The Barneys Fiasco is Our Black Youth Being Uneducated to Getting Money, Power and Respect

whoworldisthis Let’s just straight to the point - Trayon Christian want to look like Juelz Santana but ain’t willing to hustle like Juelz Santana. It is unacceptable and uncivilized to be a 19 year old Black male in New York City and can’t hustle and put food on the family table. Kayla Phillips want to buy $2,500 clutches like she Lil Kim but ain’t hustled like Lil Kim in this game either. The bottom line and all these cats talking about Barneys treatment of Blacks not realizing the core issue is cats trying to get the respect before the money and power. This article is to take responsibility and acknowledge my generation dropped the ball and resolve this matter by educating the Black youth immediately starting right now. I'm personally upset from a Black cultural angle because this my generation as grown Black folks and we let down and failed our young brothas and sistas not teaching them or putting it in their head to not repeat mistakes we done and help them do better and smarter than us. What really hurts about this failure is these two Kayla and Trayon brokeass fronting cats are NYC cats – they of all people should have known Jay-Z and Lil Kim was hustling younger than 19 and 21 to get up and coming in this game. There was definitely a disconnect between older and younger generations and it has to be repaired immediately. So again, this Dream and Hustle blog article serves as official education and briefing to the Black youth from an official representative of the older Black generation on getting money, power and respect. The 1980s Movie Scene that Changed Black America In the 1980s, there was a movie called Scarface and is one of the most influential movies that changed a generation of brothas and sistas thought in terms from thinking low-level to being empire builders. The following scene is the most powerful scene in Scarface as you see Tony Montana educate his younger mentor on how to get what he wants in America: This movie scene is the perfect example of what we saw with Barneys and Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips who thought having money should earn them respect and they end up being disrespected bringing silliness to the table. The current Black generation from the 1980s and 1990s need to be a mentor like Tony Montana from the beach scene and pull our younger generation to the side and explain to them that in America, you have to get the money, then you get the power and once you have the money and power, then you can get what you want with the respect you deserve. The full Scarface movie is on YouTube and as an official representative of the older Black generation, all of you young brothas and sistas are being ordered to go watch Scarface and study the movie. Now let’s talk about money, power and respect and explain each phase. Get the Money When you become an adult or have the mindset of an adult, the first thing you need to prove to yourself in this world is you are an earner. Working a job is a way to make money but that is slow money fixed income getting a paycheck every week or every two weeks. Cats need to learn there is more ways to making money than having a job receiving a paycheck. You earn your keep hustling out here on the streets, like cats selling customized t-shirts, hats and kicks. Lot of things you can hustle, especially in those boroughs. At this day in age, how you spend your money don’t mean anything no more – that materialistic spending stuff died out in the 1900s, homey. What matters is if you are an earner and you can bring bread to the table and cats becoming adults have to learn no one is going to put food on their table anymore. Cats be thinking they can rely on mom and dad and start losing mom and dad to tragedy then stay with an aunt who kick the 14-21 year old out to move in their new lover, so the young cats need to learn how to earn money, that is the only attribute that determines character in an 21st century Black youth. You can earn money plenty of ways and if you can read this blog, that means you have enough resources and intelligence to do some of the web hustles I talk about on this blog. Learn to look at what people out here are willing to pay for and learn how to tap into those hustles with your own hustle. Your biggest hustle is going to come from operations that you can parallel and batch in processes. That means have more than one person working the hustle like 5 cats on busy blocks on each borough selling your customized t-shirts and batches means you can process transactions in small amounts that eventually add up. Nobody cares in the 21st century if you can freestyle or you got a nice mix you put on SoundCloud – cats want to know if you are a good earner, plain and simple. Cats don’t care how you flex selfie pics on social media like Facebook and Instagram wearing $350 belts like you got swag, they care if you are a good earner. When you looking for a job, they don’t give a damn if you have a college degree or what school you went to, they care how much you can be an earner for their firm. When you look for an apartment or housing or a bank loan, they are looking at your earning ability to pay off the loan or pay rent. So when you are 18 or 19 or better yet, when you are 12 years old, your focus is to become a good earner for yourself. Learn to earn on how to make something and get money from it or do something and get money from it. If you investing long-term to be a pro-athlete baller or be a corporate mogul or a big politician, one of the things you learn to earn is your character of being upstanding and professional. You get the money by learning to earn and get out there and earn the best way you can. Having a job, especially some part-time job at Target like Trayon is not the best way to earn money and you got to think better than that and need to hustle harder on your earning skills at your young age. Get the Power When you earn money, you accumulate money and the more money you have, the more options you have to make decisions right here and right now. That means you can spend your money on hiring others to do work and you become their boss and helping them put bread on their family table to eat. It also means you leverage your money to buy properties and materials that can produce additional wealth for yourself and others such as investment options, real estate, funding a start-up venture and so on. When you start gathering assets with your money, you begin to accumulate power. You have shares in a company and you are a shareholder who can voice your opinion at a shareholder meeting and rally up other shareholders to go with your cause. You have an apartment building and you help young families moving in from out of town setup there first and help them transition to being a strong family who can afford your more expensive rental units– that’s what good real estate cats do. You build a farm or a manufacturing plant that have low profit margins for you but the expense of salaries and perks to give people jobs and celebrate once in a while improves quality of life. All of what I described is using your money to accumulate power. You take your money, invest in the right things that are going to work for you in your favor. Cats can talk about the Koch brothers all they want but the Koch brothers took their money and created political power for themselves. Don’t sit back being an emotional liberal hating the Koch brothers; take out a notepad and learn how to accumulate that same kind of power with your money. With power, that means you don’t care who wins the election because your power is going to make that politician see things your way or you will buy a politician that will make you see things your way. With power, you don’t have to worry about cops, let your lawyer who know the district attorney and mayor office deal with having that cop losing their job and now working security at a titty bar somewhere. Where Black people constantly fail at is they get money, but they don’t accumulate power. Instead, what Black people tend to do is claim they have “disposable income” and you see crap in Black media trying to say we Black people have disposable income – nobody has disposable income except idiots who don’t know how to manage their money. All of your money, 100% of it is a resource you utilize to accumulate power and that is what supposed to be done with money when you get it. When I talked about the 1900s tycoons using their money for endowments, that is building immortal power and influence and names like Kroc, Walton, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kellogg and Carnegie still make cats think of these tycoons influence and power and that tycoon money is still being worked to this day while these moguls been dead and gone for almost 100 years. That’s immortal power and that’s what Black people have yet to achieve as a people due to selfish behaviors such as believe we have disposable income. I don't ever want to hear that damn phrase "disposable income" when referencing Black people ever again. Good examples of power is Oprah Winfrey using her wealth to start a school in South Africa for girls, empowering a generation of young sistas to be great women who can contribute something positive for this world. Another example of power is Mo Ibrahim, the richest Black man in the world who use his wealth to sway African dictators to do the right thing for their people and not sell out everyday Africans for chump change. You create power using the money you got to empower others and use your money in a way that benefits you, not give your money away to some retailer in exchange for a $350 belt. I’m working on a project at the time of writing this article that will enable retailing and service businesses in the Black community to offer discounting through crowdfunding. That entire empowerment project will cost less than $350 to build and implement. Yes, you hear right - this technology initiative to empower hundreds of Black businesses to attract Black consumers will cost less than that damn belt Trayon Christian went to Barneys and purchase. Real cats like me use my money as a resource to build power and as a tool to empower others and that is what the Black youth generation need to do also – engage in social entrepreneurship through social responsibility. Get the Respect porschemachineguns I hate to break it to you guys, but I can go to Barneys on Madison Ave in New York right now and you know how I would be treated? I would hear “have a great day, sir” and when I go to luxury resorts around the world, I hear “welcome back, Mr. Dunn” as my car door is opened and I hand over a tip. I’m with my son who goes with me and he hears it all the time “Thank you Mr. Dunn”, “Hello, Mr. Dunn, is that your son?” and we go to retailing outlets and my son hear “Hey little man, how you been?” by the store manager as if they know my son. See, when they start calling you Mr. Montana, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Carter and act like they know your family and anniversary then you know that’s respect and that kind of respect is earned, not given in this world. You get the money and show cats you know how to earn and hold your own in this world. Then you use your earning ability to create power for yourself and make moves and you helping other cats. Then these same cats are talking about you and what you done for others, how you putting other cats on, building establishments and empires to help brothas and sistas put food on their table. Then when you step out in the real world, cats open doors for you, gift wrap for you, bring a bottle to your table, bring chicks to your hotel room even gay chicks for your bisexual mistress to play with, give you the key to their vacation home in Brazil and give you a free overseas ticket from their hookup working at Delta Airlines in Atlanta. That’s call respect and that is the result of you having money and power and that is the only way you going to get respect in this world. When you get respect, you don’t need to buy a $350 belt, the designer will give you that belt for free to wear. The same with a $2500 purse, they will give you that purse for free just to walk on the red carpet and be seen with it. But at the same time, you have to be a respectful person. With me, I announce who I am when I enter a building and when I see a sales associate, I have a brief interactive relationship with the sales associate letting them know I’m Ed Dunn and I’m considering spending my money here. We have a brief conversation and they find out I'm from Chicago and they are from Hartford and I learn where the party is at in Manhattan that night. From that relationship, the sales associate brings me back not the used belt Trayon bought, they bring me back a new belt and personally gift wrap it in front of me and shake my hand and ask me to come again. Mutual financial transaction and a great retail experience expected on high streets involving cats who have the money and power to give and receive respect. Get the Money, Get the Power, Earn the Respect This article serves as official record that the Black youth has been officially briefed by an elder Black person of our generation on getting money, power and respect. I’m also providing the video and song by Lox featuring Lil Kim called Money, Power, Respect for study material so the Black youth to understand the lyrics, especially Lil Kim hook. It's the key to life Money, power, and respect, whatchu' need in life Money, power, and respect, you'll be eatin' right Money, power, and respect, help you sleep at night You'll see the light, it's the key to life The Black youth is now being directed by their Black elders to immediately stop going to places like Barneys New York and spending $350 on belts and $2500 on purses. I'm also advising the Black youth to focus instead on getting the money, getting the power and then earning the respect they are wanting so bad in this world and in their lives. The Black youth is also being ordered by their Black elders to learn how to do for self, learn how to invest and build foundations to help put others on around them and learn to give and take respect for each other in their community and around the world. As an elder Black man, it is totally unacceptable for me to see Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips use their money in this perverse fashion instead of invest that kind of money in themselves and it should not be tolerated. Me and my generation made those mistakes and the Black youth should not repeat our mistakes and they should become better and smarter instead of duplicating problems we already experienced. Now with the advisement, it's time for warning and enforcement - if any Black youth out there still want to do that Soulja Boy swag crap or that Nikki Minaj wannabee crap and they trying to get famous before being rich like Maino stated cats are doing, then the Black youth should be introduced to another song from our older generation on how the hood deal with cats who like to shine around other cats:

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