Atlanta Black Star Now Holding the Title of Publishing the Most Ignorant Article Ever Written in Black American History


It seem in the past 6 months, the most ignorant articles in Black American History are being published at record pace by ignorant Black people. Now Atlanta Black Star just owned the title and crown of publishing the most ignorant article ever to been approved for publishing to a Black audience. I guess in this article I will share the most ignorant articles I’ve seen produced recently but we got to cover Atlanta Black Star.

The previous title of the most ignorant article ever written in Black American History was from Baller Alert with the title “Billionaire Says Black Women Are For Grown Ups” and what followed was the most ignorant illogic reaching for straws stuff I ever seen written in these sistas desperate attempt to be validated and accepted by rich white men. Any dude making more than $28,000/year can get some from the silly ass chicks on that web site and plenty of broke cats already have and laughing, trust me on this. But Atlanta Black Star got that ignorant Baller Alert write-up beat by a mile with their article.

My impression of Atlanta Black Star is they are a juvenile or maybe a college age group of cats and they just writing up content and getting ad clicks – basically Atlanta Black Star is some Empower Network wannabee click-trap shit mean to go viral on social networks. But as long as Atlanta Black Star can take market share away from Black Enterprise and can help put that garbage Black Enterprise out to pasture, the enemy of my enemy is my best friend so I support and proud of Atlanta Black Star and other sites like them. But I have to call out ignorance and keep it real.

Andre Moore wrote an article called “8 of the Worst Countries For Black People to Travel” and it really caused a stir online. It is a completely uneducated ignorant top 10 list style article that would go good on an Empower Network or Blog Beast or whatever that bullshit is and Andre Moore just putting a Black spin on it. When I read the article, I noticed something 90% of you cats may not have realized and I want you to think on it and guess what I may have realized.

This “8 of the Worst Countries For Black People to Travel” list showcase countries like Germany, Russia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Thailand, China and South Korea. And the article is based off what the author read or heard somewhere as if they spent time on the Internet just doing some light research and then put up a top 10 list. Then I realized something and did you guys figure it out?

Here is a hint – who do you pay $2/hour to do light research and write up bullshit content like a top 10 list? You pay someone in the Philippines $2/hours to do light research and and write up bullshit click trap content to get views hoping to peddle ads on high traffic. I had been suspect of Atlanta Black Star for quite some time based on the poor quality of their content and my own experience recruiting a staff for Hustle Space magazine out of the Philippines.

So there is really 3 scenarios here – (1) Atlanta Black Star has cats in the Philippines writing up this poorly research and copy/paste crap for cheap (2) Some uneducated and ignorant African-American actually wrote up this poor research article for free (3) Atlanta Black Star is stupid enough to pay some uneducated and ignorant African-American for writing up this poorly researched article. So of one of the three, I have yet to figure out which one is the likely scenario.

What bothers me is real research into this topic would have revealed the worst place for Blacks to travel to and those places would have been Islamic countries. See, half of you pork-grind eating, weed-smoking, loudmouth ass talking brothas and sistas can go to every damn country that Atlanta Black Star article had on their list and you will have a good time there. But take your Black ass over to Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia or Dubai and hug on your girlfriend, try to bring in some drugs or buy drugs and run your loud ass mouth and you will find out real quick the worst places for Blacks to travel. And the fact Mexico is not on the list is absolutely crazy like we brothas can run down to Juarez, Tijuana or Mexico City and just be welcomed with open arms and ish. You only see Nelly talk about Cancun, you don’t see the rest of us brothas and sistas talking about going down there.

From my personal experience, the worst place for Blacks to travel and cats can testify to this statement is New York City. Straight all-you-can-eat buffet of bigots from the airport, shuttle, hotel staff, places to eat, Madison Avenue, cab drivers and the New York Police Department and their profiling activities. How the hell can you be a Black person and not realize New York is not the worst place for any Black person to travel to? Then as someone pointed out and that is also make me suspect of Atlanta Black Star is they didn’t mention Israel – I guess Atlanta Black Star is scared to mention Israel and when you see a so-called Black-orientated media scared to talk about Israel, that’s all you need to know to recognize.

But there was some good from that uneducated ignorant bullshit article and that I thank Andre Moore and Atlanta Black Star. First, I realize how many of my Facebook friends and people close to me “liked” the Atlanta Black Star web site. It tells me my friends like to click the Facebook “Like” button on any bullshit media they come across and I do take that data in consideration in who I choose to keep around in my close circle as I prefer to only associate with smart cats. And the fact someone would share this article in a social network group and not research or vet the information gives me more insight on that person doing the sharing in terms of their level of intelligence.

The second and this is the most important, although Andre Moore obviously never traveled, many Black people who do travel and do experience global living came out and spoke up showing that many brothas and sistas are doing it worldwide. So in the comment section of that horrible ignorant article, you will see a lot of lightweight ignorant brothas and sistas talking out the side of their neck about places they never traveled to. Then you will see real cats appear who actually been there, lived there and can testify from real world experience they had it worse in America more than any of those places on the list Atlanta Black Star published.

Here is the real dope and straight talk about us brothas and sistas when traveling. We been traveling since ex-slaves owned Trans-Atlantic ship lines in the late 1700s. Hundreds of thousands of brothas and sistas serving in the military or come from military families lived and grew up in many of these places on that list Atlanta Black Star published in a reckless uneducated manner. Many Black people profession and jobs take them to China and brothas and sistas go to Thailand and experience the ultimate excursion and get away from the hustle and bustle. South Korea is where I have 3rd Strategic Institute experts who work expertly on technology solutions and where we developed proprietary software. So you can believe real talk and real history and experience that we Blacks have long traveled all over this world or you can believe this uneducated and ignorant “8 of the Worst Countries For Black People to Travel” article written by Andre Moore on Atlanta Black Star.

Just keep in mind your credibility will be on the line if you actually endorse/forward another link from Atlanta Black Star to me as some kind of science…