The Most Obvious Analysis of the UNIQLO Pop-Up Store Brothas and Sistas Can’t Miss

popup UNIQLO, a Japanese clothing store that is spreading across Asia and have a few stores here in the USA signed a deal with the New York MTA to create a short-term pop-up shop at the Union Square station. This is actually a great idea and step-up from QR code posters in subway stations and just in time for the holiday season. However, we want brothas and sistas to check out the picture above and the following video: Here is a screenshot: yoursista For years, Dream and Hustle has been telling brothas and sistas that they should be in the lead and in charge of the latest trends and patterns around the globe. If some brothas and sistas do not realize this UNIQLO pop-up success will rely on brothas and sistas passing through the Union Square station day in and day out, then they are not winning continuing to ignore these innovative opportunities and act like they can’t get their hustle on. We been telling cats for the longest time our people are the biggest adopters of new trends and fashion because urban brothas and sistas have the same characteristic of emerging growth Asian markets with high density populations and users of mobile technology and mass transit. Now, the rest of you cats who really want to be on top of the game and realize your own people will be there to support your hustle..oh, wait a minute. What do you think is the part brothas and sistas cannot miss from the pictures and video above about the UNIQLO pop-up? Did you notice the brothas and sistas hawking the UNIQLO coats? Then you see brothas and sistas in the shop, right? Because the truth of the matter is I don’t remember seeing no brothas and sistas in any of the high street UNIQLO stores and rocking UNIQLO. When our people are selling, our people come and buy and that’s the truth at the end of the day – brothas and sistas do support brothas and sistas, don’t even let someone tell you different. Now we already know and you already knew from Tokyo with the vending machines and Singapore with the PayPal QR code posters that subway commuters are a great target market. With mobile technology and idle time between trains, it is the perfect opportunity to present m-commerce solutions to create transactions or establish small pop-up shops. Let’s talk about some things that brothas and sistas should consider in the analysis of this MTA pop-up shop arrangement. stuffy Small and Compact. The one thing you have to keep in mind is what you sell to commuters have to be small and compact to put into a bag. People cannot be carrying a lot of stuff on the train. Notice how the coats can be stuffed into a small bag, making them very convenient. I think this is important to learn about subway commuters and also when looking at global opportunities like selling to China new urban population of commuters. atl_marta Atlanta Five Points Marta Station. We think can this pop-up shop model can be replicated at the Five Points Station in Atlanta. We think these pop-up shops have the potential of being just as busy as the shops in the Atlanta airport. The problem with Atlanta and I know from the vendor booth I ran outdoors is the weather in Atlanta is not vendor friendly. This year alone, it like rained most of the summer and throughout the weekends? The problem with Marta is the governance and contract influence due to the diversity of the board members. What other city can you think of with a station big enough to have pop-up shops? Chicago is an obvious one. gstore Remember the Groupon Store in Asia? Remember the 2nd most slept on blog article in Dream and Hustle history where cats ignored the Groupon concept store? This was the setup where cats can pick up their coupons, certificates and tickets after ordering off the Groupon web site in Asia. So let me ask a question, would you think it would be a great idea to create a pop-up store to sell coupons and discounts and tickets for commuters between train lines to pick up at the Union Square station? Cats are passing by from work to home and these stations are easy for visitors to New York to find and locate. Can you and your people get together and create such a pop-up shop for the holiday season? cubeshop Did You Forget About Micro-Malls? A micro-mall or checkerbox shop that became the craze in Hong Kong can easily be a pop-up shop model in the Union Square station. In this setup, you can have cubes selling other people items and receive a commission off the sale and charge them rent to host their item at your pop-up shop. That Union Square is prime location, homey and cats better not complain if you charge $500/month, real talk. We think this pop-up shop in a subway station is a good opportunity and I’ve seen the full-blown version of this in Asia all over. If I was up in New York, I would seriously be considering looking into how much the MTA is charging for this service and start doing the math. And for you brothas and sistas out there, there is no better place in this world to reach the most influential base of African-Americans in one area – definitely something not to be slept on.