Return of the Mack – The Total Recall of Dream and Hustle

thereturn I'm going to resume Dream and Hustle in 2014. As I was working on my operations with the 3rd Strategic Institute and building up Swagg-Scientific, I had looked around the Black Digerati and African-American media and realize how full of shit, how lame and weak the rest of these cats are. Not only the bloggers, Black media personalities and YouTube characters are weak and whack as hell, I'm looking at Black people participating in this bullshit putting out ignorance and misinformation in an unchecked manner. I already moved most of the business models over to Hustle Space that is upcoming. There was a typhoon in the Philippines that disrupted Hustle Space development as the focus shifted to getting my people over there lives back in order as they had homes damaged and family disrupted. But we are still on mission and the magazine look real good, real damn good. Then the 3rd Strategic Institute, I love my crew - we took on the urban dance music and plotted on how to turn Atlanta into an EDM/UDM major market outside of Miami and make inroads into Northern Florida at the same time to help revive the house music scene. Then the 3rd Strategic Institute wrapped up the crowdfunding discount application and it is also lovely and functional! And we have plans in place to make sure sistas, especially here in the ATL start running ish and some changes are already in the works as we work quietly behind the scenes, like we always do. So all of the business and strategy moves are already moved on away from Dream and Hustle, so what will I be doing with this blog? I'm going to take it back to the 2007-2009 era where it was just my blog and my perspective where I'm going to be about the straight dope here. Calling out the bullshitters, discussing positive and progressive stuff and just being a good read once in a while. I read some of my old material from that era and that was the best content I ever produced and I missed that part of the blog. So let's get something clear and straightforward - the majority of you lame ass brothas and sistas who used to come to my blog with your simple ass opinion, you guys can step the fuck off somewhere, I don't want you around homey and the only reason you would stick around because you want to be mad. Especially you lurking punks - stay unknown to me and I straight up dissed many of you cats offline coming to me talking about you appreciate this blog but act like it would hurt your fingers to type a comment on this blog. Real talk, I don't mess with lame ass cats like the ones who kept coming to this blog keep talking about they going to start a business or whatever - you was going to start a business, you should have started that shit, I don't want to hear anything you got to say. Plenty of cats who read my blog back in the 2008 era started businesses and I go out and support them in the real world while yall lames still on the Internet talking shit about starting a business. Just stay the fuck away from me and don't even welcome me back - go to some other blog with your lame ass, I don't want nothing to do with you. One of the things that made me come back to this blog was a research paper we working on at the 3rd Strategic Institute that is upcoming. I come to realize that it is not the Black youth that is the real problem here in Black America. We see cats always calling up or talking about the Black kids are out of control and messing up everything for everybody. From our research and what I come to observed is that is a fact that the Black adult from 40 to 65 are the ones fucking everything up for our people. It is the Black adult from 40 to 65 dying from dumb shit, getting locked up and make the embarrassing news stories, almost twice as much as the Black youth. And if you go around the Black Digerati, the most ignorant and weak embarrassment cats all in the comment section are old Black ass people from 40 to 65 years old making stupid comments. I was doing Dream and Hustle for the Black youth - I don't understand why old Black folks were coming to this blog talking old man shit about Dr. Claud Anderson - man, take yall over-the-hill Afrocentric book reading ass somewhere, this blog was never for you cats but for the young generation to do something better with their life and not end up like the rest of these washed up 40 to 65 year old Black people who are marginalized, worthless and have to run to the Internet and talk because no one cares what their old ass think or got to say in the real world. So with that said, thanks for all of the communication from the young brothas and sistas writing me asking me to bring this blog back for them. Thanks to all of the people out there who actually started a business instead of claiming they doing something then I see their ass on Facebook peddling MLM shit. As I work on the book about the post-Obama era, things are looking real bad but opportunity is looking real great. You young brothas and sistas cannot look to these old ass 40 to 55 year washed up and worthless Black folks running their mouth as a source for direction and advice because they are who you young Black folks don't want to turn out to be. I will keep it real, keep it 100% for the young brothas and sistas while at the same damn time, run the legit operations with the 3rd Strategic Institute and Swagg-Scientific to show all of you guys we can run the game and be true to ourselves at the same damn time. So yes, I'm coming back and going to stay on the mission. There are international angles of the African Diaspora these other lame cats cannot tell you about. There are more depth in Black culture than entertainment celebrity gossip these other lame cats cannot tell you about. There are serious issues going on worldwide and plotting these lame cats cannot tell you about - told you they were going after your food supply first, didn't I? But none of these lame cats are as tech savvy as one of the original Internet pioneer they don't want you to know about and I will break that down for you also. So yes, it's the return of the mack and I'm back and we going to work all this ish out.