The Sista Sphere Project: Our Takeaways and Lesson Learned

sistaretro Let’s wrap up the Sista Sphere geofenced virtual event project in the Dream and Hustle Projects section. I know there are other projects I want to move forward but we are going to cover what we learned, our experience and how we going to keep pushing on and keep getting better. The first thing is I’m not going to post of pictures of Sista Sphere when I was piggybacking off of another event – that is not the look I want for Swagg-Scientific. I will only show what we created from scratch and because Sista Sphere will continue, I will obtain a new set of images and media to promote to the public. Now overall, Sista Sphere was implemented. We talked about it, we built it and we implemented it. Entrepreneurship is about having a vision for a solution and making it a reality. It doesn’t matter how others think about it, it is about you being able to take your dream and hustle it to the real world. As you know, this is what me and crew do and been doing for years but as always, this is the best enjoyment and validation of God when you can take a vision God gave you and make it real to show God you can make all things possible. Things We Were Happy About The best thing me and my crew was happy about with Sista Sphere was the bootstrap templates bought from wrap bootstrap! It cost $15 and was feature rich and saved us a lot of time and money. The wrap bootstrap stuff look professional and was extremely easy to build and configure. Sista Sphere was easily accessible on a computer, tablet or even smart phone. This was the first time me and my crew implemented our first policy to work on the user interface and get the UI right and perfect before doing any code or database work and it paid off. See, we are already good on coding and database but what happen is the UI isn’t what the customer expect and when we make changes to the UI, then we have to refactor the code and database and it took longer than expected to complete projects. But getting the UI nailed down first, that made a hell of a difference. At first, we would create generic looking prototypes but after the Sista Sphere successful development results, we are going to do the full user interface first and foremost in our future projects. This is a great important lesson I want to share with anybody out there – get a boostrap template first and work on the user interface first. Also, noticed we don’t really need to create an Apple app or an Android app to release for mobile device. Sista Sphere was touch enabled and if you used a tablet or phone, you can “flick” the visual marketing images of the virtual vendors, a nice feature I demonstrated that the sistas at the event really liked. Things We Will Do Better Next Time Marketing could have been a lot better to reach more people. However, I did not want a lot of people knowing as this was a pilot program and also did not want cats throwing salt on a pilot program but trying to implement their version and that what’s some of these fake lurking cats coming to Dream and Hustle be trying to do. I’m going to be real, you can mimic whatever I do but the real work will always be marketing and that is what we got to master and get down. My lesson and takeaway is to have better material to demonstrate the solution I’m presenting and that will be through videos that will show step by step how to use the service. Then I will do a better job building a database of prospects to market the solution to and also create a buzz. My crew didn’t let me get worked over the lack of marketing as they reminded me this is the first pilot release and it will be the 2nd time we do Sista Sphere that it will matter because people know we already done it before. This is true and why you should launch a nice pilot program first before doing a real marketing campaign. Another issue is I did not have the metrics available for the virtual vendors to see how they done. I do have log stats and will send them out but I did not get to implement the logging feature into the system in time for release. The virtual vendors will have metrics and a dashboard available to them when I release the newer version of Sista Sphere. And one more issue is the sharing on social networks could have been more expansive and I will create a better social network sharing of virtual images so tourist to the area can share the visual marketing material to their peers to help promote businesses targeting the sistas. From This Point Now The next step for me is to first stabilize the code to bring to you guys. Now, you guys need to understand that I cannot provide you with the wrap bootstrap template because that is a 3rd party product that was licensed only for me to use for Sista Sphere. What I will provide is the other code and if you want to buy the $15 bootstrap template, do them a favor since you will not be getting the code at a financial cost from me. The code resides in our online-hosted Team Foundation Services which is at The way you cats are going to get the code is you have to create your own account at the web site and you are going to add my email address as a developer. When you add me as a developer, you have demonstrated to me you know how to create a development environment and now can add developers like me or your outsourced team to help you develop global solutions for your worldwide empire. And I will add the code to your TFS project. For Sista Sphere, I will create marketing material to make it a permanent place for the sistas to come to the Georgia International Plaza and use their mobile device to learn about other sista entrepreneurs and host virtual sessions and read content. It will be a virtual networking ground and a place for sistas to start connecting and supporting each other with their business and endeavors. Then once the code is stabilized, we are looking for a place in South Africa and South London to host the other versions. I have someone in South London looking for a spot to host and I will need someone in South Africa to help me locate a spot for the sistas to connect there. Overall What We Thought Here is the beautiful thing is when we develop code for the hood, our business models are modular and we can plug and play and mashup to create new models. The Sista Sphere took code from the Shop Wall Star that allow images to be uploaded for the QR shopping wall poster and also used the Geo-Airport code to determine location. This is why coding is important and also I have a mega database on the GoDaddy hosting site that is a database for more than one application. We pilot test applications on the one $5/month GoDaddy account and when it get big, we scale up to a bigger server only when the demand is there. That is how I want you cats to think about your hustle. I know I made those fake Black technologists maaad at me because we doing $5/month GoDaddy hosting creating solutions for the Black community and showing brothas and sistas how to do it while they trying to impress some bigot Venture Capital firm to give them millions of dollars so they can brag in Black Enterprise magazine, how pathetic. But in case you haven’t read the damn memo, Atlanta is where it at and we down here in Atlanta is going to be the technology solution center for brothas and sistas and we are the only real cats who going to be doing it for our people. So I will wrap up the Sista Sphere Project page with detailed content and our findings and I also want the discussion to be on the Projects site and I will answer questions over there. Thanks for helping us make Sista Sphere a reality and our first Project out of the Dream and Hustle innovation center!

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  1. Great wrap up! I like how u went about this project in detail and the possibilities to continue to get better as a nation all over the globe.

    I had got the tfs account at the beginning of the project. So ima be on the development tomorrow so i am able to experience it for myself with some events coming up here in L.A.

    Thanks Ed, im going to execute this at the best of my abilities so ur hard work is not wasted

  2. I figured Sistasphere was going to work when you presented the idea. Reading this site’s starting to rub off. I’ve been telling people to check the site out. And I got my tfs account up. I already know where I want to go with my site when it’s done.

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