about weak brothas on the Internet threatening his life defending these crazy sistas who are also out to get him. He talks about he been to jail and how the judges defend these women to take out the Black man. I personally know all of this myself but the difference is Tommy Sotomayor is acting out in a grudge but me, I’m living life to the fullest and solution focused. I already stated how to deal with cats who want to try a boss-level brotha and when it comes to my situation with my child, do you see me acting crazy or desperate? Let me tell the brothas the solution so they don’t do something stupid like Derek Walker because neither the child nor the baby momma was worth it. If you are a young father going through what Derek Walker going through, let me share my experience and recommendation. First of all, most of these so-called non-profits that talk about fatherhood and helping women with domestic violence and single dads get access to the children are part of the same money making machine. All of these people and these firms thrive off people having bad relationships and they got their hand in the cookie jar just like the court system who get paid off filings and other programs. What you need to do is evaluate the situation. First thing is how old is the child? If the child is under 9 years old, write it off as a lost cause – ain’t a damn thing you doing but trying to be cute with a baby, homey and I know you hate hearing that truth but I’m telling your ass to man up and accept that reality. It ain’t too much you can do because the child is young and the only thing you are really doing is putting up with the baby momma shit because she is the only one who can talk, not the kid under 9 who don’t know anything. Even if you were married, the same rules apply. Now, if the kid is over 9, now you realistically can have a legitimate argument because now the child is getting old enough to understand what is going on. But don’t think 9 is a magic number, some kids are slow and probably will need to be a lot older to see what is going on. See, at the young age, you guys are basically arguing not over the baby but how the baby momma is trying to “control” the situation. Now, here is what you just need to know and this is real talk – you got to say f*ck the baby momma and the child until that kid get up in age and go do you in the meantime. You guys are misunderstanding how good you got it when these dumb ass Black chicks want to try to keep the baby from you. See, what you brothas need to realize that children are expensive not in money but time and social life. So take a sense of happiness that she is paying a heavy price in her adult life to try to live that single mom shit and she actually paying off your part to be free. That means you get to pursue your hustle, you get to go to Columbia, Brazil and Dominican Republican and have orgy sex with 6 women you picked out for $400 at the same damn time. You get to date another chick, and another chick and another chick while she over there “keeping the baby from you” and you free to do you homey! The best that baby momma chick got going for her is sitting in the living room watching her kid watch some cartoons on TV or she drops the kid off and have only a few hours to play around. The kid wakes up in the middle of the night. Any relationship she had is nothing more than someone settling for sloppy seconds while you talking to some college chick in her 20s and filling her head up with how good of a man you are. But you as a brotha – man, you got to be goddamn stupid to not realize you won the battle. You really don’t need that child around you anyway until they are 9 or later and then you can have a convo with the child directly instead of fighting the baby momma. See, they got you brothas thinking you lost the custody battle and you are screwed. Homey, you can do everything to setting up shell corporate accounts overseas and pay $100 week in child support like the smart corporate cats be doing where you don’t own anything and got a small salary being paid to you. It’s always a way around the game and you cats just hanging around dumb ass brothas like yourself who don’t realize all the loopholes and options these rich cats be doing and all of yall frustrated thinking these baby mommas won when she know damn well she lost the war. But here is the thing – you got to make her pretend you are damaged, hurt and affected by she keeping the child away from you but you have to realize you are the real winner here. If you were smart, you would spend the time you got to yourself hustling and getting yourself up in your game instead of crying over a child that won’t remember you took them to Disneyland when they were 5 years old. Trust me, I raised kids and even when you married, they are a handful and you will not have time to yourself or your hobbies and goals and you better consider yourself lucky bro you got a dumbass baby momma cutting off her nose to spite her face by trying to keep the baby to herself. Because after all, the child will grow up anyway and then when that time happen, that’s when you got your act and game up and that child will know he/she was kept away from you and will resent the baby momma. It always go down like that if you held your act together and you will win in the long run, but you brothas got to realize you won big right now when she trying to keep all the burden to herself thinking she harming you in the process. Because if baby momma was smart, they would be in court fighting who to throw the baby at, not who keeps the baby. Remember, these women will f*ck their own life up if they think they hurting you in the process and you non-custodial daddies got to learn how to manipulate that behavior to your advantage. Top 5 Alternatives For Brothas Instead of African-American Women alt4bros Many brothas are tired of the bullcrap coming from African-American women. All the talk about divestment, conspiring with bigots to hurt the Black community through abortion and media propaganda and setting up her brothas to be marginalized. Then she watching "Scandal", "Love and Hip Hop" and reading Steve Harvey and watching his talk show and still seeing the same tired Tyler Perry script for 10 years! And the sista is more likely to make a brotha 300 fish sticks and expect a marriage proposal instead of making 300 sandwiches. But here is the thing, you don’t have to hate African-American sistas or be bitter at them. Just know you got a lot of options. I mean, let’s just run down what the brothas are looking for in a Black woman. The biggest thing a brotha want in a sista is a grande culo and that’s about it. And we held the false belief only sistas are the thick ones and we have to put up with their nonsense to be able to hit that. When you start traveling and go around this world, you quickly learn that African-American sistas do not have the most grande culo in the world or even the best. In some instances you will be pleasantly surprised with other culo out there and realize you as a Black man do have options. Now with all the options worldwide, brothas do come to me and ask me what type of sista they should get with and I’m going to list the top 5 alternatives to African-American women for a brotha to have the kind of relationship and sex that he is really after in this world. Here are my top 5 recommendations: Catholic Latina Woman. A Catholic Latina woman in my experience is moral, loyal and have a strong mother and father and also believe in family. In addition, it is a great transition to getting that dream 2nd home in beautiful Latin America to retire on the beach front and eat fruits rich in antioxidants. Catholic Filipina Woman. A good Catholic Filipina woman is also loyal and more likely to be a strong mother and also can be a good backbone and loyal supporter of her man ambitions and goals, encouraging a brotha but staying out the way at the same time. Catholic UK Black Woman. These sistas usually grew up Catholic in Africa or the Caribbean where they come from and they are very beautiful, intelligent and good earners and big picture thinkers. Most unlikely to watch ignorant TV drama like their African-American counterpart and enjoy shows like Luther with Idris Elba or a good foreign movie with a brotha and also tour Europe and other countries with. Catholic African Woman. A good Catholic African woman is an outstanding woman that can be consider A-grade and B-grade for a brotha who want a high quality sista. These sistas are entrepreneurial, loyal to their family and friends and have a passion for their people and the betterment of their people while doing their individual part. Agnostic Japanese Woman. Now, if you cannot get none of the above then nothings beats having a relationship with an agnostic Japanese woman with no sense of moral compass or restrictions. We are not talking about predatory relationships where you date a poor Thai girl – we talking dating a Japanese chick who put all options on the table in the relationship including helping you plan a store robbery in Chiba before you leave out of Narita and tongue kiss you before you go through the gates. Now, the first thing a cornball will say is I must not dated any of them – yes I did, now go STFU. Out of the list, the number one I’m going to recommend to a brotha is the Catholic Latina girl followed by the Catholic UK Black woman. You are going to be pleasantly surprised by the UK sistas, trust me on that. But the Latina sistas got a lot of South American exploration that you will enjoy. So again brothas, realize that you have good options and not put up with any crap from an African-American sista who won’t act like she will be something other than someone who will make a brotha happy.

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  1. Hey Ed, those are ripe pear slices. Very chic. Also, the turkey was hand sliced by her. One nice added touch is the well used tea kettle… bet she knows how to properly brew a great cup of gyokuro. And I think it’s her place, not his.

    1. The other garnish looks it could also possibly be cilantro. Now that I noticed, I’m betting the jelly is cranberry.

    2. Yes, I recognized it was the same sandwich in the kitchen she preparing that is on the tray in the living room. So you think she surf and play the acoustic guitar? That would make her pretty much A++ grade, wouldn’t it? She can prepare gourmet sandwiches and surf off the Atlantic Ocean and play an acoustic cover of Knockin on Heaven’s Door….

      But she also work for the New York Post…which would have made me walk out the door immediately and left her turkey sandwich right where I found it..

    3. The surfboard is purely cosmetic, that bit of red in the board matches the dried flowers near it. The guitar OTOH is more interesting. It looks out of place cosmetically… and that could be a lamp in front of it, but I’m thinking it’s a mic on a boom. I also think her smiles are somewhat insincere while the dude is (cornball, but sincere) smiling/laughing.

      Meh, this chick is all about image and no substance. Take the sandwich to go…

  2. All the sandwich story was just something to upset feminists and Black folks as a bonus. She’s in her mid 30s playing the tired no good Black man game(subtle). Got herself some white boy that loves her the way she is. The sandwich thing was a joke. It got the jerkoffs at MSNBC and some feminists distracted. Now she gets to raise her profile and do interviews about her new love.

    I guess I was raised different. I’m motivated by revenge and cruelty. What I would do is post some things that her employer has done over the years and question her position in the magazine. I smell a bed wench. I’d put a picture like this one http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/4724866/New-York-Post-apologises-over-racist-Barack-Obama-cartoon.html next to her stupid ass smiling about some damn sandwiches. There’s no need to argue with her.

  3. Americans make me laugh, the guys made the women that way and now you want to run and jump ship rather than deal with the mess you created. Goes both ways. I dated American males and thought nope will stick to what i know.

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