2014 – The Year of Fine Young Cannibals

fyc I believe 2014 has to be the year the young brothas and sistas is going to have realize they basically have to eat some of their own people to get ahead. I’m sorry but when I was growing up, I actually had Black role models when I grew up on the West Side of Chicago. Instead of the term “eat their young” I believe in 2014, you young brothas and sistas, you young fine cannibals are going to have to learn how to “eat their old” and bypass the nonsense to do for yourself and find that place for you in this world. When I was growing up in the hood, I had role models like the brotha who showed me how to deal with sistas and get into their head and not be played by their games and hypocrisy of claiming they want a good guy but they go screw a thug and get pregnant. I was taught by the local Black business owners who came from Alabama and Mississippi to live within their means and happiness is keeping food on the table and a nice trip once in a while but doing what you love which is serving your community, your people as your day job. In business, I was taught by high-level brothas and sistas on how to reinvent myself and not get caught up being stagnant and stay dynamic to be in control, not let these bigots be in control of my career. You young brothas and sistas unfortunately do not have older role models like this anymore and if they are, they are deep in the hood and most of you brothas and sistas are scared to even go there. Look at Minister Farrakhan, spending more time trying to beef with Abraham Foxman of the ADL instead of work with the United States of Africa to establish a future path for the young brothas and sistas and establish sustainable farming in Malaysia and Indonesia and Northern Africa. But Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam is the best organization we got that’s about the community, there is no dispute about that. Look at Al Sharpton and his serious tax-owing National Action Network which is all a piece of work – the Nation of Islam went out on the streets of Chicago in 2013 to address the crime in Chicago and Minister Farrakhan himself went around the bad neighborhoods to greet people on the street – crime in Chicago was reduced as a result in 2013, especially shootings on the South Side. Al Sharpton just like the mainstream media refused to credit Nation of Islam with the 2013 drop in shootings in Chicago that were the same areas the Nation of Islam targeted in their campaign. Then Al Sharpton comes here to Chicago and act like he doing something – goes to the West Side instead of the South Side where the action is all at. I hope no young person play the knockout game with anybody who follow Al Sharpton even though I believe anybody who follows Al Sharpton is openly insulting the hard work Nation of Islam is actually doing for the Black community. I want you young brothas and sistas to look at around at fake cats like Dr. Boyce Watkins, look at all the old ass Black people that follow that Your Black World piece of work on his Facebook and then look at all the old ass Black people making comments in the comment section with their passionate worthless arguments. Then turn on talk radio stations, the Black talk radio stations and listen to old ass Black people call up the radio station and give their worthless ass opinion and keep saying it is the Black youth destroying everything in the Black community. Then you got the Black Nationalist community, the most worthless pathetic clowns in the game. Chris Dorner that ex-cop in LA who waged war against the LAPD went out and did more than all these old ass Black Nationalist cats claimed they about and flexing about. Making up fake ghetto religions, reading self-published Afrocentric books and talking about moving to Africa with their lying behinds – it is extremely easy to move to Africa and cats would have done it already instead of still be here in America just talking ish. But you young brothas and sistas do have real role models to look up to. Young Black people have each other to not look up to but to look after. I’m seeing the Black youth working collectively now from smash and grab operations working together to get quick money to forming groups to empower sistas worldwide, it is the Black youth that is looking at each other and realizing also they have counterparts all over the world. Old Black people go on Facebook posting up text and talk while the young Black youth went to Instagram and started taking photos of the real world and created visual memes to express their viewpoints. Old Black people still running radio stations that degrade Black women, promote unrealistic vulgar materialism and Black-on-Black violence while the Black youth is listening to Aloe Blacc. The young Black people getting it and let’s wrap it up on that note. You young brothas and sistas will have to learn the same thing I learned coming out of the hood – f*ck these old ass marginalized Black people in 2014 and straight eat them if they get in your way. These old ass Black people want to think about themselves all the time and you don’t see them doing anything to help you young guys direct and explicitly. Look at all these old ass Black women on reality TV shows trying to stay relevant. Look at Jay-Z and Kayne old Black ass trying to stay young hip-hop instead of standing up for bigger issues. Look at President Obama old half-Black ass ignoring the issues affecting the Black youth. Then look at these old worthless, marginalized, pathetic Black men who are mad at everything except their failure to be a strong tribal leader and lead the Black village into bigger and better things. Real talk, it will be the Black youth to discover to work with their counterparts in Asia, Africa and Brazil and Middle East and move away from this American-based black/white nonsense – old ass Black people cannot help you young cats with that. It will be the Black youth to discover disruptive business models and technology to improve the lives of them and everybody around them – these old ass Black people cannot help the young generation with that. Young brothas and sistas need to be upset, tired and frustrated like the rest of the youth worldwide and say screw the older generation that screwed over the young people future and start going out and taking control of their lives and destination. And me and my crew will be there every step of the way to help you young brothas and sistas reach your destination because that’s what we supposed to do. 2014 will be the year where the young brothas and sistas have to realize they on their own and do everything to not end up like these old washed up ass Black people they see on reality TV, on blogs and still on Facebook. Trust me, these old worthless ass Black people will try to come around like they came around to this Dream and Hustle blog and try to argue with you to make themselves relevant. That is why in 2014, you cats have to recognize that you need to be fine young cannibals and straight eat these old worthless ass Black folks if they want to get in your way to get yours after their old ass screwed up and failed to give you young cats something to inherit. So in 2014, let the fine young cannibals straight mob up and go straight zombie on these old ass Black people who want to get in the way. I will be there every step of the way. Together, let’s build out a real 2014 that is not some old black/white American nonsense but a global world where we work with our brothas and sistas worldwide. Let’s reject old Black people anecdotal garbage like Black History and focus on our future and future generations. Let’s make sure we create bases and platform so our generation can leave something behind for the next generation. But most important for me, in 2014 let’s make it a super clear rejection that we will not repeat the mistakes and failure of these old worthless ass Black folks still on talk radio talking ish, still retweeting and Facebook liking Your Black World blog articles and just expressing some vocal anger and clinging onto made up ghetto religions while Detroit, Camden, Philly and Chicago crumbles around them and urbanized by other outside of their community. F*ck old worthless ass Black people in 2014 doing nothing but talking ish and standing in the way of progress…let’s build up for the new generation of brothas and sistas..let’s go!