Black History Month Is Now a Joke and You Can Blame Black Nationalists and the Boule for That

bh_joke Back in the day, Black History Month was to talk about and showcase our people that mainstream media tried to suppress and keep off their media coverage of notable people. It was also to teach Black children that we had great Black people come before us and to tell the story. But back in the day and this was important, we recognized many local Black legends who stood up for our communities, opened up shops and businesses and helped during the Great Migration. This was when Black History Month meant something. Today, Black History Month is an exploited joke and no one cares about it and the reason why is the Black Nationalists started lying and the Boule started to focus only on themselves with some bullcrap like the Grio 100 like anybody gives a damn what the Grio thinks. But anyway, let just call a spade a spade here. The Black Nationalists are on Facebook right now with silly Facebook groups making up outright lies about people in our Black history who did great things but the Black Nationalists are purposely lying about them and exaggerating accomplishments to make Black people argue and have a discussion. It was already documented in the 1970s that Black Nationalists like the Black Panthers were not militant but paternalistic seeking babies who just wanted someone else to hear them cry. Which is they the so-called Black Power movement can’t help but express themselves through clothes and black berets and yelling and standing on the Olympics with their fist in the air – trying to get others to acknowledge them. Then we got the Pan-Africanist, the biggest kinte-cloth joke of all of them. They still talking about moving to Africa when cats already moving to Africa right now. Ghana experienced one of the biggest increase of African-American migration last year and this year is going to be bigger. Cats up in Africa building their economy up while these cats talking about some shit that went on back in BC Egypt time talking some hotep ish. South Africa and other countries are making aggressive Black economic moves while African-Americans are graduating out of college and making moves to China and Africa at the moment. Then we got the Boule, the worthless and irrelevant Boule who want so badly for us Black people to look up to them and respect them but they ain’t doing nothing but being pompous. You see these clowns when it comes to Blacks in technology, these cats can barely write a damn line of code in their articles but they want you to admire them more than have you acknowledge someone real like me who really about this. Then we Black people over here creating blogs and independent YouTube series while the Boule trying to affiliate with NBC creating the Grio and affiliate with Comcast to create their yawner Black TV channels. The Boule are the ones during Black History Month who try to showcase only Boule people because they are craving for attention and acknowledgement from the rest of us. So what you do is you listen to Black radio and some nasal-talking Black woman comes on and start talking about Black History Month and highlight some Boule status symbol Negro and it is sponsored by oil companies that is paying off Nigerian politicians to take oil from the oil-rich African country. So this is all the crap that perverted Black History Month and made it out to be the joke that it is. And you can blame the Black Nationalists and Boule for that. bh_joke2 The truth is in 21st century, we should be using STEM and data intelligence to collect and analyze our Black History down to the local impact. Like knowing who was the Black person that ran a catfish farm or dry cleaners in our hoods and how they succeed and take that pattern and spirit to extract how we going to make our moves. Most important 90% of all Black History that is relevant happened less than 8-10 years ago such as Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans population having to move out, the election of President Obama and Michelle Obama and her family. Economic patterns such as the explosive growth and talent in Africa is Black History and we should be studying that hard and right now. Talking about someone in the 1800s is straight worthless bullcrap unless we can outline exactly what they done and see if we can make that same move today. At the end of the day, we here at Dream and Hustle are only a few of the real cats who can talk about true Black History in a way that we can see what’s going on in the near Black future. You see us talk about TIFs, you see us talking about the upcoming Barackalypse that is about to go down on brothas and sistas and you also see us talk about the future of inner city retailing based on lessons we learning worldwide. You cats can act quiet and act like we don’t exist but I know the work I put in and we know we got millions who been checking us out all around the world to care what some simple-minded Black person think about us because they mad Dream and Hustle handling our business. At this point, I’m tired of Black History Month and probably will not acknowledge it again or tell my kids about it. I’m tired of the Black Nationalists and Boule screwing everything up for Black people and our culture and it’s time we start focusing on real problems we facing right now and start preparing for a great future ahead of us.

4 thoughts on “Black History Month Is Now a Joke and You Can Blame Black Nationalists and the Boule for That

  1. Talking about someone in the 1800s is straight worthless bullcrap unless we can outline exactly what they done and see if we can make that same move today.

    The lack of enforced segregation makes the worlds of the 18th/19th/20th centuries irrelevant as models in our world where we must intelligently and diligently self-segregate, but no longer on the basis of race and instead on the basis of what cats know and can do.

    1. One of the things we can extract is from 18th and 19th century STEM breakthrough for urban design which Blacks contributed. But the problem is it takes intelligence to decipher this stuff and our people invested too much time on emotional rhetoric…

  2. Great article, Ed. The other day, I had to correct someone who posted to Tumblr a Black History Month ode to Henry Sampson for inventing the cell phone. Sampson is a present-day figure who was the first Black man in the U.S. to receive a PhD in nuclear engineering. Sampson holds a patent for a gamma-electrical cell. From his own mouth, he asserted he had nothing to do with the invention of the cell phone yet this Tumblr post is being spread around by thousands of oblivious people of color who neglected to do basic research on the man. Now we have idiots walking around town telling people that a Black men invented the cell phone. Sometimes miseducation can be more dangerous than lack of it. What it says about us is that we are so eager to claim an accomplishment even when it is false. We have self-esteem issues. Like you mentioned, these types of exaggerations and mockeries are destroying BHM. We need new faces who show off our capabilities in avenues other than sports and entertainment. We need a space to aggregate our accomplishments in STEM.

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