Dream and Hustle Doing a Full Investigation to Get to the Bottom of this Financial F*ckery Among Black Millennials

brokewealthy Me and my crew are interrupting our normal topic of discussion to focus on the whole Barneys incidents and it is not because of the NYPD actions. I’m more concerned about what is obviously broke-ass Black millennials spending their tax refund checks and multiple paychecks on expensive gear in an ultra-perverse manner. We are going to do data analysis and research to find out what the hell is going on. Some of you cat want to claim that cats can buy what they want with their money. Those type of comments are frankly shallow and short-sighted at best meant to find excuses instead of understanding why some dude working at Target living with mommy is spending $350 on a belt instead of putting $350 on the electric bill or buying his mom a trip to Atlantic City – the type of shit real cats do for their mommy for putting up with their behind still in the house. And don’t tell me you “think” he does that nice ish for his mom – I know damn well he does not. Or some chick paying $2,500 for a purse with her tax refund which means she probably also getting child support or other kind of assistance to blow money like that. Look, I remember working a fast food job as a teenager and saving up my money to buy some expensive shoes I had on layaway at Footlocker – but I was a teenager under the age of 18 years old and that is different. These people running to Barneys are over 18 years of age and their reality does not match their spending pattern and this is absolute financial f*ckery and reckless behavior at best going on in the Black community. I will give the Black millennials props for not being like that last ignorant generate of the late 1990s and early 2000s who used credit cards to buy this stuff where interest rates jump up to 27.9% for missing a payment by one day. But then again, this is worse because these cats are spending real cash money they don’t have on this materialistic bullcrap. I have to wonder if that chick had $2500 cash in her hand would she run to Barneys and the same with that brotha having $350 cash in his hand – are debit cards and numbers making cats think different about the money they got? Over and over again, I have to hear some idiot keep saying negative Black media do not impact Black people and these people make their own decisions. And over and over again, I’m finding that statement to be bullshit and realize Black people are heavily influenced by negative Black media. In both cases, we are seeing a materialistic hip-hop culture and fake-wealth Black style blogs being referenced as to why these two broke-ass people are buying $350 belts and $2500 purses. So we are going to get to the bottom of the source of this information and find out who is the puppet master behind this crap. So we are doing research right now, getting to the bottom of all this, getting past the ignorant arguments back and forth about what people have the right to buy. This is a serious issue to us – both of these dumb idiots can get their behind jacked and left in an alley and kilt over some materialistic ish. Cats get killed for sneakers and Troop jackets and Jesus piece for the past 25 years, what the f*ck you think will happen if cats walking around with $350 belts and $2500 purses in the hood? So don’t come here with that ignorant shallow argument about cats buy what they want in the hood and think there is not risk and danger with that. Go ahead and buy a brand new nice car over $45K and park it in the hood – let’s see how that turns out. Thank God we are not a sorry ass publication like Black Enterprise magazine and we will do real work and investigation and find out what the hell is going on and bring the issue to light and find a solution to this reckless financial f*ckery going on. This perverse broke-and-materialistic can be systematic, it can be a trend but one thing is that this is not something that we can ignore and claim freedom of expression – the hood is not a democracy. When you see brothas and sistas spending in this fashion, it is a sign of something going wrong. Our expertise on retailing indicates this is shopping therapy for something underlying going on. Maybe they trying to compensate for the bad economy by appearing rich, we need to get to the bottom of this and address this matter. Because the Black millenials are the Black youth and we give a f*ck about the Black youth here, we are working on this matter right now and getting to the bottom of it.

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  1. You are on the right track…I encourage you to treat this as REAL research which can have tremendous impact on the result you seek. You are right about the possibility of “therapy” and there are many of us around the country doing this work now. There is real pain here…and some personal responsibility. I’d love to hear your research plan.

  2. At first, I thought it’s his money do what thy shall no matter how crazy and irresponsible it is to me but then I’m thinking why would you need an expensive belt? Then I saw this young brotha’s photos and that was it. The mental conditioning is what’s holding him and many of us back. A lawsuit won’t change a thing for him it’s only temporary. This brotha needs a mental flush by checking out this blog and learning how to be a real game changer for his family and community.

    I just don’t understand why we do not see we are a people of success and stop being afraid to be greater than our current conditions. Good article and looking forward to your final research!

  3. My initial thoughts on homeboy points to his momma. He appears to be a baby boy and mommy is capable of collecting child support until he is 21. His retail therapy has more to do with mental conditioning from his childhood – he has all the flags flying indicating my initial thoughts.

    The pregger is different as I believe she think she getting free money and splurge that tax rebate check. Probably do not earn her money on her own accord.

    But why Barneys on Madison Ave? The smoke trail pointing to Jay Z and Kayne but we are doing some serious data mining to uncover the whole environment to implement a solution.

  4. I was with you until you insulted Black Enterprise Mag, Why is it that our people ALWAYS insult each other ?? My way is the correct way type attitude ..ENOUGH ! there are TOO MANY RULES TO BE BLACK !! Where were all of you when I had 3 brain surgeries last year ? where were you when I had hard times getting ALL my bills paid ? Then DON’T tell me ANYTHING about what to do with my earned FROM WORK money !! Let me add I do a LOT for my people EVERY WEEK ALL YEAR, without them owing me or having to live the way I SAY ..SMH..In life especially when you r young, you will make many mistakes & suffer from them …this is how you learn & grow

    1. Debbi B,

      Black Enterprise magazine insulted Black people and Black entrepreneurs for the longest time. Whether you are with me is unimportant to me or my crew or our mission. You are more than welcome to run right over to that Black Enterprise and hang out over there sista! Don’t get hit by a tumbleweed….fuck Black Enterprise magazine..

      You stated you had 3 brain surgeries and wrote what you wrote…I understand and have no comment….

  5. This was an excellent article and right on point! I was more surprised at the irresponsible way they were using their money than the way they were treated.

  6. Hey Brotha Ed and My Sista Debbie,

    We as a people are going to have different likes and dislikes about some things, which is ok. Debbie you like Black Enterprise a lot and Ed you dislike Black Enterprise passionately, which is fine. By the way, I’ve stopped reading the mag because Ed opened my eyes to many things about the publication. But my sista there’s really no need to yell with caps and my brotha the cussing is just not necessary. The two of you can agree to disagree but let’s not divide over this and believe we cannot work towards a common goal…we can! I may not agree with some commenter’s or Ed’s views but the information you share brotha is very important and this blog is a vital platform of actionable information. We have too much work ahead of us to better ourselves, our families, communities, and to leave a legacy that will last forever. Let’s not give up on each other and God Bless!

    1. Maurice,

      Work towards a common goal? What is she doing exactly? She addressing or she venting? How she going to help me? See, I been doing this blog for over 7 years and it’s the same tired script with some Black folks.

      Every time I get on a subject like this and it has interest, I get African-American nut jobs coming out the woodwork ready to say something negative. People who are not going to do anything but want to disrupt the flow here with some passionate diatribe that has nothing to do with nothing. These same batch of African-Americnas come around saying what are you doing and then when they see I’m doing something, start acting nutty and negative.

      This is the one that got through, I normally would not even bother with this stuff and just keep it moving. Like you said, there is a mission that has to be done and anybody who follow this blog know I keep it moving on mission and have zero concern about negative chatter or the diatribe anymore.

      I’m addressing a Black youth issue, mostly an inner city Black youth issue. These adults or BE magazine ain’t impress me or have produced nothing for me to believe, that they care about inner city Black youth. So when it comes to anything to do with the Black youth, I don’t care to hear what people got to say or think, what matters if what we going to do for them as elders and I don’t have time for the BS.

      If someone got something to say other than how to help our Black youth, then they shouldn’t be talking to me or even visiting my blog….

  7. Brotha Ed,

    What I read was for Debbie a chord was struck with the Black Enterprise part, which she finds important to her…that’s valid whether we agree or not. The whole issue about her health well that was an add on to her frustration. Just like your frustration with some the negativity you face based on your works…that’s valid as well. I can tell you’re passionate brotha about what you do just like I believe Debbie is passionate about the work she’s doing in her community and she reads your blog. Sometimes those who disagree with you can end up being one of your biggest supporters and sometimes someone’s viewpoint can make you adjust yours just a bit. Well at the end of the day, we all gotta move forward and continue making moves. I am looking forward to you addressing this article even further my brotha and God Bless everyone!

    1. No problem Maurice, Debbie can take her love and importance for Black Enterprise somewhere else. I don’t want to hear about it on my blog. And that goes for anybody. But I’m moving forward..beside the core of this issue is in New York, Black Enterprise stomping ground..yet I’m the one addressing it…

  8. lol, this cornball, kumbaya, “can’t we all get along” isht is just killing me…, not only do we not all have to get along, it’s better by far that somebody puts his foot down, asserts a standard, and on that basis kicks ass and takes names. Everything else is useless, feminized conversation.

    1. Exactly CNU, I didn’t ask for no one opinion, I stated what me and my people going to do with our time and money.

      Black talk radio must got these folks trained to spill out emotions and discussions instead of action and strategies. Then these Black magazines filling their head with someone else inspirational story instead of helping them directly.

      And they got the nerve to find an excuse why a 19 year old spends his life savings on a belt because most likely, they bought a McMansion 10 years ago with interest only loan and still trying to rationalize their actions.

      Either cats going to look out for the Black youth or not and its time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    2. indeed……………. “cant we all get along” comment.
      i do not subscribe to tribalism anymore, use to, but not anymore.
      as a native new yorker we knew in the 80’s to stay out of barneys,bloomingdale, bergdoef goodman,abraham and strauss, macy’s 34th st, nordstrom, polo mansion on 77th st, etc…………………..
      all stores listed above i do not and will not support and this has been in effect since the 80’s

      1. Exactly Sean and that is why im confused why these young Black kids were shopping on Madison Ave in the first place. So trying to get to bottom of this.

  9. ed……………………… on a side note i see warren ballentine is still hustling the masses.
    it is so easy to hustle the people.
    i need an article from you on the preachers of la, after watching the first episode(yes i admit) i think i am going to look into opening me up a church in nj.

  10. ed…………………looking forward to the follow up article, we have to do better, indeed.

  11. I guess he wanted to feel validated in some way. Spending money in some high-end store makes him matter. The police squashed that idea, though. I hope the experience has shaken him awake.

    When I was a student, I splurged every once in a while. But I looked to my friends and education for validation (rightly or wrongly).

    Somebody above spoke against tribalism. If we don’t stick together, then what’s the point? What makes our community weaker than other groups is that we don’t support each other and unite in a sustained way.

  12. The negroe is beset on all sides by breath and britches frauds and hucksters anointed and supported from outside the race as its “leadership”. Consequently, there is no unitary and shiningly upright aegis under which to unite. Until these pompous and incompetent frauds are eliminated from the field of view, we’ll continue to be beset by kumbaya platitudes from weak, pathetic negroes whining about our inability to “all just get along”.

    1. I not sure if the problem is solvable. Have been seriously considering Kenyan citizenship. Since they changed the constitution, my Kenyan friends tell me it is possible to hold dual citizenship. The country has many problems like anyplace, but at least on the question of black empowerment there is no question.

      1. Is that “black empowerment” or certain folks tribe empowerment thing you’re talking about in Kenya? Cause, that westgate shopping mall situation half a hot minute ago, suggests everything may not be so peachy on the black kumbaya front in Kenya.

    2. It is solvable, just have to think different and unorthodox on the approach. I would like to point out the one guarantee is this problem will be resolved one way or another as this is absolute zero sum game theory at play against Black Americans. The numbers are constantly going downward, no matter how much talking is going on.

      I know what the solution is but I’m conflicted on it – someone has to replace the current nonsense in Black America with a slicker form of nonsense. I admit it is beginning to get unrealistic about creating Black empowerment in America while Black empowerment is being developed all over in the African Diaspora. Just read a wonderful story about micro-hydro plants powering small villages and had to shake my head at the discussion about the right to buy a $350 belt when government contractors went nearly a month without pay, mostly Black government workers.

      But then again, people had to leave old and outdated socialist Europe and start a new life in America for their people right?

    3. @Cnu, like I said, they have problems over there. Tribalism, crime, terrorism, corruption are problems. But you know what? American also has tribalism, crime, terrorism, and corruption. I don’t have rose-colored glasses for either.

      What can I say, the place is starting to grow on me.

    4. @Ed, I still believe that for African Americans, there are more opportunities outside of the states than in it. The American Dream flows outward for us.

      1. What can I say, the place is starting to grow on me.

        Is she Bantu or Somali? (I’m kinda partial to those phoine little cushite wimmins meself)

  13. This Barney’s charade is going to bring representative breath and britches cockroaches out from under the baseboard, we need only watch to see the spectacle unfold.

    1. Yes, it is happening in real-time and so scripted and predictable. The one spectacle that is amazing is we saw the housing crisis, the energy crisis, the defunding of social entitlement programs, loss in savings and retirement and high Black unemployment rate and you have some Black people saying these young Blacks can spend $350 on a belt like it is an ok splurge….that’s the most amazing thing because I cannot help but think about how Detroit looks right now….

  14. One of my respected elders, who personally followed the Tony Montana recipe for legitimate success, reflexively fixed his mouth to chastise me for questioning whether young bruvva “was being robbed of his childhood” by racism for squandering his two shekkels for that worthless Ferragamo “status prop”. http://btx3.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/shopping-while-black/#comment-9519

    I’d say the boy got robbed of his common sense for getting bent over and criminally raped by this fruity designer whose brand has so thoroughly infected the boy’s mind that the boy is not only perfectly willing to trade his hard earned loot for garbage, but in fact “delighted” and profoundly moved to do so, in precisely the same way a crackhead is delighted and profoundly moved to exchange his ill-gotten loot for a couple of waxy rocks and a moment of dopaminergic forgetfulness…,

    1. I hear that one a lot about a 19 year old kid having the right (not the responsibility but the right) to buy what he wants. The reckless logic is followed by we all go through that.

      Well, back to the housing crash of 2008 – that wasn’t young people signing interest only loans for $750,000 homes with the principal kicking in 5 years later. And African-Americans were signing mortgages with 7% to 11% interest who had perfect credit to quality for 4% mortgages. See the conflict of interest?

      We want to blame the banks for Blacks signing loans they cannot afford but want to find excuses for a Black kid who buys a belt he cannot afford. Can’t have it both ways….

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