Discussing the Next Projects We are Taking On

newprojects Now that we created the first project which was the geofenced virtual event called Sista Sphere, getting ready to work on other projects. I wrapped up the documentation for Sista Sphere in the project section and cleaned up the code and also provided the instructions on how to get the code which require several steps to be taken since the code has 3rd party proprietary elements. Now there is one problem we discovered recently with the geo-location that is a big deal and me and my team is working on it. The geo-location works fine on iOS and it worked fine on my Android device when I was testing and out there but the latest version of Android is having problems. We discovered the problem is when the checkbox for “use wireless for location” is turned on in the settings section and this is a known Android problem. So I have to find a workaround for this bug fix because Android is the primary platform in South Africa and UK and we have to get this taken care of before entering those markets. The one thing we want to show and lead by example with the projects is demonstrating progress and showing lesson learned. For example, the marketing for Sista Sphere was underwhelming and did not meet expectations. So that means we are going to start focusing more on marketing the next project, start doing what it takes to get marketing tight . That means data analytics and dashboards and data collection. But it also mean we to have to take on a higher profile now and Dream and Hustle won’t be a subculture underground blog anymore because we are going to target a serious number of people to promote our next projects. We asked people out there about what are the next projects we should work on and it appears more people was interested in the hair extensions, followed by mobile coupons and the urban EDM industry. What we decided what to do is work on all three above at the same time. So you will see three projects in the project sections and we are starting work immediately. Let’s get into the upcoming projects and what need to be done. Hair Extension Hustle This is going to be fun because I don’t know have much to go on and I probably don’t know what need to be done. We a basically going to perform an intelligence review of the hair extension industry to find out how the supply line from the source to the hood. I suspect there is a major broker/exchange somewhere similar to how commodities are sold and that is what we want to pinpoint. Then from that point, I think either we going to find out about group buying and making that connection or arrange import/export. The part that is really fun is hair extension is coming in from everywhere. You got hair from South America and South Asia in various countries. But again, we are concerned because let’s be honest – we know sistas in these countries ain’t exactly into cutting their hair. Even the Indian hair, the shaving the head thing is a ceremony and not enough to sustain a hair extension industry. So basically, the goal here is to help move the hair industry directly to brothas and sistas and cut out as many middle people as possible. I don’t know where this will take us but let’s find out. Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons cannot be ignored because we already got the code to make it happen. The point of mobile coupons is to help African-American businesses drive traffic to their establishments through discounting deals. The problem with Black businesses with the failure to do discounting when Black consumers are actively chasing discounting. We are hoping to get Black businesses to see the value of discounting and we have to sell that message to get mobile coupons created as a strategy. Looking to get this up before the holiday season and I already know marketing is going to be key to make sure this get implemented successfully. What is going to happen is we are going to have to focus more on marketing than building a solution and you will see some real marketing skills coming into play to get the mobile coupons implemented. A lot of lessons from Sista Sphere will be employed to make sure mobile coupons do not repeat the same mistakes. For example, we will create a more robust social media sharing and embed code for web sites. I leverage my base of over 100K groups I’m helping manage for professional and entrepreneurial African-Americans on Facebook. I’m also going to be making phone calls and messages appealing to influencers to help spread the word. This might be the start of something nice – by creating mobile coupons for brothas and sistas entrepreneurs, the discounting will drive businesses and create social networking fun together. That is actually the angle I’m thinking because one of the things I like was how Fela! was done on Groupons and all the brothas and sistas showed up and we all know we got our tickets off Groupons – that kind of group of brothas and sistas spending money collectively is a pleasant surprise for entrepreneurs to see this kind of flash group buying. Urban EDM This will be my biggest endeavor ever because of who I have to involve, what I have to do and the size of the goal being achieved. It’s not impossible, but here is the thing – Swagg-Scientific which is my firm is developing a service called MochaStar and I think I will leverage our code with the solution for urban EDM. Urban EDM is a big deal to me because I passionately understand the value of bringing house music into the mainstream Black community. I grew up on house music and know the positive vibe and beautiful women and diverse group of people together around the genre. I also been around hip-hop scene where cats throwing up signs in the air, fighting, dissing Black women and cussing them out, smoking weed, shooting outside the club and hearing someone died and plenty of YouTube videos of people fighting outside of the hip-hop club. Nah, I prefer house music over hip-hop after comparing my life experience between the two. Here is what we going to do with the EDM scene – the first and foremost is a real established media platform to promote urban house music, both old and new. The media platform will be available on mobile, on gaming platforms and as a premium subscription service. The first agenda is to make sure we can establish royalty and license payment and create the business model to make sure this happen. Our whole initiative in urban dance music is driven by making sure the artist get paid – if the urban EDM artists cannot get paid, I’m not interested. Then we are going to help create crowdfunding efforts to promote urban EDM artists to go on tour and release songs and create a social community presence around it. Looking at a web site that links with a crowdfunding site where we promote artists and if people like their music, they can contribute to the crowdfund to help the artist get their act up and running to start touring. Then we going to focus on providing intelligence globally for creating urban EDM music festival worldwide. No offense, but I do not care about domestic dance music festivals – I want to take my girlfriend to the Mt. Fuji Urban EDM Festival with people all over the world coming to the event and these urban EDMs better raise themselves to this global level because this is where we going with our endeavors. Moving Forward All of these projects will soon be listed in the Projects section on Dream and Hustle and you will start seeing progress documented. We are definitely going to need your participation and help in these projects as I do not have all the information I need and don’t know everything. The biggest skills I’m seeing that will need to be discussed is both marketing and database skills and we will be covering these articles. You will also see articles on how to setup media streaming. In fact, I’m in my innovation lab this week learning Bluetooth ad2p streaming to facilitate streaming a mobile app to a car audio or stereo system. So I’m excited and hope you guys are too. But right now, I will be focusing more on explaining the foundation code from Sista Sphere and how we can implement reusable code them on future projects. But remember, we are making progress and always getting better and that is the takeaway that as long as we work on it, we can make things happen.

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  1. Ed, these are all great projects! The Black hair industry, for one, is huge. I have been looking into ways that Black people can seize a substantial percentage of the market. However, a lot more research is necessary. I would be willing to help with any of the projects (development or marketing).

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